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Prisoner Addiction Resources Prison and prison release specific topics and resources regarding addiction.

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Old 04-16-2015, 02:13 PM
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[quote=SheriBaby;7434238]I know this is an old thread but I had to chime in.

My brother has been in and out of prison repeatedly for DUI. He is mentally ill and an alcoholic.

He has never been to DUI school or offered anything beyond AA. Here in Texas. He did go to SAFP and was so hopeful about it but it was ineffective and pretty much useless (and he's not the only one who has had that opinion of that program).

He has begged repeatedly for help. He has been turned away time and time again for not having money or insurance to pay for intense help. He has only been able to get himself committed short term to the state hospital and then they release him after 72 hours. They refer him to the county mental health free clinic who only wants to give him medication,nothing beyond that. I've also personally experienced the same when I went to he county for help. Meds and off you go. No monitoring or counseling. Just meds. They had me on 3 xanax a day and I was so sleepy I couldn't stay awake while caring for my kid so I stopped the meds and just tried to deal with my anxiety on my own (still doing that).

I understand the thinking behind "Well he has to really want it" and "There are ways to get help" but you have to understand that when mental illness is thrown into that mix it's not exactly what mentally ill people do best (find help, persevere when they are turned down over and over).. the sense of hopelessness can take over very quickly.

He is currently trying to plan for a sober living halfway house if/when he is released and again, what he's been told at this point is the same; no room, no beds, no money. Maybe that will change when he is actually closer to release, who knows.

Maybe I should open one myself.

The reality is, if you have money, things are available to you. Quality legal representation, health care, mental health care. If not, well, good luck.[/Q
I was actually lucky enough to have great insurance so detoxing in rehab was a lot simpler for me. It was my second rehab in 20 years because I failed.
Rehab only gives you the tools you need to keep sobriety. If you work the program AA it gives you the same tools plus support from others who are going threw it or are living with what they learn from the big book.
I fully understand what you're saying about mental illness. Prison is no place for our loved ones but that's where they're sent. My son lived in those conditions for 17+ years so i truly understand the frustration of them not receiving help. And seriously they dont get the punishment either because of their mental issues.
All I can really say is I'll pray for your situation and hope he is strong enough to comprehend that addiction can only be fought if you really/ really are tired and want a different life. No rehab, therapy, counseling or program will work if you're not100% ccommitted to not practicing in your addiction.
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