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Originally Posted by Kingandqueentog View Post
Hey guys! Well heres my story. Me and my fiance have known eachother since i was 16 he was 24. We fell in love then but age was a huge factor. I was still in highschool he was a man. We went our seperate ways. I never forgot about him he says he always thought about me. When he was 24 he got sentenced to prison for 10 years. Like i said before we went different ways i knew what had happened but i lived my life. I had a beautiful daughter who he looks forward to adopting when he comes home. He loves her to pieces. Well we got back in touch when he came home. Our love never faded dont ask me how. He has to be my soulmate. Well i moved back to our area. We moved in together it was amazing. We had eachother again...well parole was great with us moving in together unfortunatly they violated him. I only moved back here to be with him. Now im lost. My best friend taken heartbroken to say the least. Well my family and i arent close nor would i tell them what im going through. His family and me were ok till he went back to jail. Now we dont speak. It unfortunate but both him and i are ok with it. So here i am alone but hanging tough. He was sentenced to 24 months he has been in 6 so far and thats county. Both him and i cant wait till he leaves broome county jail and goes to elmira for reception and then wherever will be his home foe the next 18 months. I appreciate you reading this anything you can tell me about elmira or heck if ya just wanna talk. I have no one to talk to anything to make me not feel alone would be great. Take care! I look forward to chatting.
Welcome. My man is in a nys prison for a violation as well. Was this your mans first violation? 24 months is a long violation I'm sorry. You will get through it and once he gets out of county and makes it to his prison it should get a little easier as long as he isn't sent too far away from you. If he goes to a medium facility you should be able to talk to him frequently and hopefully if he isn't too far you'll be able to visit. I miss my man a lot and it's bee a rough road for me but I'm making it one day at a time and so will you.
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