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Oregon General Prison Talk, Introductions & Chit Chat Topics & Discussions relating to Prison & the Criminal Justice System in Oregon that do not fit into any other Oregon sub-forum category. Please feel free to also introduce yourself to other members in the state and talk about whatever topics come to mind that may not have anything to do with prison.

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Old 04-07-2017, 05:59 AM
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Question Measure 11 lift (good time)

Hey to all,
I don't actually know what to think about it. And I believe, for him it's more a rumour than something to hold on to. But there are talks about men inside with a Measure 11 sentence may get their time reduced. That could make 1.5 years less for him. He says we'll never get to know until he gets a letter saying that his release date has changed. But honestly, I don't really know how to judge this and if I should put any hopes into that. What's the background of it all and have you heard or experienced something in that regard?

Thank you.
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Old 04-07-2017, 07:15 AM
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M11 is what it is and I don't see it changing....day for day, with no reduction in time. It would be nice to see changes with this measure, but again, I don't see that happening.

They here all kinds of shit in there, and all of it is pretty much hearsay. Your guy is right until he receives a letter, better to not get hopes up.
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Old 04-08-2017, 06:00 AM
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The rumor may have the tiniest shred of sort-of truth to it.

There's a scenario like this:

Person is convicted of 4 charges. 3 are M11 and one is not. All 4 charges are served concurrently (at the same time), but the one that is not M11 is a longer sentence than the three that are M11.

So let's say they go in in 2000, and the three M11 offenses are 10 years each. By 2010, those sentences have been fully served.

And let's say the non-M11 charge has a 13 year sentence. That means that in 2010, the only time they have left to do is on a non-M11 offense, which means that they'd be eligible for good time and AIPs, so their release date could be sooner than the full 13 years because they've served the M11 sentences, but the non-M11 sentence is still running, however, the M11 rules don't apply to that one charge.

So there can be cases where someone is inside for a combination of M11 and non-M11 convictions, and yet they get out early because the M11 sentences are shorter than the non-M11 sentences. They will still serve the entire M11 time, but can shorten the remaining time on their non-M11 sentence.

That's the only way I'm aware of that a person sentenced under M11 can manage to get out early.

If all convictions are M11, there's no getting around it
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Old 10-08-2017, 12:59 PM
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My husband has a non-M11 charge along with mostly M11 and I asked about good time for the non-M11 but they said that unless it's specifically says in the sentence that he is eligible, he is not. In his sentence it says he is not eligible on any of his charges. So they basically made his non-M11 into an M11 in the sense that no good time or anything applies to it.

There is a department that does sentence calculations you can write to to ask.

For questions about an offender’s record or sentence calculation, please contact the Offender Information and Sentence Computation Unit at:
email: inmate.info@doc.state.or.us
fax: 503-570-6902
phone: 503-570-6900

There are ALWAYS rumors inside about M11 getting changed, and 99% of the time it is just desperate people wanting to have hope. Unless you have a bill # and it has support and you think it can pass the 2/3 majority needed to change it...then it's just rumors.
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Old 10-08-2017, 04:38 PM
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My daughter is currently in year 14 of her M11 charge. No getting out early and that makes me sad., very sad.
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