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Ohio Prison and Jail Specific Discussions This forum covers topics & discussions specific to Jails and Prisons located throughout the State of Ohio.

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Old 03-24-2011, 06:46 PM
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Default Any information about Madison?

My brother was moved to IHS and then to isolation at RCI Jan 10th, he was approved to transfer to Madison on Feb 25th, now just waiting for a bed. If you have time, I would appreciate any information about Madison. My brother is a laid back peaceful man, just trying to do his time, does not get into trouble. He is very creative, resourceful and smart. He plays and owns his own guitar, draws for his little ones and has been teaching himself Spanish. I know he would love to know anything and everything about Madison.

Thank you,
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Old 03-26-2011, 11:17 AM
SoozeCat SoozeCat is offline
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Hi BornFree... my friend is at Madison (soon to transfer out to Chillicothe - his class is done). He's been there about two months now. He is a Level Two, so relatively low security. He too is quiet and peaceful, very spiritual. He has met a couple others like him, and they tend to stick together. They conduct their own bible studies - but there are some 'Prayer and Share' meetings that take place. The people that run them are not very spiritually knowledgeable, so they seem to get more out of their own private bible studies vs. going to these groups.

The main church on the weekend is pretty bad because everyone from whatever security level is allowed to go, so of course, the bad thugs look at this as an opportunity for a little extra freedom and another chance to make trouble (which they do!) - you'd think the prison would get a clue (but once again - no money and LOTS of low level stupidity).

My friend is in BB - it's an open barracks style area where it's a giant free-for-all --- about 120 inmates in bunk beds, all trying to survive ---------- lots of mental illness and of course, gang mentality of some (I am not racial profiling, but the only people causing problems in his area right now are sadly the black gentlemen - they beat people up for no reason - especially the elderly in wheelchairs --- and steal from other inmates and attempt to sell them back their own items....) - the guards pretty much stay behind their walls, look out into the area from a window and don't interfere unless it gets really bad. Quite a few people have been sent to the infirmary for injuries since my friend has been there - but thankfully, he has avoided any problems by just staying to himself. Don't get me wrong - the prison thugs will attempt to provoke your brother into fighting --- it's just the nature of the environment - he will just have to figure out how much verbal abuse he can take before he snaps and fights. My friend is in his 50's so there is not the typical peer pressure there that usually happens with the younger people.

The food is so-so - my friend has not complained too much. It's more of being afraid to sleep - the nonstop vile language - the glorification of crime and people bragging about their crimes that turns his stomach. I think some people have no place else to go and they commit crimes to be there and have their own pecking order to rule over others, because there seems to be no shame or remorse - and only plotting to do more crime. THESE are the people who need to remain in prison permanently AND be segregated into their own area and not pollute the environment of those who truly seek to better their lives. But with the Ohio Prison System so flooded, it is impossible for the system to sort everyone out. It is the worst state in the USA for this.

I can't tell you about the visiting because I am in CA and have not been able to go back yet to see him - and his family is in another state, so if he gets a visit ever while incarcerated, it will be from me - maybe a couple of times a year if I can financially swing it.

Anyway, that's kind of an overview --- but if you have any specific questions, let me know and I will do my best to answer them! Take care and stay strong!
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