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ONEIDA HUB PRISONS - NY DOC New York State Prisons & Institutions located in the ONEIDA HUB - Oneida, Mohawk, Mid-State, Marcy, Hale Creek, Summit, Georgetown, Pharsalia, CNY Psych Ctr.

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Exclamation Hale Creek ASACTC

Hale Creek ASACTC
279 Maloney Road
Johnstown, New York 12095

(518) 736-2094 (Fulton County)

Inmate Mail:
P.O. Box 950, Zip 12095

Medium Facility

Update 9/30/2012 Thank you Tsears1

Hello all, I noticed there is not a lot of information on Hale creek and some of the information is a bit out of date so I figured I would share my current knowledge. My LO has been there for about 2.5 months in the CASAT program.

This is a very small jail in a quiet location. Inmates are housed in small one story units. It is a medium security prison. Cos there are ok, for the most part they are nice and understanding. There is the occasionally grouch but they are the nicest Ive experienced thus far.

Visiting is still from 9 to 3 both Saturday's and Sunday's regardless of the din number. The visiting center opens at nine on the dot so getting there any sooner is useless. In the first room the first thing you'll want to do is sign in. this allows the clerk (who is like a high school student trying to make an extra buck) call in your inmate for a visit. You want to be the first on that list because the higher you are on the list the faster your inmate will be called. It's first come first serve. If you have a package you'll fill out additional paper work and put your items in brown paper bags labeled with your inmates information. They supply the bags and writing utensils. From there you'll wait for the desk clerk to hear your name called on her walky talky. When she does she'll say it's ok for you to go to the next building.

The next building is across the parking lot. In there you'll hand your paperwork and Id to the co sitting at the main desk. Your information will already be up because they call people over one by one so hell be expecting you to walk in next. He signs you in quickly and you'll give you package to him. Then you go through the metal detector. The past two months the detector has been broken so they just scan you with a wand.

It's not very strict or sensative. Dress code is the same as everywhere else but they certainly are not really strict like other facilities. From there you get your hand stamped and you go out the building, through a fensed in outdoor tunnel to the visiting room. You can sit wherever you want. If you are the only one visiting you sit across from your inmate. If you have another person with you you have the oppertunity to sit at the next edge of the table adjacent to them. The tables are square.

Your inmate will come out within the next ten minutes tops. There are vending machines that the inmates can walk to. They just can't pass the yellow line. Cos are pretty lenient with allowing you to get up and stretch your legs, hold hands and hug while walking. The food cost the same as any other vending machine. The cooked food isn't very good. As a vegetarian there was nothing with out meat. Pictures are now purchased with coins in the visiting room. You don't have to pay in advance. They are 2 tolkens a piece. Each tolken is a dollar. The picture guys are just inmates, they don't normally come until after one so if you aren't planning in staying that long don't buy your coins in advance because they are not refundable. You or the inmate can keep the pictures. They are polaroids.

The visit ends at three. Normally they call is at 5 after. The tricky thing is there are lockers for your belongings in both the visiting room and first stop by the cos. The visiting room closes at two though so if your planning on staying the whole time put your belongings in the lockers where the cos are. Those are open the whole time. Lockers are a quarter. You don't get the quarter back.

And that's about it. There are decks of cards up by the cos for you to use free of charge. There are bathrooms as well. Normally only one to three cos look over the room. The room is medium in size but it never really fills up. If you get there when it opens lathers will be like 10 people there tops. It slowly fills up throughout the day but not at all close to max capacity.

It's a nice jail. The inmates are not violent. They are all there on non violent charges just looking to go home. The CASAT program is strict but as long as the inmate just follows the rules and does his work he shouldn't have any problems.

Lastly, this is a non cooking facility so inmates can't have anything that is microwaved. They have a hot plate that they can boil water for instant soup. Ht that's it. This facility is pretty strict on packages. No grey is allowed. Most jails grey is a safe color
(gray is not allowed in any NYS DOCs facility--any color matching guard uniforms is not allowed). But red is allowed. Beats me. No blue no orange no black. Hoods are allowed. Pockets are allowed. Food is tricky. If it is anything that one could feasibly open up and reseal after putting in contraband it is not allowed. For example pudding cups, plastic fruit cups, gold fish, twist jars. They have to be air tight sealed to show proof you didn't or couldn't open them and reseal. Canned good are allowed. Bags or tuna fish, chicken, spam are good items to get them. Chips, cookies, etc.

Beauty supplies are tricky too unless the product is like shrink wrapped they can't have it. Can not contain alcohol either do make sure to check the label. Most of all beauty supplies contain alcohol. (note from Moderator: this is true in all NYS facilities)No do rags, they can have them but they have to buy them there. No stamps. They have to buy them there.

Letters and mail get through pretty quickly. Nude pictures are also allowed as long as they are not too intense. Pictures of the inmates and males are also allowed.

Update 12/28/10 THANKS MELS BELLEs

Hale Creek has a fairly small population the can have visits on both Sat and Sunday regardless of their DIN.. visits start at 9am end at 3p.. To my knowledge there is only one van/bus that goes to Hale Creek (Happy Trails or something like that) and it only goes up on Sundays (it is NOT free). If you intend to take pics you MUST purchase your picture tickets at the visitors trailer BEFORE you go in for processing. They call visitors in one at a time for processing. Like most of the other facilities they do the random ION scan (I would say more regularly then they did at BareHill..) You can not bring anything over on the visit floor with you such as car keys, paper, pen/pencil, playing cards (they do however have VERY limited decks of playing cards on the visit floor as well as a few (very few) pens/or pencils at the co desk).. Any of that must be either put in your vehicle or locked in the lockers in the visiting trailer (at a charge of .25 it only accepts quarters). Be sure to take change with you as they only accept exact change to purchase picture tickets ($2/each) and once you get on the floor the change machine only takes $1 and the OLD $5's.. The food machine however will accept the new $5 but you MUST select something as you can't put your money in just to try and get change.. LOL LOL The selection is very small and everything in the snack (chip/candy) machine is $1. The soda machine is $1.35 and the prices vary in the food machine up to appx $4.75. The nice thing about Hale Creek is that the inmate is allowed to go with their guest to the vending machines and microwave however there is a yellow/black line drawn on the floor which they can not cross but otherwise it is nice that they can get up and go with you. As far as seating.. if you are a single visitor you must sit in one of the rowed tables you on the side facing the clock and the inmate sits across from you. If it is more than 1 visitor then you have the choice of sitting at one of the single tables where the inmate sits in the seat facing forward and the visitors can sit at any of the remaining chairs. Also unless special prior permission is granted only 3 visitors per inmate at a time.. This includes children over a certain age (don't have the exact age but it wasn't that old.. :-(.. basically if they are too big to be a lap child they count as 1 person towards that 3 person limit)

For the most part the CO's there are very cordial and respectful.. (obviously the opposite could be true if you go in there acting crazy and disrespectful.. ) but again for the most part it isn't stressful trying to visit and I like that.

Same rules apply as far as dress code goes.. no sleeveless, plunging neck lines, short shorts/skirts etc.. (that never changes LOL LOL LOL)..

They do not have an outside area like some prisons do where you can walk around when the weather warms (not that that is even a consideration at this time of year.. LOL LOL) I would however make sure to take in a sweater as it can get pretty cool/cold on that visit floor despite the heat being on.

Food packages... as this is a non-cooking facility the do NOT have microwaves, stoves OR refrigerators.. with that being said NOTHING that needs to be refrigerated or cooked will be allowed. Also as far as fresh fruits and/or vegs go.. only 3 of each item are allowed. For instances. don't think you are going to leave a bag of grapes for your loved one as they will pick 3 grapes off of the vine and return the remaining bunch to you.. go with apples/oranges etc.. but remember only 3 of each will be allowed. Also be mindful that what ever you bring you must while in the visiting trailer pack in the brown paper bags and mark with your inmates information and then CARRY over to the processing building (just something to think about before trying to bring the whole world to your loved one in a package).. Also you will not know/find out what they couldn't have until after your visit when it is sitting out in the processing building for you to carry back over to your vehicle as they do not have a pre-screen like some of the other facilities...

Now as far as the CASAT program.. it is a drug program either court mandated or as a condition of presumuptive work release.. (the latter in my husbands case.. whooo hoooo hooo.. ) with the presumed work release it is considered phase 1 of the presumptive work release.. successful completion of the drug program.. it is AT LEAST 6 months.. I say at least because they are given evals every month and if they do not pass an eval their time can in this phase of the program can be extended. It can be a bit tedius as their day is pretty much all scheduled out.. (have to be up out of bed and ready to get started at 5:30am and it as if all of their time is alotted for.. ) Unlike population prisons chow/rec etc.. is NOT optional.. whether they are hungry or not or want to go to rec or not they do not have a choice in the matter (unless they want to be written up of course.. ) They have like a hierarchy system there where inmates have the ability to 'move up' if you will into leadership roles to be able to delegate the activities of the dorm.. Also your dorm duties and time slots are also delegated based on your seniority in the house.. for example when they first get there they may start out on late night bathroom duty and move up to morning bathroom duty before then moving up to late night shower duty etc... when my husband explained to me I was sitting there listening with my face scrunched up all crazy.. LOL LOL LOL...

They also have phone lists in the house (shoot it seems like there is a freakin list for everything... ) they basically sign up for an available slot if they want to make any calls out.. (that is taking some getting used to on both of our parts...:-( )

The inmates are also encouraged to call out other inmates they see doing wrong or something that they may not like and issue 'pull ups' (my equivalent of being a tattle tail.. LOL LOL LOL LOL) I say that because inmates have gotten in trouble or time extended due to pull ups for something as minute as not locking their locker and another inmate writing them up for it... I mean REALLY!!! So in that aspect it can be taxing because it appears that they have got to be constantly on their toes.. not just to ensure flying under the CO radar but the inmate radar as well...

We have just passed our halfway point... once he completes this phase of the program he will then go to Hudson (since that is the closet facility to me for the actual work release phase) and after the initial orientation period he will begin coming home each day to look for work and going back the the facility in the evening... once he secures approved employment and our home is approved then he will be out for 5 days/nights in for 2 nights.. More info to come on that once he is actually in that phase....

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