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Default Response from Rep. Favid LaGrand

I wrote an email to the Michigan Representative, David LaGrand, the one who introduced the bill to the house. I wrote asking the status and progress of the bill. This was their response.

Hi Autumn,

My name is Kate, I am on staff in Rep. LaGrandís office. Thanks so much for your email and for your willingness to be an advocate. Rep. LaGrand believes Good Time is a benefit to everyone in the community and was glad to sponsor this legislation.

The Good Time bills (House Bills 5665 and 5666) were referred to the House Committee on Law & Justice after they were introduced. If you would like to continue your advocacy in favor of them, you can begin by calling the committee chair, Representative Kesto, and ask that the bills be given a hearing. Chairman Kesto's main phone line at the capitol is (517) 373-1799.

If the bill receives a hearing, the next thing you can do is begin to call the representatives on the committee. Here is the website for the Committee on Law & Justice that lists the names of the representatives who serve on it. If you click the names, you will find contact information if you would like to call the other offices. In the event of a hearing, you can attend if youíre able and submit a card in favor of the bills.

After the bills pass committee they would move on to the full House for consideration, at which time all of the representatives who serve in the House of Representatives could be contacted.

If there is anything else our office can do, please let me know. Rep. LaGrand does not serve on Law & Justice, but I can assure you that he will be doing what he can behind the scenes to pass the bills.

All the best,
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