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Old 05-24-2018, 06:41 PM
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Originally Posted by SkinnyWhiteGuy View Post
True, Its probably better off not calling.

I believe the only progress reports that are sent are my attendance, I can't see the counselor sending anything else. What is he going to say I didn't do a 2 minute homework assignment and that is what it comes down to.

Its just that I told him I'm not going to do it because I have never seen anyone else in my over a year of going there get asked to do this. Just pisses me off. I'll look like a fool if I go back and actually submit to his bullying. I just can't do it. This is all a result of me complaining that he wanted me to stay after probation to actually complete the course, he is a money hungry bastard.

Sometimes you have to stand up for yourself and not look like a fool, even though it doesn't matter because I"ll never see any of these people again. It will just bother me to submit to this bastard.

If I had to do this home work to complete probation I would do it, but since its up in the air if anything would happen I'll chance it.
I understand you not wanting to look like a fool, but surely you must have figured out by now that NOTHING makes you look like a worse fool then showing up to court wearing orange/stripes, sitting in a jail cell on a sex charge, or simply doing whatever specifically it was that got you on the wrong side of the law in the first place, which from what I've read, sounds like you looked as big a fool as you possibly could by putting yourself in a position where ANY kid could see your junk.

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Old 05-24-2018, 10:00 PM
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I'm not worried about it, worst case I go back to Rikers for 40 days, not the end of the world. Maybe I'll meet up with some of my jail buddies from last time, those junkies are probably still there.

Some months back I already told my PO I get in disagreements with the counselor, she said thats OK because its counseling and you are supposed to. My counselor has been giving updates on my progress for the whole year, how the heck can he all of a sudden say I failed counseling at the very last week without every saying I was a problem before.

I also am in good terms with my probation officer, I can't see that she would violate me with just a couple of weeks left because of something so stupid.

I can also call witnesses if I get violated, I'll call witnesses of the people in my class who will say that he has not once asked anybody to do any assignment and I've been as responsive as everyone else in the group. They will say that he asked me to do this after we got into an heated argument.

Its going to hard to send me back to rikers when I only missed 1 class in the entire year.

One that that has me worried is I did tell my counselor during the argument that I was going to google review him. I didn't say I would give him a bad review but it was kind of implied. Maybe that was kind of stupid, I don't know, but maybe he will realize that the last thing you want is a bad google review on your business and won't push things.

Because I'll make a really nice negative thoughtful review to really hit his counseling business hard.

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Old 05-25-2018, 04:46 AM
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You are but a bleep on your counselor 's radar.
You have not gotten real with yourself.
Do what's best, enjoy your pattern, I'll see you when you come to state.
We have plenty of room for "victims" of the system.
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Old 05-25-2018, 06:40 AM
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Everybody's wrong but you, eh? Justify it any way you wish, but you're going to go back if that's the attitude you choose to cling to.
You'll know you've created God in your own image when He hates all the people you do.
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Old 05-25-2018, 07:57 AM
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As a reader I watched this unfold with great interest, because this discussion gives me a rare insight in the convoluted and faulty reasoning that goes into hard to understand behavior.

OP, I find this thread entertaining, and scary at the same time. Entertaining, because you are making a complete fool out of yourself on this forum (despite your concern and wish not to make a fool of yourself), and scary because your attitude doesn't bode well for your future behavior.

I wish you many hours of counseling and therapy, and especially a level of receptiveness to benefit from counseling or therapy. Your life would be a lot more pleasant than it will be if you don't drop the attitude.
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Old 05-25-2018, 10:28 AM
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When I initially saw your post I debated about whether or not to offer any input. Then I watched the responses and your replies unfold. I decided that there was no point in offering any advice or input because it was obvious you were not interested in what anyone had to say. Let’s face it, you had your mind made up from the start that you weren’t going to do what the counselor asked of you – no matter what the consequences. You acted as if you were all concerned that the counselor had the ability to “screw up your probation” – you obviously don’t care if they do or not. In your latest post on the thread you admit that you don’t care if you get sent back to prison. In fact, you think it might be fun to hook up with some of your buddies there.

It was pointless of you to even ask if a counselor could “screw up your probation.” It’s obvious you are going to do whatever you want to do – regardless of the consequences. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions and accepting the consequences, all you can do is make excuses for them. Which, by the way, says to me that you have not been an "active" participant in your counseling because it doesn't seem like you have learned a single thing. You simply continue to explain-away your actions and/or blame everyone else for them.

Your threat of a bad review on Google is laughable. Do you really think that your threat is going to make your counselor think twice about what they should or shouldn’t report back to your PO?

Best of luck to you.
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Old 05-25-2018, 01:02 PM
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oP: you forget yourself. New York has civil commitment laws for sex offenders. Since you insisted that your perceptions are the only ones that are right and that you know everything, including the witnesses to call for a probation revocation hearing, I'd imagine that you will find yourself facing civil commitment before too long. Maybe not today, but your treatment failure in your current program will be a big strike against you when you face civil commitment and risk assessment.

40 days? Pft. You'll be lucky if that's the extent of your involvement with the criminal justice and mental health system.
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Old 05-25-2018, 08:57 PM
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I am amazed, even with all the crap that OP has spewed here on PTO, that he really believes that a registered sex offender treatment provider gives two craps about a yelp/google/whatever review. Their professional licensure is NOT based on reviews. And NOTHING that OP has described would even merit anything other than a round of hearty laughter from a licensing review board even if he DID try to submit a complaint to THEM.

OP needs to realize that people get bounced from programs towards the end on a regular basis AND those people DO run a risk of being revoked. Revocations follow on the record when there is a return to the system and the attitude presented by the OP ever since they first appeared on PTO carries every signal of being a persistent offender that, as was already pointed out, will be at risk of civil commitment when they reoffend.
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Old 05-26-2018, 03:24 AM
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The only good thing about this thread is the sound thinking and good advice of many of our members here. I won't say what I'm really thinking, but I will end it like this.

Why feed the dog when his belly is already full and protruding.
Life Traveler
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Old 05-27-2018, 10:44 AM
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Stop acting like a child, finish your sentence and move on. From what gather, you're going to be back there anyway. If you don't own what you did and work towards not doing it again, you will reoffend. Reading this thread is insanity.
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Old 05-27-2018, 01:10 PM
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Depending on the exact questions and wording of the assignment, it might even be perfectly possible to answer in a way that does not even violate your own feelings and beliefs. Make sure you do not get caught in your own language games by looking like you are denying or explaining away the truth or just don't care.

However, I would simply read the question "How were the victims hurt?" not as much as an admission of guilt as simply asking what the victims thought and what exactly bothered them. For instance, the victims may have been hurt by seeing something they found really shocking and socially inappropriate. At least if there was no serious aggression that would hurt anybody who suffered it, they could have been hurt more or less or hardly at all, depending on how they viewed the event. If you don't know how they were hurt, think about what they or someone speaking on their behalf would say or actually said. Do not deny known facts, but do not add any incriminating information that is not known.

Do not actually explain any such theories. I'm saying this for your own information. If this assignment bothers you so much, it might be possible to phrase it just right to keep the counselor content without saying what you would rather not say, or not too much. I'm saying this from a writer's perspective, as my professional activities are related to writing.

It may not even be worth the effort and you could say the wrong thing by mistake if you are not careful or sufficiently skilled, but it can probably be done. It may not be possible if, for example, there are some simple yes or no questions that you cannot answer truthfully without getting yourself into trouble.
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