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Originally Posted by WJD View Post
Did anyone have a recent visit?
I was there this Sunday, Checking in was redicules this time because to make things as simple as I can I take Black jeans and the top I was wearing was grey. Now it was loose around the waist but a little sung around the boobbies but that was about the same as almost every one going in but according to the CO my jeans and top were to form fitting..... Jeans I've taken many many times, well he made me chance my top and at least didn't push it on my jeans. In my yard as soon as I got in the CO, he made a point of making sure I understode the one kiss at start and end and only holding hands and that they are kicking people out that are not following the rules, and told me they were making sure the guys were being told the same thing right before they came out. He was cool about it and at the end of the day he's doing his job but they are following the rules to the T.. I had an amazing visit and was grateful that I was with him. It's like they say appreciate what you have and not suffer for what you don't..
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