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Husbands & Boyfriends in Prison For everyone who has a husband, boyfriend or male partner incarcerated.

View Poll Results: Why do you love your incarcerated SO?
Because he's my best friend 81 81.00%
He has always been by my side 10 10.00%
Not sure 4 4.00%
Good question. Never really thought about it that deeply. 5 5.00%
Voters: 100. You may not vote on this poll

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Old 02-18-2019, 09:48 AM
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It may sound silly but I think one of the main things is that he makes me laugh. I seriously do not sometimes even understand how he does it; I've had a pretty rough time lately with my job situation and also with what looks like perimenopausal hormones (yeah, TMI, ha!)....so I haven't been in the greatest mood - but he has me laughing in stitches during our calls and my day is instantly better.

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Old 02-18-2019, 10:26 AM
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Definitely my best friend. I am so selective when it comes to spending time with people. Most people work my nerves but he's been the only one that I've craved his presence. He puts a true smile on my face and always keeps me afloat when I'm sinking. We connect so well. He brings out a better side to me.
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Old 02-18-2019, 11:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Ricoluv29 View Post
Definitely my best friend. I am so selective when it comes to spending time with people. Most people work my nerves but he's been the only one that I've craved his presence. He puts a true smile on my face and always keeps me afloat when I'm sinking. We connect so well. He brings out a better side to me.
I could not agree with this more. I'm very similar, only not only do I not tolerate most people - most people also cannot tolerate me. I'm mostly over everything life has to offer, and I find it very difficult to be on the same page as most people.

However, with him... It's incredibly easy to lose track of time and no matter how much time I have with him, I want more.

I like how you worded it so much better, though.

it's not too late to turn back home,
and we were never meant to be alone.
you know we've got each other.
it's not too late for two lost souls.
we're not the only ones to lose control.
we're in this together.

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Old 02-26-2019, 05:07 AM
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My Husband Is A Whole Lot More Than My Best Friend All My Life Up Until Meeting Him I Was Self Guarded Never Allowed Anyone In Guarded Myself With Walls Around My Heart Never Wanted To Get Married Never Was An Interest Of Mine.. My Relationships That I Have Had I Never Gave All Of Me To Anyone Thought I Was Safe My Walls Kept Me Safe From Ever Letting Love or A Person Really In ... I Control the relationship it was something I thought was naturally done as in I loved the guy at the time for who he was and or what we shared however I looked for a guy only for what he could add to my life honestly at that time I was all about my attitude a guy to make me look good or share moments with but to share my heart with never I did not allow myself to ever go there and if I felt he was going there that is for me when it always ended went on with my life I am very independent and did not need a man to take care of me and that was my attitude about it love I did not want any part of it deeper than what I allowed in my life I totally believed in all the love things such as marriage and all but did not want it for myself my grandparents were my hero's and they through all and all never allowed anything or anyone to come between their love for one another after 64 years of marriage they never gave up and still happily and in love with each other stayed true to what a marriage and love is all about God called them both home a few years ago but I still believe their love is above still stronger than ever and as beautiful as it when they were here on earth they raided me and both were my rocks in my life so with that being said I still wanted no part of what they shared and that was my choice And After 35 Years Became Confident And Safe In What I Thought And WOW I Was So Wrong .. From Our First Kiss He Broke Ever Wall Down And All I Felt From That Kiss Is I Knew I Was In Trouble Everything I Knew About Myself And My Life Changed In A Moment Like Nothing I Ever Experienced I Went From Confidently Looking In The Mirror Knowing Who I Was Inside And Outside Myself To Not Knowing Who I Became From One Moment To The Next .. Some call it magic I Don't cause I dont believe in magic or some say to wish upon a star and to me that is just a waste of time wishes do not come true this is truly how I feel to this day but anyways to say it was love or just meant to be whatever you want you can describe it or believe what you want for me it was a moment in time that changed my life my thoughts my whole being because that day MY LIFE as I Knew it was gone All Of It Was Gone I Died In Saying As One Of the other and OUR LIFE together as ONE began ... Our Hearts and lives were blessed with a gift from God above with love we share together as ONE .. No Once upon a time needed or a happily ever after no wishes granted no shooting stars above no four leaf clovers or magic of any kind we have each moment since that first kiss which was well over 10 plus years ago shared our love and life with the other full of every struggle ever tear ever fight every aspect not from the past not for the future but the moment we are in and for every past moment gone it has brought us to who we are in this moment and that is stronger and more in love than we ever have been at any other moment in time and each moment to cone we will take until our day or our moment comes and God Calls us home it will be as we say now in this lifetime and forever into our beyond us loving the other all this from a first kiss a moment in time .. So I have to say that I love My Husband for the fact he is everything that I am not And He Is Everything That I Need Because I Lacked in myself and life he is my balance inside and out he is all that and more .. I Love Him Because He Is My Complete And Utter Opposite I Mean On Every Level Or Extreme As you Can Get It Is Him And I But I Would Not Change Him For The World Or Change That Fact He Is My Headache My Pain In My Ass Everyday He Is Way more emotionally than Me I am The Mean one I am the independent want to go out and live life he is the stay at home family type so it is a daily frustrated dance we do as the opposite but it works for us and as he gets on my last nerve I say I hate it as much as I love it and I await our when he can be home everyday us getting on each other's nerves and still being the others headache he is my reason my soft place when I need it he is my hero he is my happiness my strength my should to cry on I am his so he is my One In This World Whatever You Want To Call It He Is My Soul mate My One true Love My Forever Into Our Beyond He Is It ,,, End Of Story wait it is not a story it is that our life from one moment in time sorry so long ..
The most unexplainable connection!

The most unimaginable feelings!
The most unbelievable love!
I have found within you!!!
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Old 03-06-2019, 08:37 PM
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Echoing alot of what others have said, he's my best friend. Before even thinking about a relationship, we became friends. He was the first person to ever ask for the real me, especially the parts I or others might not like. Everything, even the worst moments, are better with his support. He is my literal hero, for how he handles everything, besides that my coach, teacher, and cheerleader.
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He just never ceases to amaze me. I am often surprised at just how much he pays attention to detail, tries to make me happy and supports our family. He makes us a priority and does whatever he can to lessen the strain of incarceration on all of us. Through the rollercoaster of our lives, together--apart, ups-downs, he has always fought for us--fought for me.
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