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Missouri Prison and Jail Specific Discussions This forum covers topics & discussions specific to Jails and Prisons located throughout the State of Missouri

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Old 10-16-2008, 10:45 PM
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Default Eastern Reception Diagnostic Center Visits

Just wanted to give a bit of info to anyone who might be new to the visitations here. I read all the forums before I had my vist with my husband and it had me shaking in my boots. But it wasnt bad at all.
1.When you go make you put your cell phone on vibrate and in your purse.

2.They is a coin machine that accepts $1, $5, $10, $20 just in case you want to have change for the inmate to buy snacks. Remember to get the change when you first walk in because you cannot get it anywhere else unless you bring it from home. Also bring a clear sandwhich bag to put the change in.

3.Please wear something that is not too revealing. They will notice and make you wear a LARGE over shirt that is not cute at all. On one of my visits I had to wear one because my graphic tee was white and you could see through it (and I was wearing a tank top underneath it.

4. Go to restroom before you check in.

5. They do have a drug screening machine. It looks like a lint brush and you swipe it across the front of your shirt, around your waist and down your arms. If they pick up any drugs on you, the machine will go off. One visit it went off on me and I don't even do drugs. She said you can pick up particles from anywhere, even in the grocery store. But the second time she did it, it went through so I could continue my visit.

6.Keep your photo id out at all times. The check it through each security point.

7.When you get seated, never sit in the seat facing the front. All inmates sit in that seat. But you can sit anywhere else.

8. You cannot go up with the inmate to the vending machine. I don't know why, its dumb but you can't. He has to get everything. Kids can walk to the vending machine with the inmate, just not you.

9.Kids are allowed. You must make sure they are on the list and remember their ssn when you first register. If its a baby, you can only take in pampers, wipes and bottle. I believe you can have up to 4 kids visting. I only had 3 with me so I'm not too sure about the fourth one. Their is a play area in the front with a t.v, games and books for the little ones.

10.If you got to go potty, get up and walk over to the restroom, you would have to wait by the door until the guard see you to unlock it.

11. They do take pictures in there. There is a $2 charge in coins. I love taking pictures because it gives us a chance to be close to each other.

12. You are allowed to hug and kiss when he first comes in and when he leaves.

13. They say its a 2 hour visit but when I go at 9am on turs I don't leave until 2pm.

14. Have fun and enjoy yourselves. Because the time is going to go by so fast. Hope this info helped!!!

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Old 10-19-2008, 07:49 AM
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Just to clarify a couple of things.....

1. If you are caught with a cell phone (and trust me, they do walk along side the lockers periodically to listen for vibrations, buzzing or ringing) in your purse or locker (there is a big sign when you enter and your are told before start of check ins that all cell phones are to be locked in your vehicle and can not be brought into the institution) your visit will be terminated and you will be asked to leave. If you ride the bus down there they may have different rules about cell phones, I don't know.

2. 2 hour visits are only for those in R & O, Ad Seg, or for those that have not cleared the drug screening. Everyone else can visit for the entire visiting period.

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Old 10-19-2008, 07:24 PM
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also in addition to the above info, baby items must be in a clear plastic bag, and baby wipes must not have the seal broken, a baby can also have a blanket and 1 small toy or rattle type item. you can not have any type of changing pad either, If I remember correctly you can also have 2 jars of baby food, but again they must not have been open prior to getting searched or into the visiting room
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