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Originally Posted by miamac View Post
How much of this, in your best estimation, is just a pure absence of experience to follow on the part of the DA/judges? We've seen this so many times-- laws and regulations change on paper, but without some sort of case or example to fall back on, they revert to the safety of "no" rather than buckling down and creating that example.
I think you hit the nail (partly) on the head. The judge had NO idea what to do with it and ruled without even holding a single hearing.

The DA, however, was familiar with 1170(d) because we educated him about it a few years earlier. We could have re-petitioned the judge to open it up again, but the DA decided not to play along, so we didn't think our chance of success would have been good without that support.

In the end, we just chose to wait for SB 1437 to pass, which has its own frustrations now with every county doing whatever they feel like about it! More hurrying up and waiting...

Let's give 'em something to talk about!

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