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The Board of Parole still states:

A lifer will not get a review unless the Governor has commuted the sentence to a term of years.

However, I did find a 2017 bill pertaining to mandatory minimums, but it hasn't passed yet:

Sentencing reform is moving in Iowa in 2017! A new bill, HF 579, was introduced by Iowa Rep. Zach Nunn (R, District 30), and has made it past the first step to becoming law. FAMM supports HF 579. The bill, if passed, would make important reforms to Iowa’s mandatory minimum sentencing laws, including:

I'll keep looking

EDIT: Legislation signed into law last May, lifers not mentioned:

Iowa Passes Series of Criminal Justice Reforms

Iowa recently became another state to tackle criminal justice reform. Governor Terry Branstad on May 12, 2016 signed into law a criminal justice reform package that provides more leniency in sentencing for certain crimes and stiffens penalties for others. “This is an important step that can help in reducing our prison population while keeping our communities safe,” Branstad said. He added that the package represents “reasonable and balanced reforms.”

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