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Default FMC ROCHESTER - Microwaves?!

So I was speaking with my other half, and he wanted me to reach out regarding the fact that they're taking away the microwaves from the inmates at the end of March.

"I kept on stressing over them taking the microwaves at the end of next month. I think I am going to file on it as I believe it is an improper removal of properly purchaced equipment through our own trust fund. Also it will end up causing more problems taking them out than it will to just keep them in. People are going to find a way to do their own cooking with or without a microwave and some of them will be more sketchy than others."

Also they're apparently not allowing this particular memo to be printed off, which is also sketchy. Has anyone heard anything about this? Is there anything that can be done from the outside about this?

Also, sorry if this isn't the right area for this.

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