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Originally Posted by bumblebee37 View Post
So lets take it to another level.
When do you feel it as good time to back away from the addict or alcoholic?
When you become as sick as they are, actually before that really, but sometimes we don't realize that we can become as ill as the addict or alcoholic.
Originally Posted by bumblebee37 View Post
How does it make the sober/ non drinker or non addict feel when we don't stop?
First I felt worried. Then as the BS continued and got worse, I would get pissed off. Then I would get sad. Then I'd feel resentful. It was a vicious cycle.

Originally Posted by bumblebee37 View Post
Parents, siblings, significant others, friends and all loved ones- does it feel like you're depriving your drunk or addict when you cut off money sources, living areas, phone and or anything else that helps them continue? And does it piss you off if someone calls you 'enabler' if you keep the communication, wallet or living area open ti them?
Once I got into Al-Anon and learned more about the disease, AND myself, I didn't feel one bit guilty when I cut off the money source. For four years my mother lived with me and was perfectly capable of working, but then, a job would interfere with her drinking. I didn't tell her to divorce my father because it interfered with her drinking. I didn't hold a gun to her head to make her quit jobs.

Other people would enable. I didn't.
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