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Old 06-24-2018, 09:49 PM
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I have to disagree with the claim that each hour of class means two hours of homework or outside study, at least at the under-graduate level.

Tests, at least in my era, were done IN THE CLASSROOM. There was no outside scheduling. I had some profs that I never saw in their office...the ones I did see were ones I had actually formed friendships with where we shared discussions over the book concepts versus reality of government agency administration. Even in the 80's, many of the tests were SWAG, err I mean scan-tron. I had more blue book undergrad exams at a community college in the early 80's than when I finished the degree a decade later (I took off for a number of years and went back in my late 20's).

Having seen the letters written for some grants I am involved with the funding of (yes, I DO give back to the schools I attended), the level of education entering college is not something suggestive of it being more challenging now than it was back in the day. There are times where I swear the one named for a cat would be better off being given to another cat than some of these alleged high school graduates...

Cannot speak to lengthy travel times since most of my classes were within ten minutes of either the house or the office. The exception was commuting to get my last class back in the days completing the Associates...that was 45 minutes each way after roughly ten hours in the office. I wasn't married when I completed my undergrad work but that was only because the relationship was not recognized by the State in that era...I still had a partner and a child in the home though, with the costs of private school that came through that situation.
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Old 06-26-2018, 03:28 PM
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I always seek out those who have "successfully" paid off their student loans that exceeded $25,000 that:

1. Didn't live at home with their parents after completing their education during that repayment period.

2. Earned less than $15/hour during that repayment period.

3. Made consistent payments during that payment period without experiencing any oops and oh ohs.

4. Didn't work two or more jobs or earned $100,000/year in their profession.

These are the atypical examples. I don't know a single person who pursued a higher education that wanted to get into debt and not want to pay off what they borrowed.

The Department of Education offers numerous repayment programs but you pay more in interest for years before you begin to pay your principle. That's what people are becoming frustrated with. If you currently are not experiencing this, it can be difficult to relate to.
"Waiting is negative; hoping is positive. so try to wait with hope. This will help you remember that you're on your way to something worth waiting for."
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Old 06-27-2018, 12:28 PM
xolady xolady is offline
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I went to a community college and worked all thru school to pay for it. I wasn't a good student so getting into a state school wasn't even an option. But when I started working at a real JOB/CAREER I always looked at places where if I wanted to go back to school to further my education the company would reimburse me for it. I don't know when I hear people being $100,000. in school debt I think what kind of moron goes into such debt for an education they may never be able to use? I get that higher education costs a lot of money. It makes me sick to know that for instance my friends kid 4 years and 80,000. down the drain couldn't even get a job!!! He is now a personal trainer at a gym for $10. an hour and lives at home because his student loans are so much he can't afford to buy a tent!!!
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