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Oklahoma Parole, Probation, Work Release, Halfway Houses & Community Service All information relating to parole, probation, halfway houses, community service and electronic monitoring in Oklahoma should be posted here.

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Old 03-18-2011, 09:00 AM
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Default Rules & Conditions Of Parole

Here is the Rules & Conditions of Parole off the DOC website

Rules & Conditions of Parole
1. Parolee must obey all site, state and federal laws and must report to his/her parole officer any new arrests or contact with any law enforement authority. The report must be made no later than close of business on the third working day following the new arrest or contact with law enforcement.

2. Parolee must report in person to his/her parole officer and employer upon arrival at the city or town indicated on his/her parole plan. The initial report must be made no later than close of business on the third working day following the parolee's arrival. Subsequently, he/she must report in person and/or in writing, and /or by telephone, as directed by the parole officer, on forms provided by the parole officer.

3. Parolee must allow the parole officer to visit the parolee's home, work, and other convienient places.

4. Parolee shall be subject to search, without a warrant, at any time or place. Searches may be made of the parolee's person, any vehicle in the parolee's possession or under the parolee's control, and other personal or real property in the parolee's possession or under the parolee's control, to the full extent allowed by the law.

5. Parolee may not leave the State of Oklahoma without prior written permission of the parole officer and may not leave the country in which he/she resides without permission of the parole officer of the District Office.

6. Parolee must comply with all lawful directives issued by the parole officer or any member of the Department of Corrections.

7. Parolee must report to the parole officer any changes in residence, employment, or marital status. The report must be made in person and/or writing, and/or by telephone, as direct by the parole officer, in no case shall the report be made later than close of business on the working day following the change in residence, employment or marital status.

8. Parolee may not use or possess drugs other than those legall prescribed to the parolee by a licensed health care provider. Parolee may not use alcohol nor go:
a. onto the premises where the consumption of alcoholic beveraages is the primary activity, notwithstanding that as an incidental service, meals, or short order foods are made available; or
b. into the 'bar area" of any premises that also has an area whose main purpose is the sale of food, with the sale of alcoholic beverages being incidental.

9. Parolee shall not provide false information of any nature or otherwise misrepresent the truth to any office of the goverment.

10. Unless the parole officer gives prior permission because of work or for other good reason, parolee man not associate with persons on parole or probation or persons with criminal convictions, or communicate with inmates of any penal institution, except for members of parolee's immediate family.

11. Parolee may not own, possess or travel in a cehicle with a firearm or explosives.

12. Parolee must pay parole fees of $40 per month, payable in cashiers check or money order to "Department of Corrections Restitution and Accounting"

13. Parolee must pay, during the term of parole, all court-imposed fines, court costs, and restitution.

14. Parolee must submit to urinalysis or any other substance abuse testing procedures, as required by the parole officer.

15. Parolees may be required to abide by special rules applicable to persons convicted of sex offenses.

16. Parolees may be required to abide by special conditions applicable to persons convicted of drug or alchohol offenses or otherwise determined to be in need of special supervision in connection with the use of drugs or alcohol as set forth in Procedure 005-3. Other special conditions as directed by the Governor or Department of Corrections:____________

17. Violations of any Condition of parole may result in the imposition of intermediate sanctions prior to revocation of parole, including but not limited to:

Financial Planning
Reintegration Training
Electronic Monitoring
Mental Health Counseling
Community Service
Weekend Incarceration
Nighttime Incarceration
Alcoholics Annoymous (AA)
Attend meeting of Victim Impact Panel
GED Courses
Attend Moral Recognition Therapy (MRT)
Attend Narcotics Annoymous (NA)
Day Reporting
Intensive Parole Supervision (Level 1)
Temporary Placement in a community correctional facility or jail for up to 30 days

18. Parolee agrees to follow the special conditions(s) listed below:

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