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Old 08-31-2012, 12:47 AM
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Default What is the punishment for a parole violation?

does anyone know what would be the length of time for a parole violation? for instance if we werent suppose to have alcohol in the house, but we did?

Do parole violations have a set amount of time to do for each offense? or does it depend on the person?
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Old 08-31-2012, 01:46 AM
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I would guess that it depends on the person. Every situation is different. My fiance, for instance, got a parole violation, and went back. He's been back in for 6 months, and they just gave him a release date for a year from now - so he is doing 18 months total. It may depend on the circumstances, and also how long he has left on parole, but that is what my fiance got. Hope this helps some.
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Old 08-31-2012, 06:33 AM
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Yeah, its going to depend on his overall parole record and how long he's been on parole. In Ky they can give him a little county time (sanction) for a minor violation, make him report more often or make him attend so many AA meetings a week; of course they can also schedule a revocation hearing with an Administrative Law Judge where he may or may not get revoked. Good luck!

patchouli, PTO Admin

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Old 08-31-2012, 08:42 AM
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It really depends on who has jurisdiction over him, DOC, the Court or the ISRB. The sanction time can vary widly between these three.
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Old 04-13-2018, 03:27 PM
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Default Doc violation

Hi I’m not sure if anyone still uses these forums haha what about someone who’s been on community custody for the last 6 years with no prior violations no verbal or written warnings to my knowledge is under the parole board got arrested by DOC for a violation which was failing the alcohol question on a polygraph that lead the CCO to UA that was sent to the lab that came back positive they said minimum 90 days this is his first violation plus we’re from Skagit County and he was immediately placed in King County also what’s confused me is on his charge it says COMM which I understand is community arrest but it also states “placement error” that error is what I don’t get. On the county booking it shows book date with no release but when on vine link under DOC it shows his same booking date as in
County but a release of 10/31/2012 that’s another confusing thing is why would it use a year in the past for a release date? He was initially released from a 10 year stretch in May of 2012.
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Old 04-14-2018, 05:58 AM
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I wish I could help you. It sounds like a bureaucratic mess. I'm assuming his parole oversight was through Skaggit county? In which case, he should have gone to Skaggit county jail. If he was living in Skaggit with consent from a King county CCO, then the jurisdiction he was under was King, not Skaggit, even though he was living in Skaggit. The weird release date is probably a data entry error and may or may not get fixed online. The online records are not tied to the county jail tracking system so far as I know, since each county operates independently from the others (with a few exceptions).

Failing the UA, if he was still on paper, means it's an offense. If he's not allowed to drink alcohol as a condition of his parole, then he's not allowed to drink alcohol.

You said he did a 10 year stint - how much time was left of his sentence when he had the parole violation for failing the UA?
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Old 04-15-2018, 09:40 AM
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The only time an offender has to be booked into a specific county jail is if the offender is on some version of Court jurisdiction (i.e. SOSSA or certain DOSA), otherwise they can be booked into any jail or even one of the prisons. DOC has a large number of beds contracted through King County.

As far as the sanctions, with out knowing his history, he could be released or be returned. It sounds like he lied about the alcohol and was caught. Never a good thing.

Vine Link is really only for releases and the public screen for the King County jail may show an error for some reason.

And because he's an RSO under the jurisdiction of the ISRB, he will remain on supervision for life. The law doesn't allow termination.
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