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Unhappy Intro--Mz_Morena from California

Hello, Iím Rosie. Iím not sure what to say or how to deal with something I donít understand. My boyfriend has serve 18 Years. He has been in a transitional home (Los angeles) since last year July (2017). He had a good job that he liked and was finally feeling closer to home. Heís released Day was for May 9, 2018. But then it was changed to April 28, which is today! This past Thursday I get a call from him with the worst news. That he was being sent back to prison. Which is where he is at now (Chino, CA). Iím so lost! We were so excited! We even had our count down, and we only got to day 2. He was kind of worried because all this past week they (counselors) hadnít said nothing about his release. So he went and ask. He has a email that they print for him saying his released date was changed for April 28. And when he talk to his counselor this past Wednesday, he even told my bf that indeed his released day was for today, April 28. The counselor even printed him a copy of the Wardens Check Out order, and again it has his release date of today. So the next day after he got back to the home from work, he gets the news that he is getting back to prison because his released date is not till 2020!!! You can imagine my shock when he call me in front of them to let me know he was being taken away again! I am so Lost! How can the system do this! I can only imagine how this is messing with his head. It is not healthy! His mind and heart was already set for today! And I mean, the system gave him a taste of freedom when they sent him to the transitional home and was able to go out and work! Why would they even send him to a home if he was not due till 2020. Can someone please help me with any information they might have! I just donít understand if all paperwork says heís released day was today, why was he taken back! Iím so devastated! Any help will be greatly appreciated!
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