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GREEN HAVEN HUB - NY DOCS New York State Prisons & Institutions located inside the GREEN HAVEN HUB - Green Haven, Downstate, Fishkill, Beacon, Taconic, Bedford Hills.

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Old 10-26-2004, 06:04 PM
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Default Fishkill Correctional Facility

Fishkill Correctional Facility
Box 307
Beacon, New York 12508
(845) 831-4800

(Dutchess County)

Inmate Mail:
P.O. Box 1245, Zip 12508

Medium Male

Visitation Hours:

Visiting Rules:

Visiting Room:


Prison Web Site:

Prison Picture:

FRP available: YES There are reserved parking spots for FRP visitors in the small lot next to the regular visiting area.Check-in is btw 10:30 and 11:00 am at the big gate in same lot. Have food bagged and go thru metal detect. Then on the van,thru the gate to the office.Bags go on a table for further processing. Show ID's.Lock up any meds (remind them later that you need to take them..at count times)Bring a quarter for the locker to put your ID's and any non-allowed stuff. On in.You will be called to get your stuff after they process it(around 30min).
The usual no glass,no alchohol content. No Deli products. Must be sealed.Grocery meats(styrofoam/plastic wrapper)OK. Sealed bread to be safe.No shells-on shellfish. There are drip coffee pots there so remember filters,sugar packets best.They provide salt/pepper.Other spices(sealed)ok.
Cookware decent/variety.Charcoal grills(you bring charcoal).Picnic tables for each unit.
Small play area for younger children outside. Some toys/games available in office.Movies to choose from on first nite.You may bring some toys. No battery op. Matchbox cars and a few action figures have been OK.
They provide bedding/toweld. Dr note if you bring your own. Bring dish soap and sponge.
There is a hairdryer provided(whoever asked about those).
The units have been clean and everything in working order both times we have been there.

General Information: thanks jellobean!
Visits are pretty laid back, which is nice. You park at the bottom of the hill and walk up (about a 1/4 mile) unless you are there for an FRP or have a handicapped plate. If you have a package you can drive up and drop it off inside the door and go park (never done it, but I was told to do it by a CO - it's hard to carry 35 lbs of food up a hill for a 1/4 mile!)

Processing starts at 8:30, you go up to the counter and give his DIN# and your ID, and fill out a pass to go back. If you get there later, sometimes its difficult to find a locker (I've never not been able to get one, but a lot of them are broken - they will just spit your quarter right out and are unusable, so you might have to try a few different ones.)

After you get the pass, you go to the package line or the Xray/scanning line (if the lines are long when you first get in, ask people which line you're in - I've totally stood in the wrong line for like 10 minutes and not realized it because they were getting mingled together!) Package lines can get pretty long, especially on the first weekend of the month, just as a warning. They can be strict with some things (depending on the CO).

Depending on the day and the CO, they can be strict about clothes. I've seen people get in and was appalled that they were allowed to wear that outfit in, and I've been made to change my not-very-low-cut t-shirt (which I had worn in/taken in many times before). I always bring an extra t-shirt in my purse that I know will be allowed, but I've only been made to change once. You don't have to take off your bra to go through (they will just wand you if you beep and let you through). Sometimes they will make you take off jewelry/glasses, other times not. You can also bring sealed packs of cigarettes and lighters (as long as they don't have the adjustable flame).

You can bring in like a little clutch purse (doesn't have to be clear) but you can only bring money, ID, locker key, or car key (just the car key, no electronic unlocker or other keys attached). After you are scanned you go out the door and through a "trap" (where they lock the one door behind you before opening the next) and up the stairs and to the left. Once you get to the end of the hallway they check your pass and your handstamp and then you walk down and through the second visiting room (with 2-person tables) to the front room where the COs will check you in and give you a table.

If you are a family member or have more than 1 visitor you will be in the first room (with 4 person tables, you can sit next to each other), if you are just one visitor they will most likely put you in the 2 person tables across from each other. You can go outside, there are benches and picnic tables, and the smoking area is in the back corner.

Food... there is a frozen vending machine, a sandwich machine, snack machine, 2 drink machines and 2 microwaves in the second visit room (also where the ladies bathroom is). Visit room one has a hot drink machine, 2-3 cold drink machines, snack machine, 2 sandwich machines and 3-4 microwaves, I believe. The vending machine people are always there refilling the machines (they will also give you change in $1s for larger bills if you ask). Sandwiches are like $3.50, snacks $0.50-$1, drinks 75 cents for a can or $1.35 for a bottle, usually.

They have a kids area with games, etc. - the inmate has to go in with the kids. They also have coloring and crayons, cards, dominos, pencils and paper, sorry, scrabble, uno, crossword puzzles, etc. at the games desk that you can take back to your table. You can take pictures (inside or outside), they are $2 and you just pay the CO in the click-click room (no tokens or anything).

I've never been talked to about "physical contact" or anything, as long as you aren't doing anything super inappropriate. I mean kissing, hand holding, hugging is ok, at least what I've experienced. When you're outside, they won't let you stand holding each other face-to-face, you have to be next to each other, but that's about it.

Edit: Sometimes, especially in the summer, they will start to terminate visits if it gets too crowded. If it's nice outside, you can volunteer to give up your inside table and just take a bench outside (what we usually do), so we can just stay outside in the sun and not have our visit terminated.

Also, bathrooms can get kind of gross! The ones in the visitors center are usually low on TP, the doors don't lock (either jam it with your coat, or have someone hold it). They usually have bar soap but no paper towels.

The ones in the VR aren't too bad. Never seen them run out of TP but sometimes they run out of soap. Rarely have paper towels but I would just get a paper towel or napkin from by the vending machines. They also have a diaper changing station in the VR bathrooms.

I assumed you were driving, but there are van services that go (see the other posts for more information) or you can take the Metro-North train from Grand Central (Hudson Line) to the Beacon stop, and its about a $5 cab ride from there.

They will usually call inmates to be in their seats for the count around 11:15 and make them stand for the count at 11:30 (count is usually only about 5 minutes). Visits end at 3, and they are only weekends and holidays.

Sorry I don't have any more information on what you can/cannot bring in with a baby/child, since I don't have kids. If you come in with someone else, make sure you both get separate passes if you want to leave at different times.

If you have an inhaler or something, tell them and you can bring that in (they will write it on your pass). You can also bring in picture (not sure of the limit) but they will count them and then you have to bring them all back out (can't leave any with him).

If you have any additional information, you can PM Mrs G.- and it will be added accordingly
I no longer work for PTO and do not have updated information to share
please go to the NY Forum for help from current staff and members!
Good Luck to you!

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