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Adult Children and Siblings of Inmates For Adult Children, brothers and sisters of prisoners

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Old 10-02-2018, 09:15 AM
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Default Inmates are human too

So both my parents are in camps . My mom got 12 years and my dad got eight. Before all this mess they were Model citizens never even had a speeding ticket. And now they're in this camp and both of them tell me that officers are mean and cruel and talk down to them. My mom overheard an officer tell another officer the reason that he talks down to inmates like that is because they're criminals and deserve to be talked to like that. My dad has been on lockdown at his camp for almost 3 weeks he can call but they've closed commissary and the computers so he can't check emails. They won't let them go outside they're just in their unit or eating something in the cafeteria. I don't understand how they can dehumanize somebody and not get in trouble. I guess this is more of just like a mini rant. But I just don't understand this country anymore they're just so eager to put everybody and anybody in prison. It's such a waste of money especially if they could complete their sentence on house arrest.
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Old 10-02-2018, 07:18 PM
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Originally Posted by LadyWeird View Post
But I just don't understand this country anymore they're just so eager to put everybody and anybody in prison.

The waste of money is on our taxpayers. It's not a waste to all of the folks employed by and profiting from it. Our incarcerated loved ones are property, both legally and in the grand financial scheme.

I'm very sorry that you and your parents are experiencing this. I usually tell people that there are two types of criminals inside a prison-- they just wear different uniforms. But that's my bitter side. I can also attest to the fact that there are staff who genuinely care and treat our loved ones as humans. It feels as though they are in the minority.

I don't know if your parents are religious, but there are ministries that will write them and encourage them and help to remind them of their worthiness. It's a huge burden to ask you to do alone, so reaching out to others for help is a good idea. I'm guessing they can't write each other, so maybe putting them up for platonic pen pals or into our card swap might be an option. They're little ties to the outside that help.
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Old 10-03-2018, 05:26 AM
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I'm sure we've all had that same rant at some time. One of my family friends inside calls it "department of warehousing".

Our country/culture is still very "Old Testament". So far, the idea of therapy, treatment, and mental health services seems like a "waste of money" - and as long as the pols continue to make it be so, it will never be funded. I imagine the number of inmates would drop by about 80% if, instead of warehousing, we would focus on drug/alcohol treatment programs and sex offender treatment programs and anger management/changing the culture of entitlement.

But if we did that (and saved a whackload of tax money by not having these ridiculously long sentences), then all the people who profit off of the prison system wouldn't make their money anymore.

And this is all about making money, right?
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Whenever I had to speak with anyone from the prison system, I tried to be as dispassionate as possible, show little emotion and just be matter of fact.
I never had to deal with them as an inmate so Im sure its much much harder when you do.

Inside my head tho was a totally different story. If they could read minds, mine would be saying something to the effect of EFF YOU JERKS.
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Old 10-03-2018, 06:56 AM
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The US prison system seems to be a huge unstoppable beast ,it employs thousands and it offers lucrative contracts to many businesses. It all relies on people getting incarcerated and remaining so. There seems little interest in community corrections and rehabilitation. Offenders are set up to fail so they feed the hungry machine.
There is humanity and compassion in prison but its a rare thing. Remember that self worth comes from within so make sure your parents have outside contact , have positive contact maybe through a church faith or reading materials. Remind them that they are loved.
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I'm sure having both your parents locked up is just extremely hard in many, many ways. Some of the thoughts you will pick up from the wonderful 'veterans' on this site:
- look after yourself. The fact that they're in jail should not discourage you from having as good and positive and enjoyable a life as you can.
- try not to let the system's many idiocies get you down. We should all be angry about the giant waste - not just waste, but worse than that - that our prison systems produce, using huge amounts of money to make most things worse. Political action is needed to change that. At the same time, as the Buddhists say, 'anger is a hot coal; it burns the one who carries it'. So you have to somehow hold that anger in a way that doesn't damage you or make you bitter. Hard to do....

PTO can be a great resource for both those things - lots of folks on here who are wise in many ways.

Good luck to you, and don't hesitate to ask for help or even just vent on here - as we've all done!
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