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Letters & Stories from Inmates & X-Cons Post all letters, stories and information from inmates and ex-convicts here. Share their perspective with the rest of us who have not been on the inside.

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Old 09-11-2003, 06:40 AM
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Default "Malfeasance", "Revenge" and "The Tour" (Timothy's Diary)

Timothy’s Diary (3-30-03 and 4-8-03)


One of the psycho patients over here, Wayne Morris, cell 606, was taken out to the exercise yard about 30 minutes ago. The guards came back to get him and he refused to “cuff up” in order to be re-secured into his cell. He was screaming profanities at the guards. They went and got a video camera and ordered him to cuff up, but he refused again. The Sergeant, Van Arsdale, ordered an Extraction Team to “suit up”. Several minutes later, the psycho patient called for an officer and told him he would cuff up. After a few more minutes, about five guards, along with a nurse, cuffed the patient and took him out to the core area and put him in “the holding cell” – where they injected him with a drug and put him back into his cage. As a result of this incident, no one else has been taken to the exercise yard, and no more showers have been carried out. The guards will use this incident as an excuse to do nothing else today – no more exercise periods or showers will be run – except sit out in the main hallway and tell jokes, gossip, look at sex books they have confiscated from SHU inmates during “shakedowns”, and play cards. And it is only 9:10AM -- and they work 12-hour shifts – they’ll be here until 6:00PM tonight – but they will cheat us out of getting any short relief from these cages, of exercise and a breath of fresh air. “What a world, what a world, I’m melting, melting….”

It’s now 5:10PM – no other showers or exercise periods were allowed anywhere on B-east because of the one disturbance that happened at 9:00AM this morning. These guards are making $11.00 an hour with 100% Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage, for doing NOTHING. That is to say, they are being paid very well for a job, which they are not doing. And how cruel it is to abuse us inside these cages! People cannot imagine what it is like to be in this cell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, month after month, year after year. That trip to the shower and especially the trip to the exercise yard come to loom large indeed on the list of THINGS TO DO TODAY. Looking forward to this brief intermission, planning on it, WAITING on it, on this that I am very much entitled to [it is a right written into the Indiana Code] only to have it nonchalantly snatched away for any whim or excuse by guards who have no understanding about this meaning of it, and who could not possibly care any less, inserts the HERE WE HAVE IT into malfeasance, not to mention abject cruelty.

03-30-03 Revenge

I was taken out to the “exercise yard” today, which is merely a 20’ x 10’ [I measured 25 x 12 ˝ of my size eleven slippers] rectangular concrete-block enclosure, with ˝ of the roof open to the sky except for steel meshing. There’s a video camera out there whereby one is “monitored”. For exercise, I ran in circles along the wall 150 times, which I figure equals roughly a mile and a half.

Some offender, somehow, got his hands on a black magic marker, sometime in the past, and wrote in four-inch high, block letters on the concrete blocks:

This got one to thinking about the true state of affairs concerning this SHU, i.e. “what’s REALLY going on in here”. I wished that I could get my hands on a tape recorder and a video recorder so that I could document the daily conduct of SHU guards and their treatment of SHU prisoners, including, especially, how they treat the psycho patients. The public at large would absolutely freak out! Man, don’t they know that 90% of these crazy, i.e. criminally insane patients are going to be released back into an unsuspecting society, some very soon? These guards and SHU administration as well as the Indiana D of C apparently don’t give it a thought, rather, they literally TORTURE us in here in all kinds of ways; acting as if we were confined in here solely for their entertainment, for their amusement – and there is no oversight. This is the breeding ground of terrible crimes to come, crimes that will certainly be committed on an unsuspecting public, on innocent unknowing men, women, and children. That message on the exercise yard wall – GET YOUR REVENGE IN THE STREETS – had been painted over with white latex paint [white-washed] but the message had bled back through – and that got me to thinking too: about 60 or 90 days before a prisoner is released from the SHU back into society a so-called “transition coordinator” stops by in front of ones cage “to chat” for a few minutes about once every two weeks, asks questions, gives info etc., as if this will or could, make the slightest difference to one after being psychologically conditioned to hate over a period of years by SHU guards and administration. Just as that message written on the wall of the exercise yard – GET YOUR REVENGE IN THE STREETS – had bled back through the thin coat of paint, which was a feeble attempt to cover it up, likewise the torture and physical abuse, the isolation and sensory deprivation throughout months and years in the SHU, will also bleed back through any such twice monthly [white wash] chat with a “transition coordinator”. What a joke. Man, the public just doesn’t know! Most of these guys, probably 80%, are on mind-altering drug, urge-suppressing drugs [“dummy-dope”] administered to them 3 or more times a day by the SHU staff. And these patients – some of them – get a hold of razorblades and CARVE on themselves. Some stick ink-pen fillers [which is all we are given with which to write] into their penises or rectums – one must perhaps witness these occurrences here to believe that men could do these types of things to themselves, albeit after being driven insane after years of enduring abject cruelty, on a regular basis. Once these individuals are mandatorily released, and again, 90% of them will be, it will be someone [or one’s] other than himself that they’ll most likely be carving on – i.e. some poor citizen who knows nothing about how the victimizer – defendant had been conditioned, bred-to-it, through this SHU.

When I was led back inside to my cage [handcuffed behind my back with a dog-leash attached thereto] after my one hour on the exercise yard, I discovered that Officer K. Hasky had torn my things apart, again, in a shakedown; but fortunately nothing was destroyed or taken this time. This is a regular occurrence: if one chooses to run the gauntlet by coming out of ones cage for an exercise period or a shower, one is assured; absolutely guaranteed, of having their cell torn to smithereens by these guards – although, to be sure, some staff are worse than others. This is the method they employ to dissuade – really, COERCE—one not to take advantage of the statutory-based right to a shower and one-hour period of exercise – more time for the guards to sit on their asses out in the core-area or main hallway and “shoot the shit” with one another, i.e. play cards, look at adult magazines, etc.. But, to hell with them; they may just as well get it through their heads that I’m going to the exercise yard and to the shower EVERY OPPORTUNITY I GET. One cannot help but feel violated, though, when one returns to find ones things ransacked and mistreated [if not damaged, destroyed] or “confiscated” just because you needed some fresh air or a shower. And, believe it, these SHU guards will bend over backwards looking for something – anything – that they can rationalize taking from you, in order to “show you”, and often one will receive a bogus “conduct report” for something being “altered” or “damaged” – even though it wasn’t altered or damaged when one left ones cell. What a tangled life-web these staff-members weave in here in the SHU, and what pedigree of animal they are breeding for society to choose from.
The Tour

Tuesday April 8, 2003 – 2:00PM – This early afternoon and I was sitting here on my bunk reading Plato’s Republic, Book V, when the range was invaded by about ten of what I took to be college students, all males, who were “touring”, looking in at us “creatures”. Speaking for myself, I felt very embarrassed and stripped of dignity. I was put on “display” for the amusement of a bunch of snot-noses who smiled and smirked at one another – no doubt intoxicated with feelings of superiority over us slaves [or should I say guinea pigs?].

These youngsters stared, thrilled, captivated; this was the stuff you saw on T.V.! Far-out! I tried to ignore them, my face red with embarrassment, but it was, finally, impossible to do. In silent protest, I extended the middle finger of my left hand, and maintained this pose for the duration of this outrage – they seemed to understand my point of view, at the end, for they avoided looking at me and my message. I would rather have talked to them, but that would never be allowed. I thought it a lost opportunity, an additional “shame”, that these young men would not receive, as Paul Harvey says, “the REST, of the story”, from my side of the plexiglass covered cell-door. Most likely, they wouldn’t believe me anyway, or if they did begin to believe me, they’d probably think, as the majority of Americans seem to, “you deserve it!” It’s an artificially inseminated mentality of “Us against Them”, “Good vs. Evil”.

The existential philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche thought that humans enjoy punishment because we like punishing people, not because we want reform. To Nietzsche we are perverse and unnatural animals. Animals are neither good nor evil. Do we praise or blame a fox for killing and eating a partridge? Do we punish a cat for killing a mouse, indeed for tormenting it beforehand? What is the relationship between violence and punishment? Animals seem to be violent for their own good, but human animals seem to be violent in most cases just to be violent. Our animal nature cannot absolve us from the ways we sometimes torment others OF OUR KIND, and thus are we unreasonable and unnatural. Behaviorists explain animal behavior as inter alia arising from the urge to procreate and the will to survive, and thus demonstrate that animal behavior makes sense. If humans were merely complicated animals would I be punished with extreme isolation such as I’ve been subjected to these previous two years of my life? Fro my standpoint, the housing under these conditions of non-violent prisoners in particular, and then treating us like wild lions and tigers, makes no sense. It is sure that these deprivations of social intercourse and recreational activities, for years on end, are counterproductive to the notion of reformation, and what’s worse, is creating antisocial personalities in men who must someday return to society to assimilate and “make it in the streets”. The “Us against Them” mentality and the engaging in these impractical and unnatural “programs” to modify the psyche of “societal outcasts” is quite simply mad! “Why does SHU staff do things to torment me? Do they derive some perverse glee from shaming me?” Does cruelty derive from the same source as that from which comes the will and drive for benefiting mankind? Possibly some form of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thing.

© Copyright 2003 Timothy Greenlee

Timothy Greenlee #865760
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“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Old 09-18-2003, 11:08 PM
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Well u guys dont have to take that, u complain enough, get ur voice heard have friends or family complain to warden and governer and get something handled thats BS. BTW - why do the f*** do they have video cameras? do they think its cops? ktc
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Old 09-19-2003, 04:31 PM
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Id like to know when i post something and say "pigs" it gets edited out, yet the poster can say it and it doesnt? I see no real difference, people consider them to be alot of things. ktc
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