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Default Awaiting Sentencing

I am about a month and a half away from my sentencing date. I recently plead guilty to sale of controlled substance charge that the prosecution has agreed to cap at 12 years. Although I have lots of hope, the judge I have in this case is a former prosecutor for the same DA office and has a track record of always giving the prosecution all the time they ask for. This being a nonviolent and first conviction felony, I anticipate I will fall under the 25 % rule and be eligible for parole in as little as 3 years. Due to the current legislation with mandatory minimums I will not be eligible to earn any good time towards my parole. I am here to find out information about what will happen during my incarceration as far as which prisons I will most likely go to after being classified. I am most interested in learning about what it takes to get into a community work center (satellite)

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