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No! I wasn’t paying for it lol this was around the time we met. And I guess it was through the state. I don’t know if there are private HD programs lol because it’s bascialky up to the judge. My BF just got transferred to BrockBridge. I didn’t even know he was being transferred until I went to go see him. I haven’t even spoken to him since Thursday. I’m doing okay. Unfortunately my ex was in and out of jail our whole 5 year relationship I’m used to this. But my bf now will be out this year so I’m okay. It just sucks cause I was literally a mile away from the jail he was at previously now he’s over 30 min away and I don’t have a car so I don’t know when I’ll get to see him. I just hope he calls soon.

The court system and jails and everything.... it just doesn’t make sense. Did you know that if a judge issued a FTA warrant, and they catch the guy, the commissioner of the jail has the authority over the judge and police to release him? A friend and I have been trying to get this guy to court for a stolen vehicle and he keeps not showing up yet they’ve arrested him 4 times since the very first hearing (to which he was a no show) and they keep on releasing him!! And my friend has to drive down from upstate New York for NOTHING every time!!!! I sickens me.

Does your LO have a hearing yet?
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