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I appreciate the replies. I'm sorry that addiction has touched all of us in so many different ways. Some tell me in meetings that I am harsh. I have no patience with the little smartass people who come in court ordered or have been placed in rehabilitation but really don't want to be there. We all struggle at times to not pick up the demon that we are powerless over and it just seems to make it harder for me to behave properly when I see the manipulation/ pity party and they/even myself won't own where I went wrong and try to justify it.
I've grabbed the attention of a few younger people telling them my story and it really wakes them up when I talk about my deceased son. He had no addiction, he was a punk ass kid when he lost his freedom for bad choices. I don't want anyone to lose anything anymore. Maybe thats why I asked where the line is because I only know where mine is.
Many thanks, Mary
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