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Old 05-27-2015, 05:14 PM
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Default How can we go about getting a different public defender?

In February my fiance and his ex got in an argument and she called the police claiming that he hit her. They have pictures and everything and there's not a mark on her. He's huge, he would have left a mark if he had hit her in her face. Her father also claimed that he tried to run him over. The restraining order literally says "we think that he was thinking about running my dad over." He was charged and attained on simple flight from an officer but in the last month that has somehow been bumped up to aggravated flight which I'm not sure how that has happened? They are claiming he was going 100 miles an hour and he wasn't. Believe me they would have given him a speeding ticket. The office grabbed his wallet off the table and brought it to the jail. They found an empty bag in it so he also is charged with possession of schedule II and introduction of contraband. The lab report came back as meth residue so shouldn't it be paraphanelia? Sorry I have no clue about anything court related and he has a horrible attorney. I took off work for the last court date and he told me they recently found out he's also been charged with insurance fraud along with the ex and two of their friends so he will be getting offered 6 years in prison
The man has been telling me they would be sending him to ats which is a work release half way house type program. The lawyer also went off in court telling jeremy he was a drug head so he doesn't understand why he cared about the lab report
The lawyer then told me he wouldn't be having his case that day so I could leave. I left then they did end up doing the case. I hate this man and it kills me because he was living in the ex's moms house when all this happened. They have hidden all of his vehicles and gone through his bank account. He would have had more than enough resources for a damn good lawyer and we are stuck with a complete dumbass. I know this seems all over the place I'm just freaking out because he has court tomorrow and the next day. I'm so scared of what's going to happen. He spent two years fighting for his older two kids in court and his two exs became friends right before he got arrested. He was arrested on Feb 13 and on Feb 19 his ex wife told his two kids they were going to chuck e cheese and went dropped them off in foster care. So he's losing his mind in there. We've had a few lawyers tell us they could get rid of this because there's no evidence on any of it but we have no money for the lawyers. Ugh. And these phone calls are so freaking expensive. I know there's a chance he's not coming home for a while and I'll be backing him no matter what, but how can we go about getting a different public defender? We need help I'm so sorry this is all over the place. My minds going crazy.
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Old 05-27-2015, 05:18 PM
JeremysFiance JeremysFiance is offline
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I also forgot to mention he was tazed with his son in his arms while he was turned around putting him in the house. They then proceeded to break his wrist when he got mad because they shoved his son backwards. He spent over a month in jail before they even put a cast on it and now he has to have surgery.
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Old 05-27-2015, 05:26 PM
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if he has two court dates coming up, back to back, what are they for? If they are for trial or for a plea deal, then he's probably SOL.
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Old 05-27-2015, 05:28 PM
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The attorney knows better than to take on a client that is a conflict of interest without your fiance signing a paper that waives that conflict. If your fiance signed the waiver, he can still tell the Judge he'd like a different PD, but he'd better have a darned good reason besides the conflict.

If he did not sign a waiver, the court needs to be made aware of the nature of the conflict. That's your fiance's responsibility.....he can bring it up in court.

They then proceeded to break his wrist when he got mad because they shoved his son backwards
Showing anger with LE is never a good idea. But I get the distinct feeling that there is more to tell. But a public forum may not be the place for specifics.

Good Luck...and Welcome to PTO!

patchouli, PTO Admin

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