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Oregon Prison and Jail Specific Discussions This forum covers topics & discussions specific to Jails and Prisons located throughout the State of Oregon.

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Old 05-16-2019, 10:53 AM
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Default Osci shu

Hi hope I'm in the right place. My son just transferred from EOCI thursday. I spoke with him saturday. He was supposed to call Sunday (mothers day) but never did. However, my D.I.L was able to get a visit he told her that he explained to the guard that he hadnt seen her in a couple years, and they let him see her and his 3 yr old son behind glass. He ASSURED her he didnt do anything. He went out to the yard and a bunch of people were there that he had been previously in a riot with and before anything happened they moved them all to the hole, telling them if everything stayed calm they would release them tommorow. Well its thursday so I guess not. My son was able to earn back a portion of his good time while in eoci after participating in "riots" at osp (?) Then moved to snake then eoci...now osci which he hadnt been to before. Im a little freaked out. His release date is the 24th of this month in 8 days!! This already happened once. (First time in prison)...days away from release only to have to serve several months more. I have heard they dont seperate gangs there (which i cant understand) I hope they just keep him there in the hole until his release. But what is the likelihood they put you in there as a "precaution" ? My son admittedly is in a gang. He wasnt until he went in the first time. He is the happiest ive ever seen /heard him in years to get to be with his first and only child. He never has had as much motivation to get and stay out of trouble. ( his wife had their son a month after he got locked up, hes only met him a handful of times since). Can anyone give me some thoughts on the hole and release ...I am worried sick theyll let him out and something will happen to screw it up.
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Old 05-17-2019, 05:25 AM
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But what is the likelihood they put you in there as a "precaution" ?
He may have been put in "Protective Custody" - they use the same cells for PC as they do for disciplinary actions (DR's). This can happen when a rival gang member (which it sounds like he is) gets in a position where another gang has it in for him.

Have you checked for him on the Oregon Offender Search to see if he's still getting out on time? They update at 8pm-ish each night.

I am worried sick theyll let him out and something will happen to screw it up.
This is entirely up to him. He will have post-release supervision requirements. They'd have been laid out in his sentencing with the judge. He'll need to follow everything is parole/post-release supervision officer tells him to do. Every last thing down to the last niggling detail.

It's not uncommon for young men to join gangs when they first enter prison, thinking they'll be safer that way. In fact, they're less safe. The best you can hope for is that he's seen that gang life is not safe and that he's better off keeping himself to himself.

And congratulations on his soon-to-be release!

OSCI doesn't segregate gangs in the normal sense simply because it's such a small facility that they don't have room to segregate. They have a small yard (comparatively) and it is not broken into sections - the whole thing is one big fenced in area. Without denying everyone yard, they simply can't keep people segregated.

That said, there are far fewer fights/gang issues at OSCI than in the bigger institutions simply because most people there are either lifers (who have no patience for the crap) or only have a short time remaining (under 3 - 5 years) or are there because they need the mental health unit (MHU). None of those people want or tend to instigate trouble.

If it means he gets out without broken bones or a trip to the hospital first, I hope they keep him in the hole. Him getting out safely is the top priority.

Please keep us updated.
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osci shu

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