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Federal General Prison Talk, Introductions & Chit Chat Topics & Discussions relating to the Federal Prison & the Criminal Justice System that do not fit into any other Federal sub-forum category. Please feel free to also introduce yourself to other members in the state and talk about whatever topics come to mind that may not have anything to do with prison.

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Old 03-19-2017, 04:12 PM
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Cool Update to Intro Dec 2016 re: DSCC error in designation

So my 40 yr old son is still at USP Victorville. It was confirmed that the DSCC in Grand Prairie erred in adding 7 detainer points when they shouldn't have. He was sentenced to 9 yrs for bank robbery. AZ charged him with unlawful flight and probation violation and sentenced him to 5 yrs to run concurrent with his federal sentence. Since that sentence is less than the federal sentence the DSCC was not supposed to score the 7 detainer points which scored him to the high security USP VV. They have acknowledged their error and are processing his transfer to a medium facility.

For the 3 months prior to his arrest in Mar 2015, after fleeing the scene, his doctor had prescribed him Adderall (he is a bipolar patient and should never have been prescribed an amphetamine...medical journals and articles all over the internet confirm this fact) and after a month on it he complained it wasn't working so his doctor doubled the dosage. He spiraled downward into a deep and very dark place where none of his family and friends could figure out what was wrong with him. His neuropsychologist report included with his sentencing memorandum said that "the Adderall had caused him to slip into a psychosis state of mind, almost schizophrenic." He had never been violent in his life and was a gentle, compassionate, caring adult who would give the shirt off his back to someone in need! And now he sits in a place like USP VV where he is surrounded by violent offenders...he has to watch his back every moment of the day. I have heard some horror stories about the types of things that go on inside those walls! Yet...it was the BOP's error that sent him there.

To top it off he was given his normal medications including gabapentin for his bipolarism and oromandibular dystonia (an uncontrollable jaw clenching) when he arrived but then on Mar 4 they stopped his meds abruptly and he spent the next week in a severe withdrawal from the gabapentin not being tapered down. He has not been given anything in place and he now has untreated bipolarism and severe dystonia. It all sounds to me like abuse and failure in their "duty of care" for him. I am appalled and can't believe he is still there.

They keep telling him his redesignation is in the works, or it's back at the DSCC in Grand Prairie, or he is awaiting the transfer. He found out today by his counselor and in no uncertain terms she told him he was gonna be transferred across the street to their medium yard. Yet he has been there for over two months based on their error and they couldn't move him out to the high security penetentiary to the medium yard across the street sooner than this! They are supposed to try to designate them to within 500 miles of their homes...and his Judge recommended he stay in AZ where his family resides. It's only 382 miles for us to travel to Victorville and I guess we should be happy he wasn't sent to the east coast but we are disabled parents and it will be difficult to visit. I just can hardly believe the treatment he has gotten and I have actually read the Corrections Information Council's Inspection Report on USP VV from 2015 (if you google it you will find it at the top of your search list...it is a pdf file) and it's scary to say the least. If you have a LO one at USP VV...look up this report...it's shocking!

My son signed an information release for me to talk to people at Western Regional in Stockton and at USP VV but so far I have only one contact there that has been somewhat helpful. My daughter and I have sent numerous "Inmate Concern" messages from the BOP website as well as messages to the DSCC in Grand Prairie. And I have written to the Director of the BOP in Washington, DC. I notified the Victorville Daily Press who is going to do an investigation. And today I wrote a letter to the Dept of Justice Office of the Inspection General with a civil liberties complaint. I am sure all we have done makes absolutely no difference whatsoever and so besides the newspaper media I am considering contacting the news media and even Dr. Phil who will likely do his own investigation.

We are reaching out...might never make a difference but at least we are making attempts to get these people to stop treating inmates so poorly. They are still human beings no matter what their crime was. To intentially make them suffer is downright abuse. There are many others at USP VV in the same situation who don't have the resources or don't know who to turn to and so they suffer with stopped medications or inhumane treatment...I have become an advocate for all of them as well. I can only hope one of these resources begins an investigation!
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Old 03-20-2017, 06:27 AM
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The "500 mile rule" was only ever followed sporadically by the bop, if at all. I once read that they even stopped saying "we try", but it's definitely not much of an effort. After all, there are bop prisons everywhere from Maine to Hawaii.

For medical problems, try contacting fedcure.
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Old 03-24-2017, 10:19 AM
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DSSC does not talk to families. Even if you get someone to call back, or answer, they rarely talk to families.

However, the Legal Department (i.e., lawyers) will talk to lawyers. If you can afford it, reach out to Jay Hurst, JayHurst.net or Todd Bussert, www.frostbussert.com . (As a sentencing consultant working in conjunction with criminal defense attorneys, I have observed their work for years and they are smart, effective and honest. There may be others but i can vouch for these guys.) They are also charge reasonably.

As you have gathered, undoing a classification is a complicated process. First, you have to know exactly why the choices were made, then why they are wrong, and the hardest thing is to get the ball rolling to correct the mistakes. Once the changes are made, a re-designation is required. This is a bunch of work, involving a number of BOP people and you have to speak THEIR language with appropriate policy references to get anywhere.

Feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions.

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