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Old 12-17-2004, 10:21 PM
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Default Charles Egeler Reception And Guidance Center


Warden Nick Ludwick
3855 Cooper St.
Jackson, MI 49201-7517
TELEPHONE: (517) 780-5600

C-Unit - Level I Only
Monday, Wednesday & Friday.....4:30pm-8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday..............3:00pm-8:30pm

C-Unit Level II Detailed Workers, DWH
Tuesday & Thursday............4:30pm-8:30pm
Saturday & Sunday.............10:00am-2:30pm
Visits will not be called to the housing units between 11:00-11:30am & 4:00-4:30pm due to count time.

TRESPASSING: Any person on prison property, including the lobby, Information Desk area and/or Parking Lot not having official business is considered to be trespassing. Trespassers may be arrested.
All visits must be processed no later than 30 minutes prior to the end of the visiting time.

VISITATION RULES: No visiting at reception unless you have a job and stay. Go to a facility nearest you or call, get a visitor application and send it back to reception, on the envelope write visitor application, along with his name and MDOC number. This will be put into his file and when he is transferred to the facility he is going to they will process it there. Then, call that facility the next day after the transfer to inquire about your form. Meanwhile, I would suggest having one on hand as sometimes these things have a tendency of getting lost. This takes typically 10 days to be processed, so don't wait or once he is moved you will have that much longer to wait until you can visit.

EXPERIENCE WITH VISITS: (provided by ilovecharles)
***typical visit*****
I arrive a half an hour before visitation begins to sign in (this includes filling out name, address, inmates name, relationship to the inmate, inmate number, license plate number and you do need your ID). A visitor can have up to $15 for the visit, the inmate CANNOT touch the money. The visitation room does have vending machines for soda Pepsi and Coke, food such as cheeseburgers, hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, snacks....chips, chocolate ect.
When they call his last name I have to walk through the metal detectors. I enter into a "pre-cell" where I am taken into a little room, I have to remove my socks, shoes, be patted down, my hair is searched, and they look in your mouth also. They also count/search your money (which can only be placed in a Dixie cup they provide). After you are clear they mark a "black light" reflective mark on your left hand. I then walk into the visitation room and I am assigned a seat number from the C/O on duty. When the inmate enters you can embrace and kiss. At that moment we can either go straight to the vending machines or sit. If we sit (which we usually do) he has to obtain permission before moving from his seat unless you are ending your visit. He also has to sit in the chair closest to the C/O.
We are allowed to hold hands and he can place his arm around me. After a while we receive permission to get up and go to the vending machines. There is not a time limit in place on how much time it takes to pick up and heat up your food.
We return to our seats and eat...talk...fall in love more...oh wait we need the technical stuff! They are very strict about posture of the inmates. My fiancée got into trouble 2 times about "not sitting up straight" the C/O threatened to terminate our visit because of his posture. You are allowed 1 bathroom break per visit. When he is ready to leave we can just stand up and walk towards the door. We kiss and hug good-bye. We always leave our visit about 15 minutes before the end so he can return to his cell while "yard" is still going on so he can smoke before lockdown. If there is no guard available to "shake" him down, he will wait in the visitation room until one is available.

A COUPLE OF THINGS I JUST LEARNED: (provided by ilovecharles)
1. If you travel with a companion (my example HIS MOM) and two or more are on the visit you can bring up to but not exceeding $45 in change
2. Make sure your change consists of nickels and dimes because sometimes the machines say "exact change"
3. The Polaroid is often broken ask if it is in working condition before you purchase a ticket
4. If you are in a party (like me and his mom) she can only leave 10 minutes before the visit is supposed to end if she is not leaving the property. THEY DO NOT LET PEOPLE WAIT IN THE VEHICLE OR IN THE LOBBY FOR MORE THAN 10 MINUTES!!!
5. He must maintain employment in Egeler to receive visits...on my last trip; a woman's husband had lost his job...she drove 3 hours to see him and was turned away at the door.
6. If you are calling to check on a visitors app. ask for Eric Thompson. His staff is more helpful than the information desk.

When the guys first get there, they are kept in the North blocks, 1, 2 & 3. This is while they are going through the required testing -- medical, psychological, educational level, etc. It takes roughly 10 days - 2 weeks for DOC to process them. When they receive their medical clearance, they are moved to a different area of the prison. My brother is in 7 block. They are allowed to make phone calls & write/receive letters during this time. Don't make the mistake I did - they are not allowed to receive blank pre-stamped envelopes from us. Who knew? I sent them all the time when he was in County. First time inmates have to wait to be issued a PIN to be able to make phone calls. From what I've read here in the forums, those guys who already have a PIN from being there before, can use the same one. I can't say for sure if this is the case. DOC tells the guys that it takes about 2 weeks to get your PIN, although my brother had his after 8 days. (Longest 8 days we've had to wait!) They can use the phone during yard time (this applies to before and after they have medical clearance), on a first come basis. The phones are literally outside in the yard, whoever gets to them first, gets to use them first. The time after they have been cleared from medical, while they are waiting for their Security Level and placement, they can, if they are lucky, get a job assignment, attend religious services and order items from store.

I was able to order books for him from Barnes and Noble, he was so excited to have them, because yes they are locked up for 22 hours a day. once the books were received there in reception, it was only 3 days before he was called out to get them, he had to pick them up at property.

PHONE CALLS: Get your phone account established ASAP, Reception will give you the # for inmate services if you do not know it. You call them and they will set up your account within 2-24 hours. CBS (800-844-6591) You must put minimum of $50.00 to open account, maximum is $200.00. if you do a check by phone, they charge you a $8.00 service charge. After that you can call their animated service to add money, see how much the calls cost, and your balance, etc. it took him 7 days to get his pin# and be able to call me.

MAIL: He was given one stamped envelope the day he arrived and one sheet of prison paper. It takes about 2 weeks to get envelopes, the way they do it is you purchase envelopes from store the first week, then you have to send them through to be stamped, and returned the next store day. so it actually takes them 2 weeks after the first letter, to be able to send you anymore mail.

CLOTHES: They are given I believe 3-4 changes of clothes, underclothes, thermals, coats, hats, gloves, toiletries, sheets, towels, washcloths, necessities there laundry is done once a week, and returned to them.

MEALS: When the guys are still in the North block, before they have received medical clearance, they can sign up on a sheet to use an indoor phone the next day. This is not available once they have been processed and moved to the area where they wait to be transferred out. At least it is not in 7 block. Meal times are roughly 6-7a.m., Noon-1p.m. and 5-6p.m. They are allowed (technically) 20 mins. per meal, although he said that its more like 15 minutes.

MONEY ORDERS: You can send money orders as soon as they arrive there, it will be placed in their account. I would recommend doing this as soon as possible, since it can take a while to get processed.
Other: [color=black]Make sure that your loved one reads each and every form they fill out carefully, so they don't end up having it rejected for being filled out incorrectly.Ex.: Their phone list,etc.
It is the hard part for them and us right now, while we can't visit. That is why it is so important to write them as much as possible.

The Charles Egeler Correctional Facility sits on 53 acres and also houses the 86-bed Duane L. Waters Hospital. Egeler, along with the Southern Michigan Correctional Facility and Parnall Correctional Facility, was carved out of the old State Prison of Southern Michigan (SPSM). The maximum-security hospital within the facility provides medical services to both male and female prisoners from many of the state's prisons and camps.

The perimeter of the facility is protected by a double chain link fence, electronic monitoring systems and razor-ribbon wire. An emergency-response vehicle also patrols the perimeter.

DIRECTIONS: (provided by ilovecharles)
The exit is 72
If you are traveling 1-94 EB take exit 72. At the end of the exit ramp there is a stop sign where you take a left. The road you are turning on is COOPER STREET. Stay straight on Cooper for about 2-3miles. You will pass Parnell Road and a State Police Station. CERGC is the last prison on the right hand side.
If you are traveling 1-94WB (I'm not sure this is kind of a guess) I believe the exit is a wrap around exit to place you on Cooper St....if not take a right at the end of the exit ramp onto Cooper St. and follow same directions as above.

Thank you ilovecharles for providing use with this information!
"From the inside out~~~Support Support Support!"

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Old 03-01-2008, 06:46 PM
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Charles Egeler RGC Commissary Price List – Effective 10/12/2007

Metered postage 1st class envelopes .41
Extra metered postage 1+ oz to 2 oz. .58
Padlock with ID# engraved 6.10 Shower shoes (xl – Size 12) 2.45
Hydrocortisone crème 1.60 Q-tips 90 ct. .65
Dial Soap .55
Nail clippers w/o file .55
Medicated corn pads 3.05 Cosmetic/shaving bag 5.40
Lotramin (like) itchy feet cream .85
Legal pad – 8.5 x 11 white .60
Claritin (like) 24 hr. tablets 10 pk. 1.75 Typing paper – 200 ct. 8.5 x 11 3.60
Antacid Liquid x-strength 12 oz. 2.55 Carbon paper – 10 sheets – 8.5 x 11 1.00
Metamucil Laxative 13 0z. 4.10 Envelopes – 10 pk letter w/out postage .30
Allergy tablets 24’s 1.15 Big manila envelope w/out postage .15
Alka-Seltzer Plus 12’s 4.90 Pen – Bic med. black ink .30
Pain reliever Aspirin 100’s 1.00 Pencil - #2 .10
Pain reliever, Ibuprofen (Advil) 50’s 1.95 2008 calendar – (Max. 1) 1.60
Pail reliever (Tylenol) 100’s 1.75 Photo album – 20 pgs. (Max. 1) 2.15
Pain reliever (Aleve) 4.30 Batteries AA 4-pk 2.05
Acne 10 lotion 1.5 oz 1.45 Batteries AAA 4-pk 2.05
Foot ointment – Tolnaftate .5 oz 1.20 Playing cards 1.75
Preparation “H” (generic) 1.8 oz. 2.75 Sunglasses (Max. 1) 3.00
Callous sponge 1.40 Tumbler w/lid 22 oz (Max. 1) .30
Shampoo – Dandrex 8 oz (Selsun) 2.35 Mirror (Max.1) 1.50
Shampoo – Therapeutic (T-Gel) 8 oz. 3.10 Tobacco – pouch 1.60
Sunscreen SPF-30 4 oz. 2.80 Tobacco – Big 6 oz bag – 4 Aces Primo! 9.45
Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) 1.75 oz. 1.15 Rolling papers (skins) .40
Shave cream, Magic (Max=1) 2.70 Matches – box/50 (Max. 1) .70
Noxema (like) cream 4 oz. .65 Marlboro cigs. pack 6.40
Tone Soap, single bar (3.5 oz) .65 Newport cigs. pack 5.90
Toothbrush, tiny soft .10 Coffee – Keefe freeze dried 3 oz. 2.65
Toothpaste – sensitive 4 oz. 2.85 Orange drink mix – 12 oz. 1.50
Ivory soap – 3-bar pk. 3.1 oz. 1.15 Cocoa – 10 oz. 1.35
Zantac (generic) 30 pk. 3.10 Creamer – 8 oz. .90
Cough drops .65 Cooloff sugar free drink 10 pk. .90
Antacid rolaids single roll .50 Powdered milk 3.90
Bug repellant (May-Oct) 4.10 Little Debbie nutty bars (Max= 5 combined) 1.25
Shampoo 1.70 Little Debbie granola bars (Max=5 combined) 1.90
Hair dressing .65 Vanilla Wafers 10 oz (Max.2) 1.50
Comb – small .60 Milky Way candy bar .60
Hair brush without handle 1.30 Snickers candy bar .60
Cocoa butter lotion 15 oz 1.60 Jolly Rancher hard candy 7 oz. 1.50
Antiperspirant, Mennan speedstick 1.90 Sugar free candy (hard) .70
Shave crème – brushless 4.75 oz 1.20 Digby snack (student mix) 1.10
Razor – 10 pk. 1.15 Sugar – 12 oz. (Max. 2) .90
Toothpaste – Colgate 2.00 Sugar Twin 100’s 1.20
Toothbrush cap .15 Granola cereal (Max. 1) 2.05
Denture Adhesive Effergrip 2.5 oz. 3.30 Beef salami 5 oz. 1.35
Denture cleanser – Generic 40’s 2.30
Denture brush – very small .35
Soap dish .30
Shower shoes (med – Size 10) 2.45

Information received from ExtremeCaution on 3/1/08

September 10th 2009
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The following information was shared by dad2008 on 4/13/2008 in order to update the info on R C & G and make it easier for those who come after all of us:

Quick Reference

This info sheet is to help answer questions for individuals that are new to the process and are looking for quick information regarding their loved ones.

Finding MDOC Number
Go to http://www.state.mi.us/mdoc/asp/otis2.html
Click on “Agree” at the bottom of the page
Put in Name of Individual you are searching for
· MDOC Number is on the top right hand side of the page

It may take a day or two before they show up on this site after they arrive. The site is known as OTIS, Offender Tracking Information System)

Sending Mail
Mail can be sent and should be addressed as follows:

First & Last Name MDOC Number
Charles Egeler Reception & Guidance Center
3855 Cooper St.
Jackson, MI. 49201-7517

Mail can be sent to them upon their arrival and as much as you want to send.
Write often
Guidelines are at http://www.michigan.gov/documents/co...8_181376_7.pdf

Receiving Mail
They are given one envelope upon arrival so they can only send one letter until they purchase envelopes from the commissary (store). It takes a couple of weeks from the time they are purchased and stamped before you will start receiving anything back.

Sending Money
Can be sent immediately after arrival .
Cashiers checks and Money Orders are only accepted.
Make the Cashiers check or Money Order out to the individual with their MDOC number on it.
Fill out the rest and sign it.
Mail to the address as shown above in “Sending Mail”.
Many folks say to include the Cashiers check/Money order with a letter to the individual and mention the amount to them so they know it was put into their account.
The Cashiers check/Money Order will be removed from the envelope prior to the individual receiving it and put into their account.
Monies that were in their county account will follow them to Egeler. Also, when they are moved to another facility, their account follows.
A word of caution for sending money. If your loved one owes fines/fess/restitution, they will take from his account. I believe they are allowed to have $50.00 in their account and anything over that, they will take half. For example, they have $50.00 and you send another $150.00, then they would only get half, ($75.00) applied to their account. The other $75.00 goes to paying fines/fees/restitution. This needs verification.
Otherwise, I have heard of limits as high as $1500.00 as long as fines/fees/restitution have been taken care of, if any.
Items can be purchased from the commissary (store) using their account funds.

Sending Books
Books and such can be sent immediately after arrival.
Books can only be ordered through one of the following online vendors
Ship to the address as shown above in “Sending Mail”.
Only new books can be ordered and shipped. Some of these vendors sell used material and it is not accepted.
These items will follow them when they are moved.

While in quarantine, there is no visitation. The quarantine process involves medical, psychological and educational level testing.
It has been recommended by folks on this site to send in a visitors application even while they are still at Egeler
Go to http://www.michigan.gov/corrections and click on “Frequently Asked Questions”. Then click on “How Do I Visit a Prisoner”. Click on the “Visiting Application” and print it off. Also it may be a good idea to print off the “Visiting Standards” for future reference.
Fill out the application per the directions and mail to the address as shown above in “Sending Mail”.
Write “Visitor Application” on the envelope.

Initial Process (Intake)
Go to http://www.michigan.gov/corrections and click on “Frequently Asked Questions”. Then click on “Prisoner Intake”. This gives you an idea of what goes on while there.

Phone Calls
No phone calls are allowed until they get their PIN number for making calls. This takes 8 plus days from what I have read. Once they have a PIN, they can call. Many suggestions are available on this site for making calls a little cheaper.
Most recommend to set up an account immediately with Correctional Billing Services (CBS 800-844-6591) or https://www.correctionalbillingservices.com/. This will allow them to call once they have their PIN#.
Calls are only allowed during yard time (once a day) and I am sure there is a wait to use a phone. Be patient.

**Kudos to dad2008 for sharing the updated information.


September 10th 2009
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