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Originally Posted by Kimimi View Post
My boyfriend being in his 40ís and growing up in the system and I have talked a lot about this. At our age I I think I could be fine. He said when the young ones come in that are doing five years or more the older inmates would take them aside for a talk. They would say your gonna have to let your girl have some affection on the outside or else you will have a lot of fights. If my math is right you are 24-25 years old you are young and in an exciting part of your life. Go slow like one day said. Even at my age I second guess if I could go on endlessly without affection and intimacy. Be sure, he is in a very vulnerable spot right now. You want to be sure before making promises. Heartache out here is far different than in there. Many men go to the hole over women. Thatís not fair. I did my time on the outside for the last ten months of my boyfriends 5 year bid. Honestly I probably could have gone another year and I do to know how hard it would have been. It was tough holidays alone, stalking the mail man, I knew the pick ups for three post offices so I could get a letter out promptly. I worried when he went on lockdown. I worried when there were issues on the yard. I worried about the many sadistic or just mentally off COís. I spent hours at events not even present in my mind because I was thinking about a phone call or a letter. My advice re a quaint yourself with him, get to know each other truly for the reality of who you are.make sure your compatible, talk about all subjects. stay on here for support make sure he is making good use of his time inside. Iím glad you are here seeking advice it shows your cautious. I wish you all the best!

Also, he has told me he knows I have ďneedsĒ lol (Iím assuming this was probably from one of the old heads advice, he speaks about them often in his letters..) but Iím his and he is mine... honestly, this has never felt so right. Normally when I date someone , I get a gut feeling, which is telling me that itís wrong for me. (Womenís intuition, Iím sure aware of it lol) but not this. It feels right.
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