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GREEN HAVEN HUB - NY DOCS New York State Prisons & Institutions located inside the GREEN HAVEN HUB - Green Haven, Downstate, Fishkill, Beacon, Taconic, Bedford Hills.

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Old 10-26-2004, 05:50 PM
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Default Bedford Hills Correctional Facility

Bedford Hills Correctional Facility
247 Harris Road
Bedford Hills, New York 10507-2499

(914) 241-3100

(Westchester Co.)


Bedford Hills Correctional Facility for Women is a prison in Bedford Hills, Westchester County, New York It is the largest women's prison in New York State and has hosted many celebrity prisoners, including Pamela Smart, Sante Kimes, Amy Fisher, and Jean Harris.

Visiting hours are 8.30-3.30 7 days a week EXCEPT that on the weekends one alternates between those who are visiting a person whose last name begins with A-L or M-Z.

For weekends, call to check the sequence.

Parking...park as soon as you can in the visitors lot. Directions to visiting are not obvious but its essentially in front of you before you turn right into the parking lot. You have to walk some distance so be prepared if it is cold.

First visit you have to fill out 2 forms. Otherwise just one.
You need one id + 1 photo id (although in my case they only asked for the latter).
You need your social security number and if you came by car and parked, the license plate details.

You can only take money and your id in with you..the rest has to go in a locker before you sign in....for which you will need a quarter.

The processing of visitors ends a 3pm.The restrictions on week-ends....ie saturday vs sunday do not apply if ypu are a family member who has travelled more than 250 miles to visit.
No prior approval is necessary.

thanks titanoo for the info!
If you have any additional information, you can PM Mrs G.- and it will be added accordingly
I no longer work for PTO and do not have updated information to share
please go to the NY Forum for help from current staff and members!
Good Luck to you!

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Old 09-03-2013, 03:30 PM
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Default Bedford Hills Visit Report

I see there isn’t a lot of info on PTO regarding NYS female prisons. I just thought I’d share my experience visiting Bedford Hills MAX prison on Saturday, 8/31/2013.

There are a variety of ways to arrive. You can:
  • Drive a car
  • Take Metro North Railroad—Harlem Line to Bedford Hills (or Katonah) rail stations, then walk (summer) or taxi (winter) to the prison front gate
  • Greyhound Bus to Newburgh, NY and taxi or rent a car (20 minute drive)
  • Amtrak to Croton-Harmon Station (CRT) and rent a car/taxi
  • Amtrak to New York-Penn Station (NYP) and
    • Take '2-Wakefield' subway line to 42nd St station,
    • Transfer to 'S' subway line to Grand Central Terminal station,
    • At GCT, catch Metro North's Harlem Line to Bedford Hills station
  • Fly to Westchester County Airport (HPN) in White Plains, NY and rent a car/taxi
  • Fly to Stewart International Airport (SWF) in New Windsor, NY and rent a car/taxi
Bedford Hills (Maximum) is right across the street from Taconic (Medium). Their driveways are exactly opposite from each other, so read the signs and be sure you are entering the correct driveway. Bedford (Max) is on the right side of the road, while Taconic (Medium) is on the left side and up a hill. Parking for visitors at Bedford is in a tiny lot on the right. It is marked 'Visitor Parking' and there's not a great deal of parking spaces.

The walk from the road/parking lot to the visitor trailer is about 50 yards away. The visitor trailer is where you bring your food packages (if any) and 2 photo IDs and money. I left all watches, jewelry, hats, wallets & purses and anything with metal in it locked up in my car. If you don’t have a car, you can lock it up in the lockers they provide. You need a quarter for a locker key. It is mandatory to use a locker (since you can only bring with you into the visit room 1 ID card, but you have 2 ID cards on your person for initial processing). You get your quarter back after you return you key in the locker.

In the trailer you will fill out 2 or 3 forms: they are carbon copies and be sure not to stack them on the clipboard, or the carbon (yellow) copies will be messed up. You have to wait in the trailer until they check over your forms, approve them, and you hear your # called over the loudspeaker to enter the hallway.

You will enter the hallway from the visitor trailer and the COs will do a background check on you with your ID cards. You have to answer if you have ever been incarcerated. You may only bring in with you $75.00 cash!!! This is explained as follows:
  • Visitors can leave $50.00 for inmate commissary account at the start of the visit
  • Visitors can only have $25.00 on their person (in the visiting room) for the vending machines
You have to break open any rolled change and dump it into a bin. You have to take off your shoes and put them in a bin. You have to take off your eyeglasses and put them in the bin with your ID card and cash. Put everything else in a locker, lock it up with a quarter, take the key, and tell the number to the CO so they annotate your locker #. Then put the key in the bin. Next, you’ll enter the metal detector and if you beep you have to be scanned with a magnetometer wand. Then you will be instructed to turn your shoes over and hit them together over the bin. Finally you are able to put yourself together and put all your loose change into a clear plastic trash bag (COs give this bag to you if needed). Pick up your paperwork and take it with you to exit the search room WHEN INSTRUCTED.

The best idea I found for dress (outfit) is to wear sweatpants and a dark, short sleeve (or long sleeve) t-shirt and no metal zippers at all. Ladies should forget wearing underwire bras—go with sports bras—and don’t wear athletic shorts! The visiting room at Bedford isn't air conditioned but there are fans and windows do open up for a breeze.

You'll take your papers and go through a series of heavy metal gates---typical prison type control. Then you'll hand in your papers to a control room CO who will stamp your LEFT hand with a number that can only be read with UV light.

Every time you are instructed, you must show your left hand under the UV light, or the CO will not open the doors for you.

Once you are through the metal doors, you must walk about 100 yards uphill to the visitor building. It has a flagpole in front. This is where the Sergeant is located, and this is where you must turn in your paperwork and wait for entry into the visiting room. Once the COs approve your visit and confirm the inmate is available, you may then ask for a commissary envelope to fill out and put money into for the inmate. You can only do this in the beginning of the visit, and you cannot drop off money and leave, or leave money at the end of the visit.

Show your left hand in the UV light and the outside CO will un-magnetize the door lock, but you have to push/pull it open. This is a heavy bar door, so be quick about it. The entrance to the visiting room is on your left, where the restrooms are. There's also a Poland Springs vending machine that you'll see. Go straight to the CO Desk where you turn in your paperwork and the Visiting Room CO will assign you a table to sit at. Be sure to clarify exactly what number table you are to sit at so there is no confusion. It is now when you may use the vending machines to buy goods before sitting down, which will prepare your table for the inmate's visit.

You may have to wait 15-30 minutes or more for the inmate to arrive. They will have to sit facing the Desk CO and this means the visitors back will be facing the entry/exit to the room. The inmates are not allowed to touch money, and you must buy everything for them. They can walk with you up to the machines, but cannot cross the line on the floor to pick up any food, put in money, or use the microwave. The visitor must buy and pick up all items from the machines, but the inmate can pick out paper plates, napkins, etc. Then you can return to the table together.
Inmates must turn over their ID cards during counts, and everyone has to remain seated for the count. Count takes place around 11:45am and lasts at least 1 hour. Visitors can use the bathroom at any time freely (except during counts).

Inmates must go up to the front desk and request a bathroom visit, where they have to be observed in a separate bathroom by a CO. If they eat a lot of sugary snacks from the vending machines, the inmate will need frequent bathroom visits. They probably haven't eaten a lot of sugar all at once, and there can be a line of girls up front doing the 'pee-pee' dance. COs will take their sweet time observing them in the bathroom when this happens. Don't let your girl hold it too long to go; she doesn't want to have an accident in front of everyone.

There is a playroom for the kids in the back where you can take board games from and bring to your table to play them. There is also a small children's playground and grassy area on the outside, connected by a glass door. There is a two-person wooden swing that can be used also, but keep all hands above the waist and in plain view. Resting heads on shoulders and draping an arm around the shoulder is permitted during visits, but you must sit up pretty straight or otherwise attract a CO's attention.

Girls in Reception at Bedford can only have 1 weekend visit every week with 2 adults (kids under 12 don't count) and only on the 'correct day' for her last name. The next month's weekend schedule at Bedford Hills is as follows:

M-Z visiting days:
Sunday, 9/8 (8:30a-2:00p)
Saturday, 9/14 (8:30a-2:00p)
Sunday, 9/22 (8:30a-2:00p)
Saturday, 9/28 (8:30a-2:00p)
Sunday, 10/6 (8:30a-2:00p)
Saturday, 10/12 (8:30a-2:00p) (holiday weekend)

A-L visiting days:
Saturday, 9/7 (8:30a-2:00pm)
Sunday, 9/15 (8:30a-2:00pm)
Saturday, 9/21 (8:30a-2:00pm)
Sunday, 9/29 (8:30a-2:00pm)
Saturday, 10/5 (8:30a-2:00pm)
Sunday, 10/13 (8:30a-2:00pm) (holiday weekend)

Columbus Day (federal & state holiday) is Monday, 10/14

Families visiting from over 250 miles away can be exempted for the 'wrong day' visit, but it is up to the sergeant on duty.

Either the inmate or the visitor can approach the Desk CO and request the visit be ended. This is quite normal among regular visitors who don't stay all day long. At 2:45 pm the CO will announce that all visits will end in 45 minutes. This is the time to leave if you brought food items and packages, but aren’t sure if some items were refused. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find out/retrieve the rejected items from the visitor trailer. The final announcement will come at 3:30pm when everyone must depart. The tables in the same rows will all stand up and line up in front of the desk CO who will hand over paperwork for the visitor to turn in as you leave. The inmates will go their way, you will go yours, but it’s the same thing on the way out, except you don't walk though a metal detector when you leave. You must show your UV left hand stamp, you must get your paperwork signed at each station, and you have to walk single file through the many prison gates. The pregnant inmates work in package sorting. They wear long jumpers and stand out from the rest of the inmates while dressed like this. They are locked up in the nursery, which is close to the visiting trailer and front gate. You will get your quarter back from the locker you rented and then you are free to walk out of the visitor trailer once your paperwork has been turned in.

I was surprised that not a lot of visitors come to visit female inmates at Bedford Hills on a holiday weekend (Labor Day). It wasn’t like a Max prison for males. The waits at Bedford Hills were pretty short for the most part. I didn't arrive until around 10:45am and I was only visitor #19 for the day. I noticed that male COs were more laid back than female COs at Bedford Hills.
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