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Originally Posted by Lee495 View Post
its hard to get information about parole. Im wondering what I should be doing to help my son... should he have an attorney at the hearing ? I heard that no one is allowed to come .. how can that be true? Can an inmate become ineligible for parole after ONE altercation in a whole year? any answers would be appreciated. THis is such a nightmare. And there don't seem to be support groups around for parents or loved ones of incarcerated. How do people get support>
My ex was on parole in MA. Yes, it's true no one can come to the hearing. I couldn't go to his. I'm not sure what you mean by becoming ineligible for parole after one altercation in a year? Do you mean in or out of prison? Parole is very strict and looking for anything to violate for. PO's will come to wherever he is living and check up plus monitoring whatever other parole conditions he's under (drug/alcohol testing, etc.)

My ex had a horrible in-prison record for fights, etc. and still was granted parole. My ex had a horrible record period in and out of prison. It really just all depends on how the board feels that day. On the day of his hearing, the majority of the guys were granted parole. During the next set of hearings, almost no one was granted parole. Nothing is guaranteed and I've been told that having an attorney at the hearing really does nothing to strengthen chances of approval. They really want to hear from the offender, not a mouthpiece.

Good luck.
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