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@Shadowfax You are fine. Your visits will continue like always. The title 15 has not changed in regards to this issue. I have a copy of the 2011 Title 15 and it has NOT changed. Congrats on the short time he has left. I know you will be happy to be done with all the BS.

If you live LESS than 250 miles from the prison, you are subject to termination due to overcrowding every time you visit, unless YOU have not visited in SIX months.Then your name goes to the end of the list. If your name comes up again, you van be terminated. This rarely happens. If you live more than 250 miles from the prison AND have not visited in the last 30 days, you will not be subject to termination the first time. Your name goes to the end of the list. And if it comes up again, then you will be terminated. This is for 2 days in a row, Sat and Sun.

This is from the TITLE 15, which is law. All the prisons have to abide by it. Often CO's who do not know the title 15, (a lot don't) will say things that are untrue. The prisons can not change the rules cuz they want to. In order to change the rules at a paticular prison, they have to submit paperwork to Sac and justify the threat to the safety and security of the prison. And Sac has to approve it.
I think the post by Peaches is just a misunderstanding.

From the 2011 Title 15

(9) The maximum capacity of the visiting area has been reached
and to allow others to visit it is necessary to terminate the visits of
those persons who have been visiting for the longest period of time.
Exceptions shall include, but are not limited to the following:
(A) Excessive Distance: The visitor has traveled a distance of
250 miles or more, and has not visited within the last 30 days. This
exception applies to two consecutive days of visiting.
(E) Infrequent Visits: When the visitor has not visited the inmate
in the last six months.
(10) When the overcrowding situation persists, visits of those
remaining will be terminated as necessary.

I hope this clears it up.
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