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Pennsylvania Parole, Probation, Work Release, Halfway Houses & Community Service All information relating to parole, probation, halfway houses, community service and electronic monitoring in Pennsylvania should be posted here.

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Old 03-16-2009, 06:40 PM
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Default Community Corrections [HWH] Information in Pennsylvania

The PA DOC website for Community Corrections is:
The site contains:
1. Location, addresses and phone numbers of all Community Corrections Centers [aka Halfway Houses or HWH].
2. Resident Handbook for each Community Correction Center and Contracted Facilities [CCC are state-owned and operated; contracted facilities are free-standing agencies/organizations that have contracts with the DOC].
3. 2008 Department Handbook for Community Corrections [including the misconduct matrix] in English and Spanish
4. Community Reentry Workbook for incarcerated individuals designed to assist in reentry readiness.

The Department Handbook is attached to this post.
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Old 07-15-2009, 05:30 PM
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Exclamation Please read if u r dealing with the renewal ccc

I have been wanting to do this for quite some time now. But I have been waiting for the right time. So here goes: anyone who has a loved one that is getting ready to be transferred to the CCC Center in Pittsburgh should try to help your man avoid this at all cost. I will take the slack I get from anyone who is accociated with this place because it needs to be SHUT DOWN! I would appriciate if the moderators would let this post be available to all Pennsylvania wifes, mothers, sisters, and girlfriends of a Pennsylvania Inmate. This could be your inmates life on the line. And I am very serious about this.

My husband was taken to the Renewal Center in May, and he is now back in prison due to a PV because of a dirty urine. I have read many post about women who are afraid that thier "Inmate," is going to use either on the inside, or when he comes out. If your man is a ex-addict or a recovering addict he has no chance of staying sober /clean at this Center. I promise you that. Renewal does not run the center the way it should be ran. It is a disgrace. The residents of the center are allowed to do basically anything as long as they are back in the building by curfew. As the month rolled on, things became a little odd. More money was being dished out and things were getting real shady. I realize my husband should have been stronger and should not have used. But after his arrest, his family and I went to a lot of public sources. Including T.V. stations, newspapers, the govenor, Renewal Counselors and many other people. Many more familes are going to be affected by this. Turns out their was a drug bust in Renewal. 2 residents ran, 15 were arrested for either using, or selling. All on the 2 and 3rd floors. These are the floors that house state inmates. Federal Inmates are housed on the remaining floors, except for 5 (I think) which is where they eat at. At one point my husband walked in on a resident who was shooting dope in his arm. And the drugs came from someone inside the facility. When my husband was on the street, he was doing job searches and I was the one who ALWAYS took him to look for a job. I didn't want him walking the streets of Pittsburgh so I took it upon myself to make sure he was doing what he was supposed to be doing. He completed his job searches and went back. But - his couselor never asked for thoes searches. He was only allowed out 2 days a week and I never missed a day. So I know that I am not getting high, or taking him to purchase drugs so common since tells me it is coming from the inside. Now mind you, when a resident walks in the center, they are only told to take off thier shoes and breath in a machine for alcohol use. Thier is no such thing as "squatting and coughing," at this facility. Cell phones run rampent in this place and if you are caught they just take them away. Nothing is being done about this horrible place. It is not somewhere you want your loved one to be. Not to mention it is surronded by DOWNTOWN Pittsburgh. I supposed thier are some success stories, but I can tell you that mine isin't one of them. And niether is the other 15 guys that were thrown back in prison on a PV. At this point my husband is back in on a technical but I would assume that a dealer would go back in as a criminal PV. I don't know that for sure, so don't quote me.

So here we are again, after a 4 year bid and being together on the street for a little over a month and he is back in on a PV. The parole board took know time to see him, and told him he will have a decision in 6-8 weeks. He may get the opportunity to go to the PVTC and I hope that he does, because my philosophy is that ADDICTS BECOME CRIMINALS- CRIMINALS USUALLY DO NOT BECOME ADDICTS! So these addicts need help for thier relapse issues, not prison. I don't care what anyone says! I have to ask this question: Would you rather your husband, boyfriend, brother or son get some help for thier addictions issues as well as learning how to avoid relapse? Or woudl you rather then go into the prison system and just learn more criminal behavior and most likely get high behind the walls?

Please be very cautious about this center. It is bad news. And myself and my husbands family are trying really hard to get it shut down. It is safer for an inmate to do a copule extra months behind the walls than to go into this center. AND TRUST NO ONE that is is involved with this place. The real kicker is that they put him back in prison on our daughters 12th Birthday. Also let it be known that a resident that gets caught with a dirty urine is supposed to be offered to go to PENN CAPP. Which deals with men who relapse. Instead he was thrown right back into the system. No one can teach my husband how to deal with everyday issues without using. He must learn it on his own, I realize that. But I beleive someone should be there to guide him in the right direction. PA DOC says in all of thier documents that they strive to make the inmates transisition from prison to the streets easy. But they don't follow through on the programing that they claim to have. Put someone in charge of these TC programs that have been clean for 20 years, someone that knows how addiction works. In my opinion if a man goes to prison for a drug related charge, they should go through an intense rehab program that teaches them the way out. Instead they are thrown into prison as if they committed murder. I have seen some situations where a person that raped a child gets less time than my husband got for a drug related issue. How much sence does that make?

So please ladies BEWARE of the Renewal Center and if your inmates is a recovering addict, fight to get him into a AOD or TC program that deals with addiction issues. No matter what he was using. For a addict or a recovering addict the Renewal Center is NOT the place to be. Anything is available. From heroine to pills.

Please don't sweep this under the rug, this is not a joke. And your inmates life could be on the line.

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