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Arizona Prisons & Jail Specific Discussions This forum covers topics & discussions specific to Jails and Prisons located throughout the State of Arizona.

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Old 05-06-2018, 12:36 PM
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Default Visitation at Whetstone - My first visit impressions and info

No problems with the magneto pole -
I wore a bra with no hooks, adjustments or fasteners, which was required at Kingman for me to get thru their metal detector. (Other women said as long as no underwire they went through fine, but I can't confirm this.) I wore a t-shirt and regular jean capris - so there was a zipper and button on the front. My usual sneakers. You do need to take off all your metal - earrings, watch, and I even took of my glasses, just to be safe. Passed it with no beeps. I didn't notice if women took of their wedding rings or if they passed without issue.
Another women had jewelry which may have been metal or metal colored plastic - she didn't know - woven into her hair and she kept setting it off. Ended up it was her sandals - metal in the soles. They checked them with the handheld and then let her in.
The pole was outdoors, after completing the typical visit form.

Collarbone -
They seem to be lax on the collar bone showing as there were a few women over 40 with a women's type t-shirt neckline rather than the up to the throat neckline and there was no issue. The women in line were nice.

Metal Detector -
Indoors was a regular metal detector with the usual process of hand over your stuff and walk through the machine. Unlike the last place where they kept it on file, they required the doctor's note about my prescription sunglasses and then gave it back for me to bring to each visit.

Visitation room -
After the metal detector, an officer escorted me into the visitation room, with assigned seating, and only cards and dominoes on the counter as far as games. I didn't ask about any others, but they had a cabinet of stuff locked up. It took about 15 to 20 minutes for them to bring my loved one. He told me that on his end it is best if he knows when I plan to visit so he can be in the right place close to his bunk, to hear them announce his name. If he was elsewhere, no one would have looked for him, and being new, it was unlikely someone would know who he was to pass on the message that I was there.
No outside time except when an officer was available, which was about every 2 hours for 10 minutes for smokers, although I assume non-smokers could go outside too. But, you can't walk around the area as it is filled with picnic style tables so no room to walk. It is covered on top so it was mostly shaded depending on the angle of the sun and time of day.
Vending machines were refilled around noon.
Room filled up. They did ask if anyone was willing to leave. I am guessing that enough people were that they didn't have to start telling you you had to leave, as I was probably about no. 12 to 15 in line that morning when they opened. First come, first leave.
It is a/c. So you probably want to bring a sweater. As it fills up it gets a little warmer inside, but I am generally cold in a/c.
I couldn't handle having to sit at a table and not being able to walk around for 8 hours, so I left after 6. This no outside thing is really tough for me.
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Old 05-06-2018, 12:46 PM
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Thank you so much for this post, it will help other members & guests plan their visits and to not get turned away at the door

patchouli, PTO Admin

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Old 05-06-2018, 01:12 PM
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Thank you for your post,real visit experiences are very valuable.
"Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again." Nelson Mandela.

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Old 09-09-2018, 10:10 AM
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Default Getting IN and OUT

I have been to several visits at Whetstone now. If someone new has a question, ask and I will try to answer.

They do not open the gate to walk in and fill out the application until exactly at 8 am and exactly at noon. After the pole walk, they let you in one person/family at a time to do the metal detector and hand over your stuff to be inspected. They keep your ID and hand you back the visit form. Then they buzz you into the visitation room. Hand the visit form to the desk officer and he assigns you a table number.

Let your LO know what time you plan to be there so they can be outside the back door. They do NOT find the inmate to tell them they have a visitor. They just call their name out the back door. I think they do call to the dorm, but if he is not at his bed, you could wait a long time in that event.

When leaving at the end of visit, they have have your ID sitting out on the table by the metal detector, so you can just grab it and go. No actual signing out process.
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Old 09-09-2018, 10:41 AM
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Default Seating arrangments

At some of the prisons, they are very specific as to all the inmates sitting on one side of the table and visitors on the other side. At Whetstone, they don't have that rule. They are square tables and the inmate can be on any of the 4 sides and you can sit on the side that connects to where the inmate is sitting rather than sitting across from him.

Recently, they added a few more tables inside. Visitation has been filled up on the days I have been there, although so far only twice did they run out of room and ask people to leave. (25% of my visits).

Plenty of parking space.

Collarbone. I wore a button up shirt one day and they did ask if I had a top button as it is supposed to be collarbone is covered. Also, I forgot to take my penlight and c-phone adapter piece off my keychain on one visit. They officer kindly held it for me and didn't kick me out or send me back to the car to start the process over. My understanding from others is that you cannot go back to your car to change. If you don't pass the pole and dress code rules you are just SOL. I haven't seen it happen yet.
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Old 09-20-2018, 07:26 PM
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Default books

I asked about who they would accept books from for inmates and they only gave me Barnes & Noble. I sent 3 last week and my son received 1 within 2 days of receipt per the tracking. Waiting to hear about the other 2, hadn't received it as of today although the tracking system shows they were delivered to the prison.
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