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Old 03-19-2006, 10:57 AM
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Default Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP) - Angola

Louisiana State Penitentiary

Mailing Address:
General Delivery
Angola, LA 70712

Phone Number: (225) 655-4411

Warden: Burl Cain


The philosophy of Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP) is to provide services in a professional manner so as to protect the safety of the public, staff, and inmate population. Consistent with this, it is LSP's responsibility to provide meaningful opportunities to enhance, through a variety of education, work, social service and medical programs, the individual's desire to become a productive member of society, while providing a safe, stable work environment for employees. The Warden formulates goals for the institution at least annually and translates these goals into measurable objectives

Louisiana State Penitentiary (LSP) is the state's only maximum security prison with an inmate population of 5,108. LSP is located approximately 59 miles northwest of Baton Rouge on 18,000 acres of the finest farm land in the south. LSP employs a workforce of 1,740 with an annual operating budget of $98,128,497 for the 03/04 fiscal year.

Of LSP's inmates, 86% are violent offenders. Fifty-two percent (52%) of the inmate population are serving a life sentence and will never be released from prison. There are currently 84 male inmates at LSP and 1 woman inmate at Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women on Louisiana's Death Row.

Community Service

Inmate work crews perform general maintenance and cleaning services to the West Feliciana Parish School Board and other government and nonprofit entities in West Feliciana Parish.


In 1998, in order to preserve its prolific past and to educate the general public about the role this sprawling prison has played in our state's history, the Louisiana State Penitentiary Museum was established. Visitors can see the original electric chair, authentic inmate contraband and officer's weapons. The museum also contains old maps of the penitentiary, records of the first inmates, inmate and officer uniforms, and many other fascinating and unique artifacts. For more information regarding the museum, please visit the website at www.angolamuseum.org.



Every Sunday during the month of October, the general public is invited to witness the "Wildest Show in the South" for a small fee. In addition to the rodeo performances, spectators can purchase refreshments, meals, hobby craft items made by the inmates, and be entertained by the Angola Rodeo inmate band. The first spring Angola Prison Rodeo was held in April, 2001. This spring rodeo will also be an annual event. For more information regarding the rodeo, please visit the website at www.angolarodeo.com.

Medical Services

The provision of quality health care services to communities across the country is a challenging task. The task becomes especially difficult when the community exists within a correctional environment. Louisiana State Penitentiary is faced with providing health care services to five-thousand inmates in a maximum security environment. Our population tends to have many preexisting health conditions related to lifestyles, drug dependency issues, physical or mental health difficulties, along with confinement that impact the health of the population.

The R. E. Barrow, Jr. Treatment Center, located on site, is a fully staffed medical facility employing a staff of full-time physicians, with a full complement of nursing and other medical support personnel. Specialty clinics are held on site which make the services easily accessible to all inmates. Clinics on site have also proven cost effective and safer for the general public.

The specialty clinics provided on site are: Orthopedic, HIV, ENT, Neurology, Oral Surgery, Urology, General Medicine, Hepatitis, Gastroenterology, EKL Surgery, Podiatry, Minor Surgery, TB, Diabetic, Physical Therapy, and Optometry.

Any specialty clinic that is not available at LSP is offered through the Louisiana State University Health Sciences Centers at either Earl K. Long Hospital in Baton Rouge, LA or Charity Hospital in New Orleans, LA. The inmates are transported to these two facilities to ensure proper care and treatment.

The Medical Department on site is constantly striving to improve the medical care at the facility. The newly established Performance Based Standards set forth by the American Correctional Association aids us in continuing to provide the community standard of care for the inmates at LSP.

ACA Performance Based Standards
In 2002 the American Correctional Association published a new set of standards entitled Performance-Based Standards for Correctional Health Care in Adult Correctional Institutions. Utilizing performance based standards will enable LSP to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of services. In September 2002, LSP and R. E. Barrow, Jr. Treatment Center undertook their third re-accreditation audit and initial PBS accreditation audit concurrently (dual audit). This evaluation provided the administration with real data upon which to base decisions.

Hospice Program

Louisiana State Penitentiary now has one of the leading prison hospice programs in the nation. The LSP program is being used as a model for prison hospice programs throughout the nation. The extensive use of inmate volunteers and inmate visitors in place of, and in conjunction with, actual family visits, plus the willing and active roll of security staff, sets our program apart from other programs. In March 2002 this program was recommended for licensure by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals.

Mental Health Program

The Mental Health Program at LSP provides mental health services to the inmate population based on the community standard of care, utilizing a wide array of qualified mental health professionals.


The telemedicine clinics improve access to specialty health care services by providing medical consultations from Earl K. Long Medical Center and Medical Center of New Orleans. Telemedicine allows the patient to be seen and heard while speaking with the physician at an off-site facility. This program decreases the number of medical trips sent out each day and increases the quality of specialty services provided to LSP. The clinics available at this time are: Hepatitis, Hypertension, Diabetic, Pulmonary, Dermatology, and HIV.

Rehabilitative Services/Work Programs

The Angolite Magazine

In 1976 the Louisiana State Penitentiary lifted the traditional lid of censorship giving The Angolite, its official prisoner publication, freedom to publish whatever it desired, subject to the same standards governing professional journalism. It represented America's boldest experiment in journalism and freedom of expression in the world behind bars. The result was a provocative bi-monthly newsmagazine that went on to earn some of the nation's most coveted press awards. Individuals from all over the country subscribe to the magazine.

Character Counts

The Character Counts Curriculum teaches participants to develop both mental and moral character. The goal of Character Counts is to enable the participants to move from a negative frame of mind to a positive productive character reference base. Over 90% of the inmate population are involved in this program.

The Character Counts program promotes a value-based curriculum built on the concept of the "Six Pillars of Character." This program is central to programming at LSP. Inmates are informed on a regular basis about the designated character pillar of the month and how its principles can and should be applied to everyday living.

Kids Activity Center

The Kids Activity Center was designed to encourage bonding between the fathers and the children that come to visit. It was felt that if the children and the fathers could share a book or another similar activity, it would strengthen the bond that had been weakened because of the father's absence from the home.

Parenting Skills

The goal of the Parenting Skills program is to make a sustained lasting impact on crime prevention. This program focuses on educating current and future incarcerated parents, grandparents, and caregivers of methods in which to raise healthier and more nurtured children who will be less at-risk for criminal activity. A parenting skills curriculum is offered to all inmates at LSP who are within one year of release.

Faith-Based Programming

The Chaplains Department directly supervises all religious programming for Louisiana State Penitentiary. Many religious denominations are recognized without preferential treatment to any single group. Hundreds of citizen volunteers comprise the heart of religious programming available daily to the inmate population. The combination of inmate-led organizations and citizen volunteers unite to produce a variety of faith-based rehabilitative programs. Citizen volunteers facilitate bible studies, worship services, and prayer groups on a weekly basis. Inmate organizations with religious agendas create unique local churches led by inmate pastors. These local churches attracted the New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (NOBTS) to establish a seminary extension center at LSP. The New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary's "Angola Campus" is unique in the State and in the nation. The seminary offers two college level degree programs: An Associate Degree in Christian Ministries and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Christian Ministries. In January 2000, 19 inmates received Bachelor's Degrees in Christian Ministries.

Initially, the "Bible College" was established as a way for inmates to educate themselves and to grow spiritually. Their new skills and insights would be applied in the context of the prison's programs. A new plan emerged however. Some inmates who have earned their Bachelor's Degree are now being transferred to other Louisiana prisons, where they work under the supervision of the Chaplain to strengthen religious programming at that prison. Presently, Bible College graduates are serving at Elayn Hunt Correctional Center (St. Gabriel, LA), Dixon Correctional Institute (Jackson, LA), Washington Correctional Institute (Angie, LA), Wade Correctional Institute (Homer, LA), C. Paul Phelps Correctional Center (Dequincy, LA), and Corrections Corporation of America (Winnfield, LA).

The NOBTS graduates become ministers (under supervision of the Chaplains Department) with the goal of evangelizing their peers. This is accomplished by the Inmate Ministers becoming facilitators in bible studies, worship services, prayer groups and a Certificate Program recognized and accredited by NOBTS.

The health of the religious programming at Angola is measured by the health of the local churches supervised by the Chaplains Department. Records of membership, attendance, baptisms and other faith-based activities are sure indicators of a healthy religious environment at LSP. The prison in its previous unhealthy condition was known for its violence and frequent escape attempts. Currently, Angola displays a peaceful and safe environment, which is the best evidence of a successful, healthy religious program.

Substance Abuse Program

A full-time Substance Abuse Coordinator is employed to provide substance abuse counseling and education, as well as to coordinate AA/NA programs.

Educational Programs : http://www.corrections.state.la.us/LSP/educational.htm

Inmate Organizations:

KLSP Radio:


Special units:

Death Row houses inmates sentenced by the courts to die by lethal injection. It presently houses more than 80 inmates.

The R. E. Barrow Treatment Center is a fully staffed medical facility; its treatment capacity is enhanced through telemedicine.

The LSP Training Academy is the central Basic Training site for new correctional officers in the adult and juvenile systems.

Program notes:

LSP occupies 18,000 acres and is organized and administered as a series of six semi-independent units within the perimeter: Main Prison, the Reception Center, and Camps C, D, J, and F.

LSP offers a certified Hospice, which the National Prison Hospice Foundation has cited as a model. The extensive use of inmate volunteers and inmate visitors in place of and in conjunction with actual family involvement sets the program apart.

Two LSP inmates have been certified as Basic Life Support Trainer Instructors, qualifying them to teach and certify other CPR instructors. As a result, dozens have been certified to teach CPR, and hundreds have learned the life-saving procedure, which buys time until EMTs arrive.

As part of LSP’s Juvenile Awareness Program, at-risk juveniles and other youth come to the prison for a staff-led tour of the facility, then watch skits developed by carefully selected inmates who act out--then talk personally about--the risks and results of defiance, drug use, promiscuity, and criminal

S.T.E.P. (Step Toward Education Program) is an inmate-based literacy program offered in the outcamps and the Main Prison Complex. Trained inmate tutors instruct other inmates, varying from those unable to read at all to those who are preparing for their GEDs.

In 1998 and 1999 documentaries about different aspects of prison life at LSP were nominated for an Academy Award.

Source:http://www.corrections.state.la.us/ Inmate Handbook

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