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Originally Posted by GingerM View Post
Try to remember that most people who get it will only get a mild case. This is not a death sentence. I've had it, it was like a fairly routine cold for me. Most of the deaths are occuring in people 65 and older, and even then the majority of deaths are in the 75+ age range.

I'm not saying the prisons should ignore this or that we don't need to worry - we definitely need to worry. But try not to let the news make you panic too much.

I have 3 inmates that I'm friends with. So far, one of them got it, he had symptoms like the flu and a cough that took weeks to go away, but he's fully recovered now. The other two haven't had any symptoms yet that I know of.

Be concerned, but try not to panic. I'm very glad to hear that your son hasn't seen any cases yet, and that he's asymptomatic so far. That bodes well.
I agree with you @GingerM. Our son is younger and *likely* wouldn't be impacted by the virus in any significant way but given the environment he and his fellow inmates are in the Community Spread throughout the inmate and employee sets will be a much higher factor than the outside world.
We're not panicking for our son specifically but more for the likely impact on all the people at these facilities. Just seeing Autry SP go from 4 to 43 cases in a week is what is driving my concern.

And again, I'm pretty sure there are many cases going unreported/untested given that the employees only report their status voluntarily and inmates aren't likely to be a high priority for testing access unless their symptoms are severe.
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