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Hi everyone,

I had a big problem today in visiting and I'm hopeing that someone can help me out.

My man is currently located at the Taft Community Correctional Facility.

Let me start off by saying that this was my first visit to this facility so obviously I had not visited previously and under my understanding of the Title 15 I qualified for the exemption (infrequent visits) from termination due to overcrowding.

I was allowed to visit for 2 & 1/2 hours before being told (quite rudely) to leave. When I brought up the title 15 I was told that it didn't apply there and that all they had to give me was an hour. I then asked for my written notification regarding the termination of my visit (again per the title 15) and was told, "I don't have to give you shit." I then asked to speak with a sargent or liutenant and was told, "they are busy." The woman was beyond rude to me, and then when she went back in to escort my man back to his dorm, she told him that she was going to have me banned for arguing with her.

After leaving the facility I called and asked to speak with a sargent or liuteneant. I was connected to a liutenant and he re-iterated what the woman in visiting told me, that they only had to allow one hour per day, and that it's first in and first out regardless of how often I've visited or how far I've traveled from, So I should be happy with the extra time I got. When I brought up the title 15 he said that because they are a private facility that they only have to follow the title 15, "at their discresion." I can harldy believe that the title 15 has become a discresionary document. I have combed the title 15 and have found nothing that state that the private facilities can formulate policies in direct violation of the title 15. In fact I found something that states the opposite:

3171. Visiting Procedures.
(a) The institution head shall maintain visiting procedures for
inmate visiting at each institution/facility. All local visiting procedures
must conform to and shall not conflict with the rules and
regulations set forth in this article. The degree of informality of
inmate visiting will be consistent with the security requirements of

each institution/facility.

Now I take this to mean that the local procedures set up by the Taft CCF cannot conflict with the title 15. Am I correct? And if so, how do I go about complaining about this problem?

Also, I realize that some will say that this doesn't apply to CCFs because all it says is "institution/facility" but I found in the definitions section of the title 15 where it says that the following:

Facility means any institution; community-access facility or
community correctional facility; or any camp or other subfacility
of an institution under the jurisdiction of the department.

I'm having a hard time figuring out who in the CDC oversees the CCFs. When my brother was at CV-MCCF they had CDC sargents on staff, but Taft CCF does not. Any help would be much apprectiated.

**Mods, please don't move my post to the CCF forum! I'll never get any help there! Thank you!

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