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R. J. Donovan Correctional Facility at Rock Mountain (RJD) - California Topics, Discussions and Information relating to the Richard J. Donovan Correctional Facility at Rock Mountain (RJD) located in San Diego, California.

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Old 04-06-2011, 01:43 AM
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Default Official mail regulations

PO. BOX 799006
SAN DIEGO, CA 92179-9006
All correspondence must comply with California Code of Regulations (CCR), Title 15, Chapter 1, Sub chapter 2, Article 4 -
Mail and Department Operations Manual (DOM), Chapter 5, Article 41- Inmate Mail. Based on the aforementioned CCR
and/or DOM Section(s), the attached article(s) of mail have been disallowed and are being returned to you for the
following reason(s):
o Sending or receiving contraband. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3135(3)J

o Maps within a 10 mile radius of any institution, regardless of location. [CCR,. Title 15, Section 3006(12)J

~ Photos depicting gangs/weapons/drugs/fighting techniques/unlawful activities. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3135(c)J

No negatives, Polaroid's, or slides. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006, 3134(a)(1), and DOM 54010.14J

o Personal information, Identification/Credit cards not permitted. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006(c}(3)J

o Unaltered magazines or newspapers accepted ONLY from publisher. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3133( 4)J

o Prepaid books accepted ONLY from vendors or publishers, no torn-out pages.
[CCR, Title 15, Section 3133(b}(3) and 3134(1}(a)J

o Photographs, a"8x10" maximum size allowed, except calendars may be 12"x12", amount of size shall not exceed.
[DOM 54010.8.1 and 54030. 18.5J

o Stickers/Glitter items, handmade cards, handmade type paper. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006and 3133(b}(3)J

o Stationery items or any envelopes other than the standard 3~ x 4~ letter and 4~ x 9~ legal white envelopes are
·.allowed.(pens, pencils, or cards signed in pencil, postcards, or any other sized envelopes, etc.) not accepted via mail.
Items can only come through quarterly packages, if inmate qualifies. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006 and 3134J

o Jewelry not permitted. [CCR, Title 15, 'Section 3006J

o Cassette tapes accepted ONLY from authorized vendors. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006J

o Items unable to be searched without destroying contents (i.e., cards with decorations, 3-D style cards, musical cards
or handmade paper type cards). [CGR, Title 15; Section 3006 and 3133(b)(3)J

o Tattoo patterns or any gang symbols, logos. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006J

$17.60 limit on postage, 40 First Class stamps or 40 stamped envelopes. No personalized postage stamps accepted.
[CCR,Title15, Section 3134(11} and DOM5401f" 8, 1J

o Hard plastic or metal items not permitted. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3135(c)(3) and DOM 54034.10J

o Items of clothing not accepted via the mail. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006 (c)(3) and 3133(b)(3)J

o Bodily fluids not accepted via the mail.. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006J

o Maximum of 16 ounces of loose leaf notebook paper only (white or yellow), approx. 150 sheets. No specialty paper,
handmade stationery, colored paper, tracing/drawing paper or any envelopes other than the standard 3~ x 4~ letter
and legal 4~x 9~ white envelopes allowed via the mail These items must come via quarterly package.
[CCR, Title 15, Section 3134(6)and DOM 54010.8.1J

o Cash is not permitted. Money Orders must be sent to: Accounting Dept., P. O. Box 799007, San Diego, CA 92179.
Money Orders must be sent separately with NOTHING ENCLOSED, (i.e. stamps, photos, letters). Personal checks
'are subject to a 30-day hold. [CCR,Title 15, Section 3140(a); DOM 54010.18.1, and 54010.4J

o No inmate to inmate/parolee correspondence unless approved by the Warden. Must enclose form CDC-1074 with any
correspondence. [CCR, Title 15, Se9tion 3139J

o No inmate to minor correspondence. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3139(a) (b)]

o Inmates may not possess materials that depict, display, or describe penetration, vagina or anus, or contact between
the mouth and genitals, sexually explicit, images that depict frontal nudity and/or other drawings.
[CCR, Title 15, Section 3135, 3135(d) (1),3006(C) (1)(2)(17), and DoM 54010.14J

o Gambling or Lottery tickets. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006(c)(13)]

o Publication from a private party. ICCR, Title 15, Section 3134(1)J

o Unclothed minor. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3006(15)(C)(3)J .

o Indicia, postage may be printed directly on the mail or label, must be positioned appropriately, used to prepay
reply-postage must not show date. [CCR, Title 15, Section 3134(b)(3)]

o All incoming mail shall be properly addressed. Mail addressed from a company to an inmate may not be forwarded from a private party. [CCR, Title 15,Section 3133(b)(1)J
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