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Originally Posted by Abjnj123 View Post
I appreciate it but I despised the Naranon / alanon approach. I attend Smart / Craft method which I agree with much much more & statistically has better success rates..
Then use it. Use it to help set limits and figure out what is him speaking v. What is his addiction speaking.

Sounds like he needs a lot of resiliency training if willpower is his big issue. Might want to find a program commensurate with the approach you are taking, his resiliency issue, and get a commitment from him with a bit of tough love mixed in that he will give such a rehab a specific amount of time, along with an agreement that he will do OTC UAs while he is with you.

And remind him - lots of people fail rehab, and fail it something like 8 times before getting sober. 8 should not be his goal, but it is a process, and a part of the process.

Btw, getting clean in prison is not fun, nor medically all that helpful. And the rehab offerings are usually 12 step based.
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