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County is the worst 24 months is a long time he was drunk...i enabled him to drink i allowed it but parole also knew he is an alcoholic and needed help and they did nothing.....i feel cheated kind of...he made decisions that night got another charge and he was already a violent felon...a new charge and drinking....i knew they were not gonna just say go to rehab and revoke and now ive lost everything my home....him...our income...and im living in this motel lonely and i know hes gonna call soon but i couldnt even figure anything out to put money on the phone for the weekend....the only thing he wanted....deff not feeling like that good soon to be wife ya sure ill figure it out today....just missing him and i need mybest friend. I deff feel like im losing it ya know. I love him to the point i would switch places with him in a heartbeat he can do this better then me!
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