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Old 12-10-2004, 12:44 PM
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Thumbs down Dallas County mail room grumble

Bah humbug!

OK, I know this is Texas and they do things strange over there, but this is really starting to anoy me and Ray now.

I'm doing Ray a 12-Days-of-Xmas thing, and the first day was 'A paper Xmas tree'. Now, I didnt really expect the little dots I cut out to get through, which is why I put them in a little separate envelope (inside the main big one), so i cut out some bigger ones with hooks as well and put those in another little envelope with a bigger star to go on the top of the tree. All of these were just plain coloured card with a little silver and gold pen on. The star was about 4cm big. I even warned Ray that he may just have to draw decorations on himself when it got there.

He called me last night and said they hadnt allowed the tree or any of the decorations (I also included a snowman paper-chain I'd cut out of an A4 sheet of white paper and coloured in myself - I'd done the same but with ghosts for Halloween and that got through ok); they just gave him a receipt and its in his Property box !!! The tree was A4 size high, just 2 green bits of card cut out in a Xmas tree shape with a slit in each to put them together so it would stand up, and all I'd done to it was colour the bottom 'trunk' in with coloured pencil.

I just dont understand it, apart from the mail room staff being jerks (Ray's words last night). They are allowed cards, so it cant be the card. The size was less than 10x8 inches. I also used the same type of card to make 3 photo frames and they got through ok!

They have also supposedly sent back postcards that were blank on the back (I sent them for the nice pictures, they obviously thought he might want to send them on to someone else) and some stickers I thought I would try and get through, but I know they havent and wont send them all the way back to the UK, no matter what they've told Ray. They have also taken an A4 sheet of paper out of one of my letters to Ray that I'd printed out with a callender for December and a snowy picture at the bottom.

There is just no sense to this at all - the paper I write on is A4 and that gets through ok. I sent some crosswords torn from a puzzle book and they didnt get through but now I copy them out by hand, that seems to be ok. I send newspaper cuttings sometimes, but even they seem to have to be under a certain size if they are going to get through.

And the most stupid thing is..... they dont take my stamps off the letters I send before Ray gets them. If I was going to hide something, wouldnt that be the most obvious place to put it???

I guess maybe we are just being really unlucky and getting the same mail checker having a permanent bad-hair day. Or maybe (and I'm getting paranoid now...) they recognise my letters and pick them out specially? When I call the jail, if i'm lucky I get the info line, but thats just very basic information and doesnt really help.


just makes me more determined to send as much stuff as I can.
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Old 12-10-2004, 12:53 PM
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It just sounds like they have nothing better to do. I think that is so stupid, but hey we are dealing with TDC....
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Old 12-10-2004, 01:02 PM
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Dallas County does things their way!!! My honey got so frustrated when he was there, that he hardly ever wrote me...it was just too much hassle hoping it got out on time and my response got to him!!!! Keep at it and don't let them get you down!!!
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Old 12-10-2004, 01:31 PM
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If it can frustrate ya, Texas will do it.

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Old 12-10-2004, 02:11 PM
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Amen to that Kerri! Keep trying Silva, they might just give up and give it to him!

Good Luck!
If anyone asks, not that they would...I'll be down in Mississippi and up to no good! - Sugarland
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