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Originally Posted by Michael644 View Post
That guy would be in it deep here, too. I was friends with a fella years back who, unbeknownst to me at the time, was a pretty prolific burglar; he was convicted for about 30 burgs but the real number was much higher. Anyway, after he got out we had a bit of a chat and I asked him if it scared him breaking into joints and not knowing who might be in there. He replied that it didn't because he knew that it was highly unlikely, unless you were doing over a drug house or the like, that the residents would be armed, and even if they were, by law all firearms and ammunition have to be locked up, so there was little chance the residents could defend themselves. That always stuck with me.
Australia gave up their guns a long time ago. They did the government buyback scheme. The only thing left for anyone to defend themselves with now are baseball bats and knives. Just like in England.
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