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Old 04-18-2003, 02:46 AM
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Life in a Texas penal institution is quite different than most people would think. The average person, having had no experience with prisons, appears to think that the inmates housed there lead a dull boring life. They believe inmates just sit in their cells 24 hours a day waiting for the day they will get out. This is very far from the truth. Life in a correctional institution is definitely different from life as a free citizen in several aspects, but it's like a small community. Each person has a job that is an integral part of the operation of that society. Some inmates make clothes, some cook food, some farm, etc. It is the cumulative efforts of each of these jobs that teaches the inmates the importance of their roles in a free society.

Unfortunately, as in any society, and considering the fact that the people living in this one have been rejected from ours, several other activities occur. Most of these activities involve homosexual acts, drug abuse, racial conflict, and blatant disregard for the welfare of others. The recent advent of prison gangs, and the infiltration of street gangs has also had a great deal of influence on this society, that is if you would still consider it a society. Since this is a community and so different from our own, the inhabitants have developed a separate (Slang) language over the years that somewhat accurately depicts the immoral values of its residence.


ACCEPT: (plea bargain); When an inmate is convicted of a crime they sometimes refer to their sentences as if they had bartered with the judge,(i.e. "The Judge wanted to give me 20 years but I wouldn't accept that, all I would accept is 5.") meaning they would have fought the case and possibly received 20 years but plead guilty in exchange for 5 years.

AGGIE: (Agricultural tool); A tool used in field work commonly called a hoe (garden hoe).

AGGRAVATED: (to get); Inmates often use the word aggravated to mean mad possibly to give the impression that they are educated.

AGITATOR: An inmate who manipulates other inmates into fights normally for the pure enjoyment of watching the other inmates fight.


BARRED: A term commonly used by inmates to mean that they fear a certain area, person, or to indicate that they have caused someone to fear them or their area, i.e. ("You can't bar me. "You’re barred from my cell.")

BEAN SLOT: An opening in the cell doors of most segregation areas which is used to place handcuffs on the inmate prior to opening the cell, or to deliver the food tray to the inmate without having to open the cell door.

BLUE BAG: A bag of Maxwell house instant coffee, often used for trading in place of money.
BONE: A term often used by inmates meaning to be the dominant partner (male role) in the performance of sodomy.

BONG: (cooker); A device made by inmates to cook water for food or coffee in the event they don't have a stinger, or hot pot. It is made by wrapping a large amount of toilet paper around something such as a can, then folding in the top and bottom creating a doughnut shape. The inside of the bong is then lit and allowed to burn slowly as a can is held slightly above the flame until it is brought to a boil.

BOSS: A term used extensively by inmates to refer to officers working as guards (Correctional officers), this began in the early years of penitentiaries as "Sorry son of a bitch" backwards. Most of the inmates that are now incarcerated are not aware of this and the term is accepted by officers as a sir name.

BOUGHT: (hog); A term used to mean that a story, normally one that is not true has been believed. (i.e. "He bought that hog.")

BROGAN: The state issued work boots that inmates wear.

BULL-DERM: Prior to 1987, inmates were given free tobacco that was provided by the RJR tobacco company, a popular brand used to be Bull Durham, this came to be known as Bull-derm ( derm meaning feces) or "Run johnnie run," to the older convicts. The term has more recently been used to describe any very low grade of tobacco.

BURNED: When an inmate has caused another to see his penis either by accident or on purpose, you are said to have been burned.


A> (job); Any job that is perceived to be either easy or enjoyable is considered to be a Cadillac job.

B> (tractor); Inmates that are assigned as tractor drivers often refer to their tractors as Cadillacs.

CAKE: (easy); Any thing that is easy to accomplish or jobs that are easy to perform. (i.e. "That’s a cake job.")

CAT HEAD: On some units housing older convicts biscuits or rolls are often called cat heads, the origin of this word is not known, but it is believed that they were referring to the fact that a cat’s head is very hard, as are the rolls.

CANTON: (Hisp. House) Hispanic inmates call their cells their canton.

CARNAL: (Hisp. Brother) Hispanic inmates, normally gang members often refer to other inmates of that same gang as carnals.

CASE: A disciplinary report written on an inmate for a rule infraction, derived from court case.

CAT: (job); (See CADILLAC)

CATCH A PAIR: A term used by correctional officers to instruct a group of inmates to stand in pairs for count or control purposes.

CATCH OUT: Any person whether it be inmate or officer, that could not handle the pressure of any area, and left for this reason.

CELL WARRIOR: An inmate that is continually making threats or ethnic remarks while in the safety of his/her cell, but will remain quiet or very polite while outside of the cell.

CELLIE: A cellmate.

CHAIN: A term meaning that an inmate is leaving (catching the chain) or the bus used to carry inmates (chain bus).

CHECK(ED): When one person has scolded another person and the person that has been scolded fails to, or is afraid to make a rebuttal, that person is said to have been checked. If one person continually allows the other to scold him/her without making a rebuttal that person is said to be in check.

CHALK: A crude wine made from yeast, sugar, rice or fruit and water.

CHOW: Any meal is referred to as chow, meal time is referred to as chow time.

CHO CHO: Ice Cream.

CLAVO: (Hisp. Contraband); A Hispanic term for any type of dangerous contraband, i.e. weapons.

CLIQUE: Any group of people that use their numbers as strength, or any time one person is ganged up on or beat up by a large group of people, that person is said to have been cliqued on. (Also spelled Click).

COP: (plea); When an inmate confesses to doing something wrong they say that they "copped to it", when they accept a sentence they say they "copped a plea".

CROSSED OUT: When a person is taken from a good area, job, etc. for something they claim not to have done, or for something that they don't feel they should have been blamed for, they say they were "crossed out".

CUT YOUR EYES: Meaning that a person has looked at another person or the items they have through the sides of their eyes, normally thought of as an intent to steal the items or start a fight.


DAG: The performance of anal sex between two homosexual inmates.

DAP: A greeting, or way of congratulating another, by pounding the bottom of one persons fist to the top of the others.

DEAD: (killed); When an inmate has masturbated while looking at another, the person that has been masturbated on is said to be dead.

DECKOF SQUARES): A pack of cigarettes.

DOBIE: A biscuit or roll, derived from the word adobe (brick).

DOG: (road); What an inmate often calls his friends, the closest friend is often referred to as a road dog.

DOWN: (time #); A term in prison, i.e. "How many times have you been down."

DROPPED: (get); When an officer forcibly wrestles an inmate to the ground to be restrained.

D-TOWN: Dallas, Texas.
DUNGEON: Punitive segregation, or solitary confinement; Where an inmate is placed to serve a sentence for no more than 15 days as the result of being convicted of a disciplinary offense.


ESE: (Hisp.); A Hispanic inmate, as they are normally called by most white, or black inmates, and occasionally by other Hispanic inmates.

EYE BALL: When someone is staring at you or your things they are said to be eye balling you.


A> (from); The county the inmate was convicted in "Where did you fall from."

B> (partner); The person, if any, that fell from the same county for the same crime is considered a "Fall partner".

FAT BACK: Meaning that a person has a big butt.

FIEND (‘N): A person that is addicted to drugs is called a fiend, when that person is begging or in dire need of the drugs including cigarettes the person is said to be fiend'n.

FISHING POLE: A device made from rolled up newspaper or other paper, with a paper clip in one end, used for retrieving items from the runs in front of their cells.

FISHING LINE: Made from torn sheets or string, having a weighted object tied to one end and used to throw down the run to inmates in other cells to pass items.

FIX UP: To give an inmate more food on his tray than the other inmates are receiving, or to do an inmate a special favor that the other inmates will not receive. "Fix me up."

A>(Agriculture) To chop grass with a garden hoe, chopping away everything down to the dirt.

B> (Fight) To lose a fight badly is to get "Flat-weeded", inmates often use this term to mean they were wrestled down by officers (See SLAMMED)

FLICK: (flix); A photograph, or picture torn from a magazine.

FLIP FLOP: When two homosexual inmates take turns playing the male or female roles.

FRAJO: A term used by Hispanic inmates meaning a cigarette.

A> (cigarette); A term meaning any commercial cigarette, as opposed to the roll your own type that used to be bought by the inmates prior to the tobacco free environment, due to its inexpensive cost.

B> (outside); Life outside of the prison, "When I was in the free world." also called the world.

FUNKY: An inmate that does not shower.


A> (back in the); Life in Texas prisons prior to the Ruiz settlement in 1981, was called "The game," although most inmates who have been incarcerated for two or more years believe that they were in the game when they arrived, actually have no knowledge of what the term really stands for.

B> (has a); Meaning that a person is able to fight well, or to talk his way out of almost anything.

GIRL: Any inmate that acts like a female.

GO DOWN: (hard); When an inmate gives up in a fight he is said to have gone down, when an inmate continues to fight even though it is evident that he cannot win that inmate "Goes down hard".

GOON SQUAD: A team of five officers in riot gear prepared to conduct a forced removal of an inmate from a cell.

GO WAY BACK: When an inmate has known another for a long period of time, they say "We go way back" also "We go back to the game."

GOT DOWN: When one person has said or done something to another to make the other person look foolish, whether the statement is true or not, the person making the statement is said to have got down.

GOT IT: (stuff); If an inmate "has it" he is a homosexual, meaning that he has "Got that stuff." stuff being a female organ.

GOT IT GOIN' ON: If a person has "Got it goin' on" that person gets things his way, or has a prestigious position.

GROUND: (on the); When an inmate escapes he is on the ground.

GUNS: fists or forearms


GUTS: (get in); Rectum; Inmates often use the phrase "Get in them guts." to mean performing anal sex.


HIGH RIDER: A correctional officer (normally on horseback) that is armed with a pistol or rifle, and watching inmates working outside of the security perimeter.

HIGH SIDE: When an inmate intentionally shows other inmates that he can get away with something that they can't or that he has something that they don't have.

HO / WHO'E: Slang for homosexual, or whore, both are called hoes and the term is interchangeable.

HOE SQUAD: A squad of inmates that work in the fields using hoes (Garden type, See AGGIE) as their primary tool.

A> (to); To hog is to forcibly take property from somebody without that persons consent, normally there is not a fight involved, the person allows the other to take the property out of fear.

B> (bought / sold); (See BOUGHT, and SOLD); This is a term used to mean an untrue statement.

HOLDIN': Any person who is a good fighter, or has the ability to cause others to believe that they can fight, is said to be holdin'.

HOME: Most inmates refer to their living quarters, i.e. cell dorm cubicle etc., as home.

HOMEY / HOME BOY: Any person who lived, or was raised in the same home town as another person, is referred to as their home boy.


H-TOWN: Houston, Texas.

HYGIENES: Items such as toothpaste, deodorant, soap, etc. are collectively referred to by inmates as "My hygienes".

HYPE: A lie. Propaganda


IN CHECK: When a person does anything that another person orders them to do, regardless of personal feelings toward the activity that person is said to be in check.


JACK BOOK: Magazines, or books depicting naked women, i.e. Playboy, Penthouse, etc.

JALE: Hispanic word meaning "thing" used to mean any occurrence, i.e. fight, riot, stabbing, etc.

JIGGERS: (holdin'); When a person is watching an area to warn others of someone coming, or if an inmate is watching items very closely for an officer to prevent other inmates from getting more than their entitled portion, this is referred to as "Holdin' jiggers."

JOHNNIE: A sack lunch, ( Also called a sack).

JURA: A Hispanic word for officer, (correctional officers)


KID: (punk or turnout); When an inmate is using another (weaker) inmate to do the cleaning in his cell, buying items from the prison store, or sexual acts, in exchange for the protection of the weaker inmate from the others, the weaker inmate is called his kid.

KILL: To masturbate (derived from phrase, "killing babies")

KILL SHIELD: A garment worn by female officers, usually a long vest or jacket.

KILLER: An inmate who is constantly masturbating in public.

KITE: A letter sent from one inmate to another by using a line or fishing pole; (See FISHING POLE).


LA LIBRE: Hispanic term meaning the same as free world (See "A> FREE WORLD")

LAWS: Correctional officers.

LAY-IN: When an inmate has an appointment to see somebody, i.e. correctional counselor, doctor, etc. and for this reason is excused from work for that day, or period of time. Also when a doctor has given an inmate a pass to stay out of work for a period of time.

LAY IT DOWN: When an inmate quits working without authorization, and refuses to go back to work.

LINE: (work, school); Any time inmates are sent out of their housing areas in large groups this is a line due to the fact that their is a long line of inmates in the hallway at the time.

LOCK UP: Administrative segregation, where an inmate is placed as an administrative decision for several reasons, such as protective custody, or repeated acts of a violent nature that indicate that the inmates presents in general population is a threat to the safe and secure operation of the facility.

LOCK DOWN: When a large group of inmates are held in their cells for a period of time following a major disturbance, the inmates are locked in their cells for the entire day, receiving sack lunches (Johnnies) as meals, and showering approximately three times a week.

LOOK OUT: yelled out in a group of people to get all of them to look when you are only trying to get the attention of one of them whose name is unknown.


MEDS: An inmates medication.

M.I.A.: (Missing in action); A person who seems to be lost, (mentally) as evidenced by repeatedly doing things that would seem, to a reasonable person, as stupid.

MILASA: A Hispanic term for correctional officer, (meaning syrup,) and reportedly because correctional officers are slow.

A> (commissary); Inmates often refer to their store bought goods as their money, due to the fact that real money is not allowed in prisons, store bought goods are traded among inmates as money.

B> (sit on); inmates sometimes refer to a females or a homosexuals buttocks as their money.


NASTY: An inmate who does not shower regularly, or who refuses to clean up his living quarters to the point that it becomes offensive to other inmates is called nasty.

NINJA TURTLES: A team of officers dressed in riot gear in preparation to quell a riot, or to conduct a forced removal of an inmate, the term is derived from the fact that the officers resemble the Teen aged mutant ninja turtles in this gear.


ON THE COOL: When something is done quietly so that others do not become aware of what is going on it is being done on the cool.

A> A fight game, ( Same as HOLDIN').

B> (stuff); If an inmate is packin' stuff, this is a homosexual

PAPAS: A Hispanic word meaning potatoes, used to mean buttocks.

PEOPLE: (my); Inmates refer to their families, or any body that comes to visit them as their people.

PICKET: A guard tower either inside or outside of the compound, some positions inside the building which are separated from the direct contact with the inmates by bars are called pickets.

PICO: A Hispanic word used for any stabbing weapon.

PIDDLIN': A leisure activity performed by eligible inmates in which they produce a craft item, i.e. leather goods, art etc. for selling to the general public.

PISTOLS: Leather work gloves with all of the fingers cut off of them.

PITCHIN' / CATCHIN': When two homosexuals take turns playing the male and female roles in sexual activities.
PLATON: A Hispanic term meaning plate, used to mean any meal.

PLAY: (The ho game); Playing, or playing the ho game, is when an inmate is constantly making sexual advances toward another, or is by some means insinuating that the other inmate is a homosexual.

PLAYA: Hispanic word meaning "Beach", used to mean showers.

POKE: To stab someone.


POPULATION: (also pop); The location where the majority of inmates are housed in which they have the freedom to move about in their dorm or wing, and mingle with the rest of the inmates in general population. (As opposed to lock up, or seg)

PUNK: An inmate who is proud to be, and does not attempt to conceal his homosexuality.


QUACK: A psychiatrist

QUE HONDA: (what's up); A Hispanic term meaning "What's up", or "What's happening"; a greeting.
Q`VO / Q`VOLE: The same as Que honda, only normally yelled with great enthusiasm.


RABBIT: An inmate who is likely to, or has just escaped.

A> (bunk); An inmates bunk is sometimes called a rack.

B> (time); The time that all of the televisions, radios etc. are turned off, and inmates are instructed to go to their cells or cubicles is rack time.

RAMBO: A person that is constantly trying to prove that he can fight by picking fights, or getting into pushing contests with others, primarily referring to officers who try to be macho.

A> (conversation); When two or more people are talking this is called their ride, if someone attempts to join into the conversation without the approval of the others they say "Get out of my ride".

B> (a gang); A disruptive group.

C> (to ride with); When an inmate chooses to be the "kid" (See KID) of one inmate over another he is said to be riding with him.

ROACH: An inmate that does not shower, or never cleans up after himself.

ROBOCOP: Referring to a correctional officer, one who ensures that he/she writes a report on every rule infraction regardless of how minor the offense.

ROLLED: When an inmate is taken from a job, or custody designation for no apparent reason, or if the inmate claims to have been set up to be caught doing something wrong, for the sole purpose of taking his job or good time earning status.

ROW: A wing of the building which contains cells in rows of normally 24, to 36, cells. The wing is divided in tiers of 3, or 4, levels of cells and normally houses medium or close custody inmates, due to increased security and more control over movement.

RUNNER: An inmate that is assigned to a wing to clean, inmates in the cells often summon the inmate to run errands for them, or to pass contraband items.


SAN-ANTO: Hispanic slang, for San Antonio, Texas.

SEG: Administrative segregation, where inmates are housed if the administration decides that their presence among other inmates in general population would create a threat to other inmates, staff or himself.

SHAKE DOWN: A search, i.e. cell search, pat search or strip search for contraband.

SHANK: A homemade stabbing weapon made from any hard object that can be sharpened, derived from the fact that these weapons used to be made from the metal part inside the sole of a shoe known as a shank.

SHITTER: Punitive segregation or solitary confinement, where an inmate is sentenced to stay from 1 to 15 days as a result of a major disciplinary infraction.

SHOOT: To send by the inmate known as a runner, or to throw down the run, (i.e. "Shoot me a kite, line, etc.)

A> (cigarette); A cigarette butt, some inmates who have no money on their account, or are on commissary restriction as a result of disciplinary, often ask other inmates for their cigarette butts or they may even pick them up from the floor

B> (time); When an inmate is nearing his release date, he is said to be short.

SHOT: Enough powdered coffee to make one cup, or enough tobacco to roll one cigarette.

SKEET: To ejaculate.

SLAMMED: When an inmate has to be forcibly wrestled to the ground and restrained by correctional officers.

SNIPER: An inmate who hides in corners and masturbates while looking at female employees, or other inmates.

SNITCH: An inmate who gives information about other inmates concerning drugs, contraband, or other rule infractions to the administration in hopes of receiving preferential treatment as a result.

SOLD: (hog); When an inmate successfully tells somebody a lie, and has the person convinced that the story is true, the inmate may boast "I sold that hog."

SPLASH: When an inmate throws a liquid substance at an officer, or another inmate from inside his cell.

SPRAY: (w/ uzi); Often used in fond remembrance of when they were free, inmates brag about spraying an area with an uzi machine gun, meaning to hold down the trigger and sweep from side to side.

SPREAD: When an inmate or several inmates pool together to buy several items of food from the prison store, combine the foods into a large bowl and make sandwiches from the mixture.

SQUARE: (deck); A cigarette; A pack of cigarettes is known as a deck of squares.

STAY DOWN: A phrase used to encourage an inmate to remain faithful to his cause, i.e. fight for his beliefs.

STICK: To stab someone.

A> (An emersion heater); A device consisting of an electrical cord and a coil of metal that when plugged into a wall socket, and emerged in water, will bring the water to a boil.

B> (homemade); Some inmates who haven't got the money to buy a stinger from the prison store will make one from a cord cut from a lamp or other electrical item, and tie a razor blade to each wire, the razor blades are kept separated by matches and placed into a cup of water.

STOLE: (got); When an inmate comes up behind another an strikes him, the victim is said to have "been stole".

A> (open a); When an inmate begins to sell unauthorized items that he makes, or items that he steals to other inmates, he has opened a store.

B> (make); To make store is simply to go to the prison store (Commissary) and make a purchase.

STUCK OUT: To be too late to attend a specific function, i.e. showers, meals, recreation, work, etc., to the point that the inmate will not be allowed by correctional staff to catch up to them, and must stay in his living area.

SWOLE: When an inmate is angry he is said to be swole.

SYBIL: An inmate who is taking the psychiatric prescription drug, Thorezine due to the way the drug causes the inmates to act.


TACK: A tattoo

TANK: A dormitory style, inmate living quarters, where inmates can move about freely until rack time.
THROW DOWN: (fight); If an inmate is a good fighter or does not show fear of fighting the inmate "Will throw down".

T-JONES: Black inmates from Dallas, Texas, and surrounding areas refer to their mothers as their T-Jones.


TOOK: (hogged); When an inmate takes something from another by force.

A> (Punk); A homosexual, specifically one who will have sex with any inmate in exchange for store items, i.e. cigarettes.

B> Any inmate who would pay a homosexual in exchange for sex.

TURN KEY: Prior to the Ruiz lawsuit in 1981, inmates were assigned to operate the doors to areas, and maintained control of the keys to those areas, these inmates were known as the turnkeys; more recently, any officer assigned to a post in which he/she must operate doors to wings or cell blocks is called the "turn key boss".

A> (work); When a squad of inmates are lined up in preparation for going to work, this is called a turn out.

B> (punk); When an inmate is initially forced to assume the female role in a homosexual act, and then chooses to do so to avoid fighting thereafter, he is considered to have been turned out.




WARICHE: A Hispanic slang word for coffee.

WICK: When an inmate is low on matches, or has none, they will take toilet paper and roll it into a long string, and light one end. The result is that it will smolder slowly, approximately one foot (12 inches) per hour, and is used to light cigarettes.

WILA: Hispanic slang word meaning letter, (See KITE).

WIRED UP: When an inmate is easily aggravated, high on coffee, or drugs in a manner that causes him to act impulsively or hastily, he is wired up.

WISO: Hispanic slang term for homosexual.

WOOD: What most white inmates often call other white inmates who they believe have the ability to stand up for themselves. derived from "pecker wood".

WRIT: Any legal paper or document, normally one that is specifically used for the purpose of appealing their sentence, or to complain about conditions in the prison through the courts.



YOU: (is that ?); When an inmate asks another inmate if a picture of a girl is that inmates girlfriend, or asking if a homosexual inmate is his "girl" they ask "Is that you?".


ZOMBIE: (walking dead); After an inmate has masturbated while looking at someone, they sometimes refer to that person as a zombie.
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Old 04-18-2003, 04:52 AM
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I knew many of them, they speak the same in Florida.
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Old 04-18-2003, 09:08 AM
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Q' Vo Wera~ Since both our vatos are in la pinta, let me go pick you up at your chante. We'll go crusin downtown San Anto in my firme ride. Simon Carnala? (smile)
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Old 04-18-2003, 12:13 PM
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A very well put together list. I knew many of them , but one can always learn. Thanks for sharing!!
Linda C.
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lol Beck!!! You are so funny!!
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thanks......Diane for the info
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Diane~ But you didn't answer my question? Ha.... No really this info is really kewl thanks~

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OoPS!!! Simon!!!! lolol as long as you bring the papas!! lol
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Orale! Welcome to mi casa mija pasa le! I made you your pappas! LOL.....
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Thanks Beck!! I sure am hungry!!! Oh, and I sure do miss my Papi!!
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I hear ya girl! I was suppose to go see my hunny today but change in plans (pout)... But I will be going next Saturday!!!
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ME TOO!!! Next Saturday bright and early, I will be making the Star Trek journey to go see him!!!
"Amor Vincit Omnia"
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lol kenneth told me all these.
many hugs
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