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Default Im New!!

Heyyyyy! I'm Baylee. My dude is in the Estelle unit serving a 25 year sentence, of which 12.5 he has to do. I came to this forum for advice on how you guys did years and years without him around constantly. I know my join date says "Nov 2012", I probably joined back when my kids father first went to jail... however, that is over and done. Story time.

I met him when I was 12/13 or so on myspace (ha, that's how you know its been a while)... He was my first puppy dog love, seriously. We'd always stop talking and then start back up. We'd have people in our lives but we managed to link back up ALWAYS. In 2012 I met my kids father, we split in 2013 for a brief moment and I saw KR (guess that's what I will call him lol) one night. Nothing happened, we hung out for a few hours and then went our ways. Didn't hear from him our about him for a year or so. That's when I seen he was in Tarrant County for his charge. Again, I was with my kids father and didn't want to cause issues so I left it alone. Fast forward to 2016, I have left my kids father, had two babies, and was living on my own. KR crossed my mind, so I got his info to write him and sent a letter off. A week later, I got his letter back. We were talking on off up until June or so. I would see people every now and then, there was gaps we wouldn't write or anything. On July 6th, I went down to see him for the first time in 6 years... Man, I was so happy, I couldn't believe we'd connect back on that level. I've seen him two more times since then and plan on going back down next weekend... But i'm curious how do ya'll deal with being alone? I am okay when I think about today or tomorrow but when I start thinking "6 years, i'll be 30, that's a lot of time that i'm waiting on someone" I scare myself into thinking I can't do it. I'm looking into trying to get his sentence reduced but from what i'm seeing that's very hard to do if the case/evidence was pretty solid but until then, I need help.

Thank yall!

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