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Originally Posted by kronikenergy View Post
He is non violent so most likely Jones farm. Its older inmates with non violent offenses. I was a first timer so I understand. He can set up the phones once he gets to craf. Has to be a land line no cell phones. They give medication but it has to be approved so certain meds they don't give. Tell him keep his head down mind his own business. He will be blind deaf and dumb I'm there. By that he sees or hears nothing no matter who asks. Don't gamble don't borrow dont do drugs. He follows all that he will be fine. Just remember deep breaths both of you. There is light at the end of the tunnel no matter how dark it seems. Any thibg else just pm me

Good advice! I would definitely second everything kronikenergy said about keeping his head down and being deaf dumb and blind...he should only worry about himself and not care about what other people are doing. He should only care about "doing you", meaning doing his time and no one elses. The people doing the stuff that they shouldn't be doing will get theirs eventually!
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