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Wisconsin Prison & Jail Visitation, Phones, Packages & Mail Topics / Information relating to the Wisconsin Department of Corrections and local / county Jail visitation, phone calls, mail, inmate care packages, etc

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Old 06-21-2012, 11:50 AM
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Post Waupun Correctional Institution Wisconsin-Basic Information You May Want

I’m going to first describe the prison to those that haven’t been there yet. Waupun is a medium sized Wisconsin town; the prison is located in a residential neighborhood (houses and businesses all around it) about 2 blocks from ‘downtown’ which is basically your typical small town main street with small businesses in historic buildings. They do have a wide variety of stores and restaurants on the street. The Waupun Public Library is also (kinda hidden) behind the prison so that’s convientant if one person gets denied or you have to wait or whatever. The post office is also only a few blocks away if you want to drop off a letter or money order so it gets to your guy faster. You park on the streets next to the prison, pay attention-some have 2 hour parking, some 3 hour, and some have no limit.

The prison itself was built in the 1850s with additions up until the 1940s and continued improvements since then. It looks clean and well kept; the castle style rooks on some on top of some of it are kinda cool. Being maximum security it has high thick walls with razor wire and many guard towers.

When you get there you park, empty all your pockets, you have to leave your cell phone in the car, take just your wallet/purse, YOUR I.D.(they WILL NOT let you visit w/o it), up to $15, your keys, acceptable infant stuff, and a quarter in with you. If you get there before they’re ready to admit people (most of the time it’s 215pm not 2pm when they allow people in), you stand in a little area between the 1st and 2nd gates and wait until they say o.k. Then you walk about 100ft and go in the doors. You have to sign in on the clipboard. The address on your I.D., what they have on file, and what you write on the clipboard are all supposed to match. You also fill out your name & the inmate’s name on a slip which you then give w/your I.D. to the CO sitting at the desk. You lock your stuff up in a locker which requires a refundable quarter and there are bathrooms next to the lockers. You have 3 tries to pass through the metal detector or you WILL BE denied. See other posts on this website and the wi-doc website for what you can and cannot wear. I always keep a change of clothes in the car just in case I forget a rule. Your shoes and jacket can have metal; you just take them off to get them hand checked. I would advise bringing a coat/hoodie in with you because it does get cooler in there. You get your hand stamped, use the change machine (no paper money allowed in visiting room), and then bring your locker key and visit slip in with you through automatic doors, show your hand stamp under a light, then go through the another door into the visiting room. You give the slip to a CO at the desk and they tell you which # table to sit at. The visiting room is decent, it kinda resembles a cafeteria. You sit in not very comfortable plastic chairs with a 2ft plastic table between them. The inmate has to sit in a certain chair but you can sit next to or across from them. From what I hear Waupun visiting room is pretty relaxed compared to some others- personally we’re pretty A.D.D., frequently switching chair and body placement and being goofy. But we don’t attempt to break rules either. They can zoom in on your conversation and listen but we’ve never had a problem. They have (costly) vending machines and microwaves but the men cannot go by them. They also have bathrooms in the visiting room which you use with a key and bubblers too. They have a small area for children to play but adults stay at the table. They have a bookshelf of board games, cards, bibles you can pick from to bring to the table. It normally takes 15-40 minutes for the guys to get to the visiting room so I frequently play Solitary while waiting.

Visits are up to 3½hrs, they will signal you when your time is over. Visiting is 2:00 pm to 8:30 pm every day, 3 visits M-F, 1 Sat or Sun. No admittance from 4 to 5pm or after 745pm. Segregation/no contact visiting is different and posted on wi-doc. Don’t be stupid and try to sneak in stuff or bend/break rules-it’s not worth losing your visits for months or permanently. The current COs all seem pretty decent- be kind and respect them and the rules and you shouldn’t have problems.

From what I’m told Waupun is one of the better prisons. Violence is low, inmates and COs tend to be decent. You respect others, respect authority, mind your own business, and associate with the right kind of people- then you do fine. In general population you share a cell with another guy (your ‘celly’ tends to change semi-frequently), they do attempt to pair up cellmates that will suit each other. You can earn a single cell. Going to the hole means you have to ‘start over’ for a lot of things. Each inmate has a social worker. You spend a lot of time in your cell and everything has scheduled times. You have rec time, sports, use of weight room, hobbies like art and instruments, religious services, basic education and correspondence courses, welding, maintenance, and construction programs, and minimum paying jobs like working in the kitchen, running errands, working in the weight room, etc. Inmates do get to go outside in decent weather. For more information on what goes on in the prison read the 2011 report on the wi-doc site.

I think that I have pretty much covered everything I’m knowledgeable about. I typed this because I found it frustrating to try to gather information on a particular prison and this should help people. I’m hoping some people take the initiative to do this for other prisons. I know personally the guy I go visit will be moving to a medium at some point and he has some choice as to where he might go, so in depth information like this on all prisons would be much appreciated by many people. God Bless you and your family.
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Old 06-22-2012, 11:46 PM
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That was an excellent description and right on point! My man was in Waupun about 4 years ago and and the way that you described it is exactly how it is. That is a good idea for others to give a thorough description of exactly how the prison is for the sake of others that plan on visiting. I would do it, but I know that I would never describe it as well as you did LOL That would have helped me out alot before I had went to visit my man.

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Old 07-02-2012, 08:41 AM
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Waupun has now changed the visiting starting time to 215pm (and of course they still run late letting people in ). I typed my long description by first jotting down a list of topics, pulling up the Waupun WI-DOC site to reference and typing on a word document so I could take my time and edit & rearrange it as I typed, then copy & paste it here(and I was able to save it to print it off if I need to in the future). So don't be inmitated to try (steal half my wording in this one if you want), you/other people can always add to it.
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Old 08-27-2019, 01:34 AM
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Thank you so much!
I'll visit soon and this helped me a lot.
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maximum security, visitation information, waupun, wisconsin

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