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Kern Valley State Prison (KVSP) - California Topics, Discussions & Information relating to the Kern Valley State Prison located in Delano, California.

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Old 02-24-2006, 11:46 AM
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Default Kern Valley State Prison - Information Guide

Welcome to the Kern Valley State Prison Guide. Here you will find comprehensive information specifically for the KVSP, I’ve separated the categories to assist those in need of contact information for KVSP, visiting information, lodging and eating places near KVSP, etc...

CDC Inmate Locator Website

History of Kern Valley State Prison

Contact Information for KVSP

Approved Vendors for Special & Quarterly Packages, Books and Magazines

Items you CAN and CANNOT Send to inmates at KVSP

Visiting Information for KVSP

Misc. Information for Delano,CA

Lodging in Delano

Restaurants Near KVSP

Link to Title 15

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Default History of Kern Valley State Prison

History of Kern Valley State Prison

Located in Delano, California. Kern Valley State Prison opened June 15, 2005 as California's 33rd Prison and the last of 20 new prisons to be built over a period of 2 decades during California's massive prison expansion. Built at a cost of $379 Million Dollars, it's estimated annual operation costs is approximately $110.00 million dollars.

Also known as Delano II, Kern Valley State Prison was designed and built to house a total of 5000 inmates and is a Level I, Level IV prison. KVSP contains a large number of Ad-Seg Housing Units and was designed to house the states most problematic inmates. KVSP houses 4600 Level IV inmates in 4 separate facilities containing a total of 32 180' degree housing units. 400 MSF (minimum support facility) inmates are housed in dorms surrounding the main prison.

KVSP sits approximately 1.5 miles southwest of North Kern State Prison (Delano 1). These two prisons represent almost 1/4 of the city of Delano's overall population.

The institution is also designed to be the first fully programmed Level IV institution in California with a variety of academic and vocational education programs, thereby increasing an offender’s chances of reentering society successfully.

The prison is composed of four facilities, including about 500 Substance Abuse Treatment beds and two Administrative Segregation Units (ASU). These four facilities are located inside the secure perimeter, which is composed of a combination of double fences topped with barbed wire, perimeter towers, a sophisticated communications system, and a lethal electrified fence.

Located outside the secure perimeter are the Minimum Support Facility (MSF) and a number of prison-wide support services, including administration, warehousing and maintenance.

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Default Kern Valley State Prison Contact Information

Kern Valley State Prison Contact Information

Kern Valley State Prison
3000 West Cecil Avenue,
Delano, CA 93215

Warden Harrington - ext. 6301
PIO Cano - ext. 5514
Chaplain - ext. 5456
R&R - 5043
Records - 5571
Visiting - 5706

Inmate Mailing Address:

Inmate Name, CDC #
KVSP Yard, Cell# and Bunk (up or low)
P.O. Box **** (see below for box numbers)
Delano, CA 93216

Box Numbers are Different for every yard. Here is the list of box numbers for KVSP:

P.O. Box Numbers For Each Yard

A yard = 5101
B yard = 5102
C yard = 5103
D yard = 5104
Ad Seg #1 = 5107
Ad Seg #2 = 5106
CTC = 6000

General Information Line:

1-661-721-6300 (this is an operator assisted telephone line)

Appointments to visit: (not required for General Population Inmates)

For Ad Seg or Orientation inmate visiting appointments, the direct line is 1-661-720-4952. Appointments can be made ONLY on Mondays and Thursdays between 9a and 1p.

You can contact the switchboard operator at 1-661-721-6300 if you need further information.

Approved Notary = Suzanna Flores (661) 725-5909 [updated 8-14-2008]

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Default CDCR Approved Vendors For Inmate Quarterly and Special Packages

Inmate Quarterly and Special Purchase Packages/Books and Magazines/Privilege Groups

Quarterly Packages:

The California Inmate Quarterly Package system allows you to send much-desired items to your incarcerated loved one. Each institution sets it’s own rules as to what items are allowed and prohibited and items vary by privilege groups. As a result, vendors therefore provide services to a limited amount of Facilities, Camps, CCF’s or the LA County Jail System. All Quarterly Packages are limited to a maximum weight of 30 Lbs. Nor can they exceed dimensions of 24” x 24” x 24”. All vendors list those institutions for which they provide goods and services and what privilege groups.

Special Packages:

Special Packages allow for the purchase of Electronics, Accessories, Musical Instruments, Under Garments and Clothing, Correspondence Courses, Legal Material and Faith Based Items. That would otherwise crowd a quarterly package beyond its allowed weight or dimensions. There is no limit to the amount of special packages allowed in a calendar year. However due to the limited items available and limited space for which to store their property. Special Order Packages will most likely only be utilized one or twice per a calendar year.

: Some institutions require that Special Order Packages be ordered by and paid for by the inmates themselves. Individuals are not allowed to purchase Special Order Packages and have them sent directly to their inmates at some institutions. Contact your facilities R& R Department to assure that you can send special packages direct.

Inmate Quarterly Package, Yearly Quarters:

1St – January 1 Through March 31.
2nd – April 1 Through June 30.
3rd – July 1 Through September 30.
4th – October 1 Through December 31.

2010 California Approved Vendors for Inmate Quarterly and Special Packages:
Note: Prison Talk Online does not endorse nor guarantee the quality and or level of service provided by the below listed suppliers. As a continued benefit for the support of inmates, these links are provided as a courtesy only.

***"This is the full CDCR list of approved vendors.
Please note that one or more of the listed vendors may not be approved by this prison."

(Revised 2-24-2010)

Access Securepak
P. O. Box 50028
Sparks, NV 89435-0028
Ph: (800) 546-6283

Mikes Better Shoes
1252 Berlin-Haddonfield Road
Voorhees, NJ 08043
Ph: (800) 431-1911

Music by Mail
129 31st Street
Brooklyn, NY 11232
Ph: (718) 369-6982

Packages R Us
2648 East Workman Ave. #424
West Covina, CA 91791
Ph: (866) 303-7787

Union Supply Direct
P.O. Box 7006
Rancho Dominguez, CA 90220-7006
Ph: (866) 404-8989

The Inmate Store
P.O. Box 798
Pine Grove, CA 95665
Ph: (209) 257-4824

The Vitamin Outlet
Fitness Systems Mfg. Corp.
P.O. Box 2073
Sinking Spring, PA 19608
Ph: (800) 822-9995

1774 Industrial Way
Napa CA 94558
Ph: (800) 660-9255

Yellow Ribbon Online
580 N. Beach Street
Fort Worth, TX 76111
Ph: (866) 959-7426

Books, Magazines and Periodicals:

General Population Inmates: Can receive books, magazines and periodicals as long as those items are mailed directly form the publisher, subscription service or an on-line book vendor. (Call your inmate facilities mailroom for any special packaging or handling requirements prior to sending these items).

Privilege Groups:

The California Department of Corrections classifies each and every inmate into a specific privilege groups based on several factors such as new inmates, general population inmates, Ad-Seg and SHU/PHU inmates and those that have or are undergoing administrative review for problematic behavior.

The following are the CDC’s privilege ratings system:

Reception Center Inmate:

· New Arrival Privilege Group “U”
· Processing Privilege Group “U”

General Population:
  • Group “A”
  • Group “B”
  • Group “C”
SHU and ASU:
  • Group “D”
Privilege Group A and Privilege Group B
Inmates in Privilege Group A & B Shall be allowed four packages per year (one per quarter) not to exceed 30 pounds each

Privilege Group C
Inmates in Privilege Group C shall not be allowed a Personal property Package. Inmates prohibited from receiving a package resulting from a recent placement into Privilege Group C, shall not be allowed to retain a package, which was ordered prior to Privilege Group C placement. Disallowed packages shall be disposed of pursuant to Section 54030.11.2

Privilege Group D
Inmates in Privilege Group D, including those inmates housed in ASU/Security Housing Unit (SHU) and Psychiatric Services Unit (PSU), Shall be permitted to acquire one personal property package per year not to exceed 30 pounds each. Eligibility to acquire a personal property package commences one-year after the date of Privilege Group D Assignment.

Inmates in SHU/PSU may also purchase and entertainment appliance via a Special Purchase Process. Eligibility to acquire a personal property package commences one-year after the date of Privilege Group D Assignment.

Inmates prohibited from receiving a package as a result of ASU placement shall be allowed to retain the package in their stored personal property if the package was ordered prior to ASU placement and the inmate was otherwise qualified to receive it.

Privilege Group U
Inmates in Privilege Group U shall not be allowed a Personal Property Package.

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Default Items you CAN and CANNOT Send to inmates at KVSP

Kern Valley State Prison
Mailroom List of Unauthorized Items
and limits to various allowable items.

1. Cash money, coins, or foreign currency
2. Padded, bubbled, or cardboard envelopes
3. Hard cover books
4. All books, magazines & newspaper must come from a Publisher/Vendor (Per Title 15 Section 3138 (f)(1) (no directory phone books)
5. No more than 40 stamps
6. Nor more than 40 blank or embossed envelopes per envelope
7. No more than 10 greeting cards (ASU only 5) per envelope
8. Metered or hand stamped envelopes
9. No more than 300 sheets of lined or blank paper per envelope (no blank colored paper/envelopes of any kind)
10. No more than 300 sheets of white or yellow lined writing tablets (without cardboard back, tape, plastic, metal, and staples) per envelope
11. Nor more than 15 photos (ASU only 5) per envelope
12. Nor more than 25 Internet pages per envelope
13. Framed photographs, Polaroid’s, negatives, slides or photo albums (albums can be purchased through canteen) per OP #300
14. No more than 10 Manila envelopes (must not have metal clasp) per envelope
15. Compacts discs or DVDs containing computer data (pre-recorded audio CDs may be obtained within approved methods or limitations)
16. Trading or playing cards (sport, etc.), collective items (stamps, cards, etc.) and autographed items
17. Identification cards, phone cards, business cards, or credit cards
18. Hard plastic, metal glass, laminated items or needles of any kind
19. Metal spring binding commonly used on calendars and note books
20. Homemade greeting cards (incoming or outgoing)
21. Pens, pencils, markers, writing/drawing instruments, cardboard or card stock paper, transparent or tracing paper
22. Clothing material (lace, felt, hankies, strings, ribbons, hats, caps, beanies and/or similar items)
23. Factory or handmade jewelry
24. No cosmetics
25. Photo copies should not exceed more than 2 lbs. per envelope
26. Food of any kind (candy, etc.)
27. Letters with perfume, powder, lipstick or oil stains on envelope or its contents (no leaves or flower petals)
28. Bodily fluids, excretory functions or hair of any kind
29. Address books or date book and maps (per Title 15 Section 3006 (12) (maps no larger than 12x12)
30. Address labels (sticker or adhesive) are not allowed
31. Letters with stickers, glitter or correction fluid on envelope or its contents (no confetti, labels or sticker sheets)
32. No items larger than 8.5x11 (photos, greeting cards, etc.)
33. Calendars when unopened cannot exceed 12x12
34. Checks or money orders enclosed in the same envelope that are payable to other inmates
35. Checks or money orders payable to other agencies or parties
36. Copies of checks or money orders and cancelled checks (no receipts of any kind)
37. Blank negotiable items (checks, deposit slips or form a signature to open or transfer funds)
38. Any catalogs, advertisements or brochures whose sole purpose are to sell a product or solicit response from an inmate (order forms, etc.) (per Title 15 Section 306 (11)
39. Cut out, clippings or ripped pages from magazines, books or newspapers
40. Birth certificates, marriage licenses, escrow papers, deeds, life insurance papers, etc. (no originals or copies)
41. Tattoo patterns, Gang signs or photos that promote or identify gang membership and/or association
42. Photos/Articles/Drawings depicting explicit sexual activity, frontal nudity (exposed females breasts/nipples or genitals or either gender) (per Title 15 Section 3006 (15)(A-C)(1-2)(17)(A))
43. Photos/Articles/Drawings depicting fighting techniques, weapons, gangs, drugs and unlawful activities
44. No binder clips of any size
45. Inmates not allowed to send/mail out stamps or embossed envelopes
46. Mail without complete name and return address on envelope (I/M must have name, CDC#, yard & housing #) per Title 15 Section 3147 (a)(2-3)
47. No inmate to inmate correspondence (need CDC 1074) with prior approval (no third party mail allowed)
48. All other items, which are unable to be searched without destroying the contents
49. Musical or voice activated (cards, etc.)

Thanks to aliferzwife for the updated info!!

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The Kern County Board of Trade is happy to assist in making your stay more enjoyable.
Visit our Tourist Information Center, 2101 Oak St. (Beach Park), Bakersfield, or call 800-500-5376 / 661 868-5376.

Transportation Info:http://www.delano-ca.org/departments/transit.htm

The fixed route system operates Monday-Friday from 6:30am to 5:40pm, and Saturday from 9:00am to 5:00pm. There are three fixed routes offering bus service to most of the city, north/east route operating north of Cecil Avenue, south of County Line Road between High Street and Browning Road; west route operating north of Garces Highway and south of County Line Road between Heitt Avenue and Main Street; and the south/east operating south of Eleventh Avenue, north of Balboa Avenue, east of Main Street and west of Browning Avenue. Anyone of any age is eligible to ride the bus. Passenger fares are: Regular passenger (aged 5 & older) .75 cents, Student .50 cents, Handicap & Seniors (aged 60 and older) .35 cents, and children aged 4 and under Free. Coupon books of ten tickets can be purchased at the city Finance Department, 1015 Eleventh Avenue during normal business hours. All fixed route vehicles are equipped with handicap lifts to assist physically challenged persons and those unable to negotiate the steps to enter the bus.
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Default KVSP Visiting Information

Institution Name:Kern Valley State Prison

Appointment Required: Appointments are required if inmate is in Orientation or ASU. To make appointments, call 661.720.4952 on Mondays and Thursdays (ONLY) from 9am - 1pm.

The car line starts at about 5am on Saturday and Sunday mornings. If visitors get in line by 6am, they will still be in the first group of 50.

Parking Lot Line Up: At 7am they start handing out passes at the gate and let you drive onto prison grounds. Then you turn in your pass to an CO that is waiting near the visitor parking lot, at 8am they let the first 1-50 people/passes go in the visiting process center, then once the 1-50 people are almost out into the visiting rooom they call 51-100 and so on.

Contact or Non-Contact: Visits by appointments only are behind glass all others are contact visits

KVSP yards and their Levels:

A yard - Level 4 on mainline and L3 in the gym
B yard - Level 4 on mainline and L3 in the gym
C yard (SNY) - Level 4 on mainline and L3 (SNY) in the gym
D yard - Level 4 on mainline and L2 in the gym
M yard - Level 1 support yard outside fenceline

Visiting Days and Hours: Friday **Friday visiting suspended indefinitely 7/17/09
Saturday and Sunday from 8am - 2:30pm

Length of Visits: Terminations are common on all yards on Saturday and Sunday. The prison only guarantees 1 hour, but generally visits on these days are at least 2 hours. Friday visits never have terminations.

Each adult visitor can bring in up to $50 in singles or quarters and each minor visitor can bring in up to $20.

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Default Family Visits Information 2007

Some prisons are different but here is some info that pertains to most California Prisons:

The visitor(s) shall adhere to all institutional procedures and departmental regulations while on institutions grounds. Participation in the Family Visiting Program is restricted to immediate family members, unless a legal foster relationship exists. Immediate family members are defined as legal spouse of the inmate and the inmate's legal stepchildren.

Required Documentation Needed for Each Family Visit:

Proof of marriage shall be established by the inmate’s assigned Correctional Counselor prior to family visit being approved. A certified marriage certificate shall be required and presented to the Family Visiting Officer prior to each visit. A marriage certificate is required for both stepparents and the inmate’s wife. No Photostat copies will be accepted.

You must bring positive identification showing a photo for every visitor 18 years of age or over. Positive valid identification shall be one of the following. Drivers license, DMV Identification Card, passport, USINS card, military I.D. or other piece of governmental identification. The inmate's brother, sister, children and grandchildren (minors and adults) must present birth certificates prior to each family visit. Grandparents must bring verification of relationship prior to the family visit. This can be done presenting the inmate's birth certificate and the inmate's parent's certified birth certificate (the grandparent's child) to show family lineage. An inmate’s minor children visiting without their natural mother, must be accompanied by an approved adult visitor. Who must present a written notarized approval from the minor child's natural parent or legal guardian.

All certificates must be obtained through the county recorder's office and must be embossed or have inked county seat.

Authorized Property for Family Visits:

Visitors are authorized to possess the following items while participating in the family visiting program:

* One bag of clothing per visitor in paper, plastic or canvas duffel type bags. No suitcases are permitted.

* Soft bound books and magazines only (not to exceed ten)

* The visitor must provide washcloths and dishtowels. Bath towels will be provided by the institution.

Visitors with Children:

Disposable diapers only, baby powder, baby food, and formula may be brought into the institution in factory-sealed containers only. Children's toys shall be simple games, coloring books, colored or regular pencils, or crayons. Only searchable toys will be allowed in.

Food for Family Visits:

The inmate, through the institution, purchases all of the food for the family visits. All food items not consumed on the visit must be taken home with the visitor or disposed of in an approved manner. Nothing may be taken back into the institution by the inmate.

Special Note: Only prescribed medication will be allowed. All medication must be accompanied by the current prescription and is subject to prior approval by the Chief medical Officer (CMO). A letter from your doctor listing your medication must be returned with your confirmation. Any person(s) visiting the California Men’s Colony (CMC), on a family visit, who needs narcotic medication, or life sustaining medication(s) or life sustaining apparatus, must have prior approval to participate in the family visiting program. Approval can be obtained by having your physician submit a letter to the CMO or CMC to explain the extent of your medical problem and be in approval of your overnight visit to the prison. Failure to have prior written approval will result in your visit being denied upon arrival at the institution.



The same dress code applies for family visitors as regular visitors when entering and exiting the institution. Undergarments must be gender specific.

The following items are NOT allowed:
Clothing for inmates, garment bags, or hangers, blue denim jeans or jackets (male or female), sweats or jogging suits.

Cosmetics and basic hygiene:

The following cosmetic items listed are limited in quantity as to what is necessary for the duration of the visit. All items must be able to be searched with a limit of (5)

1. Makeup foundation 2. Blush 3. Eyeliner 4. Mascara 5. Lipstick

A spouse shall be permitted to bring into the institution a maximum of (10) commercially sealed condoms. All unused condoms shall be retained in their sealed containers and taken out of the institution by the visiting spouse. Under no circumstances shall an inmate be permitted to possess condoms outside of the family visiting quarters.


The following items must be factory sealed or in clear containers with clear contents (one of each) and must not contain alcohol and cannot be flammable:

1. Shampoo 2. Conditioner 3. Facial Cleanser 4. Toothpaste 5. Toothbrush 6. Bath Soap 7. Deodorant 8. Feminine hygiene 9. Lotion

All the items listed above depict those items that are authorized. Any items not listed above shall be considered unauthorized and will not be admitted into the institution.




From our PTO member Cysreese:

My husband sends me the food list just in case I want to add or change something and so that I can send all paperwork together.

He sends the Exemption Of Family Visit/Temporary Community Leave Funds from Restitution Fines/Orders. It has the amount of money you will send for the family visit, put an x where is states "these funds are to pay for food during a Family visit (FV) At the bottom you will sign and date it.

Family visit menu order form for the food. Then there is a white slip that has your husband's/son's name and CDC number and all those that will be visiting. It has the dates of the family visit. It also has on the paper two boxes for you to check. The first one says you will arrive as schedule between whatever times is on the paper and the second box says you will not arrive and to please cancel the visit.

He also sends a pink form which is his trust account withdrawal order form with his info and he signs and dates it. When I am done looking over everything I send it back to the address provided on the paper with all visitors names on it.

White form- Names with visitors on it and if you will be attending the FV.
Pink form-Trust fund paper
Yello paper- Exemption Of Family Visit/Temporary Community Leave Funds from Restitution Fines/Orders.
White paper- Food menu

Information Compiled by Cysreese 01/07/2006

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Lodging in Delano,CA:

Rodeway Inn
2211 Girard St.
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-1022

Best Western Liberty Inn
14394 County Line Road
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-0976

Super 8 Delano
2231 Girard Street
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-7551

Pioneer Motor Inn
1001 Garzoli Ave
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-7488

The Coachmans Inn
2231 Girard St
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-7551

Holiday Inn Express
2222 Girard Street
Delano, CA 03215
(661) 725-7272

Hal-Mar Inn
320 High St
Delano, CA 93215
(661) 725-3321

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Restaurants in Delano,Ca:

El Palmar Restaurant
(661) 725-7894
1127 Main St, Delano, CA

Lupe Restaurant
(661) 725-4377
925 11th Ave, Delano, CA

El Mazatlan Restaurant
(661) 725-8804
1130 High St, Delano, CA

Carmen's Restaurant
(661) 725-4051
1109 Glenwood St, Delano,CA.

Chui King Chinese Restaurant
(661) 725-2602
1021 Cecil Ave, Delano, CA

Rocky's Pizza Restaurant
(661) 725-0530
1605 Inyo St, Delano, CA

MI Nayarit Restaurant
(661) 725-8941
408 11th Ave, Delano, CA

Janitzio Restaurant
(661) 721-2823
1637 Cecil Ave, Delano, CA

Subway Sandwiches & Salads
(661) 721-2260
1227 Main St, Delano, CA

Cafe Latte
(661) 725-7025
906 11th Ave, Delano, CA0.06 mi

La Rosa, Fruit Bars & Ice Cream Incorporated
(661) 323-6877
1317 Niles St. Bakersfield, CA

Maitia's Basque Cafe
(661) 587-9055
4420 Coffee Rd, Bakersfield, CA

(661) 725-4646
907 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

Tastee Freez
(661) 725-7251
1131 Main St Delano, CA

(661) 725-4155
812 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

Little Caesars Pizza
(661) 721-1111
921 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

Taco Bell
(661) 725-5171
1640 High St Delano, CA

Gray Chili Dog
(661) 725-3618
1329 Main St Delano, CA

L R's Pizza
(661) 725-7131
707 High St Delano, CA

(661) 725-5662
610 Cecil Ave Delano, CA

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Default KVSP Family Visiting Information 2008

Family Visiting Program Informational
Level III and IV
Welcome to the KVSP’s Family Visiting Program. This program is a means to help establish and/or maintain a healthy relationship between you and your immediate family. Family Visiting is a privilege for those inmates who are willing to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by this institution and the State of California. Every effort will be made to provide a pleasant atmosphere for the family visit within institutional security guidelines. It is every inmate’s responsibility who participates in the family visiting program, to advise their prospective visitor(s) of the following information.

Family visiting approval process… A Family Visiting Application, (CDC Form 1046) and a current quarterly menu will be filled out by the inmate requesting a family visit and turned in to his Correctional Counselor I. The assigned Counselor will be responsible to verify inmate’s eligibility and immediate family member(s) as defined in the California Code of Regulations, Title 15, Article 1, Sections 3000 and 3174 (e), (1&2). The Counselor will also verify that the family visitor applications have been approved for contact visits. All family visits will require the approval of the Unit Facility Captain. All visitor(s) must submit a Visiting Questionnaire Form (CDC Form 106) and be approved by the Visiting Sergeant or Visiting Lieutenant.

Inaccurate incomplete documents… If any forms (Trust Account Withdrawal Form (CDC Form 193), menu, or Family Visiting application (CDC Form 1046)) are determined by the Family Visiting Officer and/or Correctional Counselor I, to be inaccurately calculated or incomplete, they will be immediately returned to the inmate for correction prior to scheduling a family visit.

Scheduling… Completed and approved family visiting applications will be processed as received by the Family Visiting Officer, on a first come first serve basis. Each week facility A, B, C, and D will have one-two Family Visiting sessions available: The Family Visit starts on Tuesday and concludes on Thursday, or will start Thursday and conclude on Saturday, or will start on Saturday and conclude on Monday.

Notification… A Family Visiting Inmate Notification Form, (CDC Form 1072), with the scheduled family visit date and a copy of this Family Visiting Program Informational, will be forwarded to the inmate. It is the inmate’s responsibility to mail the completed CDC Form 1072 to their family visitor. The inmate is also responsible to inform their family visitor(s) of the rules regarding this program. The family visitor(s) will then sign and return the lower half of the CDC Form 1072 to the Family Visiting Officer within 15 working days. The family visitor will also confirm their visiting intentions via a telephone call to the Family Visiting Office at (661) 721-6300 extension 6360, no less than 48 hours prior to the family visit. Family visitors who confirm and then fail to appear for the family visit will be subject to suspension of their family visiting privileges.

Family visiting check-in and check-out… Check-in time will be scheduled with the Family Visiting Officer. Family visitors are expected to stay their entire family visit. Out-processing at non scheduled times will require the approval of the Visiting Lieutenant or Watch Commander. Family visits will last no longer than 46 hours. Check-out time is between 8:00am and 9:30am.

Identification… Family visitor(s), fourteen years of age and older, must have a valid picture ID, (e.g., drivers license, DMV ID card, etc.). Wives will be required to provide an original or certified copy of a marriage certificate. The accompanying adult of minor children will be required to provide an original or certified copy of a birth certificate. Minor children not accompanied by their legal guardian will also be required to provide a notarized letter of consent for the accompanying adult to bring the minor child on a family visit. This letter will include the name of the inmate to be visited.

No food items allowed… All food is supplied through a vender except baby food. Each family visiting unit has a kitchenette. All cooking and eating utensils are provided.

Food for infants… Food for infants under two years of age may be provided by the visitor. All such food must be factory sealed and will be searched prior to the visit. Containers will be rinsed out and placed in the clean can receptacle located within the unit. Containers will be counted by the Family Visiting Officer at the conclusion of the visit.

Special Diets… Visitors on medically prescribed diets may request the necessary food items to continue the diet. A notarized physician’s statement with a description of what the diet includes, and a way the diet must be continued throughout the two (2) day period, must be submitted to the Correctional Counselor I with the family visiting application.

Trust Funds… Funds to purchase food for the family visit will be withdrawn from the inmate’s trust account. The trust accounting office will be responsible for payment to the contract vendor after the invoice is received, upon delivery of the food order. If funds are not available in the inmates account, the family visit request will be denied/canceled and the inmate must reapply to receive a new family visit date, via his Correctional Counselor I.

Minimum food purchase…Inmates will purchase at least two meals per day for themselves and each person visiting. Food not consumed shall be taken out by the visitor at the conclusion of the visit. The State will not reimburse or repurchase any unused food items. Unopened food items may be donated to the Friendship Place.

Restitution exempt funds… If the inmate’s family elects to send funds specifically for the purpose of family visiting, AB 95/15 exempts these funds from restitution. Family visiting funds must be accompanied with a Family Visit/Temporary Community Leave Form (CDC Form 1839), to be considered funds for family visiting. These funds will be placed on hold until either used for a family visit, if inmate transfers, paroles or is discharged.

Items provided in each unit… In each family visiting unit there are two twin beds, one full (or queen) size bed, six standard pillows and blankets. Games, children toys, high chair and play pens are available upon request. No toy guns allowed.

Things to bring
… You will need to bring your own sheets, pillow cases, bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, dish soap and wash rag. Three changes of clothing per person. Visitor is permitted to bring up to two (2) gallons of drinking water. Inmates will not take anything back to their unit except the items listed on their inventory sheet. A total of two (2) sport types, soft luggage bag are authorized. No suitcases are allowed.

Personal hygiene items… Cosmetics (must be transparent, no glass and factory sealed) - one each: lipstick, powder compact, eye shadow, mascara, blush, liquid makeup and eye liner. One deodorant, one tooth brush and tooth paste, one plastic comb or brush. One bag of disposable diapers, one disposable razor, one pack of feminine hygiene products and ten condoms, unused condoms must be removed from institutional grounds.

Jewelry items… Allowable quantities of jewelry, one wedding ring set or one ring, one pair of earrings, one bracelet and one chain with medallion. Excess jewelry will be secured in one of the Family Visiting Lockers.

Clothing items… Visitors must wear appropriate conservative attire outside at all times. Absolutely no blue, black or gray denim pants, forest green pants, tan shirts, camouflage material, gray sweats, blue chambray shirts, plain white T-shirts or clothing displaying obscene and/or offensive language and/or drawings are allowed on KVSP’s grounds. While outside of the Family Visiting Unit you may not wear transparent, strapless, sleeveless, halter, spaghetti straps, or bare midriff clothing. Additionally, stretch pants must be worn with a skirt or long shirt over them that is less than three inches above mid- knee. Shorts and skirts are allowed providing they do not expose more than three inches above the mid- knee. Under garments, shoes and shirts must be worn at all times.

Unauthorized items… No aerosols or any other flammable substance, No tobacco products. No blow dryers, curling irons, coffee pots, radios or any other electrical or electronically devices. No cash, checks, postage stamps or charge cards. No ice chests, alcoholic beverage or any items containing alcohol. No cameras (still, video, etc.).

Visitor Medications… Family visitors may be permitted to bring prescribed Medication in the prescription container with a current prescription from a physician. All medication brought to KVSP will be stored in a medication locker and transported to the visitor at the visitors request and given as prescribed. No over the counter medications are permitted. Family visitors may be permitted to retain a small emergency supply of critical medication. Such medication maybe permitted with the Chief Medical Officer’s approval and a signed note from the family visitor’s physician explaining the need of the medication.

ADA… One unit is set aside for the purpose of allowing access for wheelchair bound person(s). The inmate will need to inform his Correctional Counselor I, at the time of application request, if this unit is needed.

Items inmates are authorized to bring to family visits… All clothing must be State issued. No personal clothing of any kind will be allowed. Three T-shirts, underwear, and socks. One pair of shoes and shower shoes. One pair of jeans and shirt. One toothbrush, comb, handkerchief, belt, wedding ring, prescription glasses and glass case. One jacket, thermal top and bottom (cold weather only). Visitors will not be allowed to bring into this institution any clothing for the inmate to wear. If the inmate wears unauthorized clothing, the visit will be terminated and a CDC-115 will be issued to the inmate and will be charged with possession of escape paraphernalia.

Counts… Inmates will be called prior to each count. Inmates will be dressed in State issued clothing and present themselves at the unit gate for positive count.

If you have any questions regarding the Family Visiting Program, please contact the Family Visiting Officer (Wittwer) at: (661) 721-6300 extension 6360. Monday through Friday, 7:00am-3:00pm.

All rules and regulations are defined in the California Code of Regulations, Title 15, Subchapter 2, Article 7, section 3174 and the Kern Valley State Prison’s, Visiting Operational Procedure.

Thank you Tepee, for this great information!!

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Post Dress Outs

Dress Outs
should not be sent more than 2 months ahead of the release date. If they are, they will be sent back to you. But make sure you allow at least 10 days for the package to get there. 30 days to release date is best.

Address the package as you would normally address a letter to your loved one, except where you would normally put their cell/bed number you put Attention R&R.

For example:

Loved One's Name CDC#
K.V.S.P. Attention R&R
P.O. Box 5103
Delano, CA 93216-5103

Make sure you write DRESS OUTS on all sides of the box including the top.

As far as what you can send, just keep it to clothes.

I was told, no pocket knifes, no cash, no credit cards, no cell phones, no electronics of any kind, no food, no candy, nothing but clothes and only 1 set.

Here is a list of suggested items to send:

1 - pair of pants, shorts, or sweats
1 - T-shirt, shirt, or sweatshirt
1 - pair of underwear
1 - pair of socks
1 - undershirt or tank top
1 - pair of shoes
1 - belt
1 - hat
1 - jacket

If you have any additional questions about what can be sent in the package please call R&R at 1(661)721-6300 ext. 5043

Thanks to MJnSamffire for this updated info.

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